Friday, February 02, 2007

4 Simple Ways on How to Get Rid of Acne Fast

Acne can be a problem in many ways... it's painful, hard to bear, hard to look at, and very very uncomfortable.

Acne can come in many different forms.. it can be mild and in the form of spots, it can be red in the form of a rash and it can also be angry and swollen in the form of boils and lumps that are itchy.

Acne can put many people of their daily life, it can ruin all confidence and make everything seem difficult.


1. My first tip would be to DRINK plenty of water, drink more water and then drink some more water. Drinking water cleanse your skin by flushing away all of your toxins that cause acne. The more water you drink the more you go to the toilet and the more toxins you flush away. Drinking water will also increase moisture levels in your skin and thus keep it more supple.

2. Try not to use a soap when washing. In my opinion the best form of washing for anybody suffering with acne is with ordinary cold water. No soap should be used as this will dry the skin and cause acne eruptions in certain areas.

3. Try not to wash your face every time you look in a mirror. Many acne sufferers will look at their skin regularly and will want to wash more frequently. This extra washing will only flare up your acne and cause pain and red blotches.

4. LEAVE YOUR ACNE ALONE. Many acne sufferers touch their acne at every opportunity to see if it has went away. The more you touch your skin the dirtier it becomes and the more acne eruptions will form. I know it is hard as you constantly want it to go away, but do not touch it and it will go away in time.

These tips are the basics on How to Get Rid of Acne Fast

I have one final tip and this is the biggest of them all.. Believe in yourself because the chances are that you are the only one that notices your acne!!

Thanks for your time

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