Thursday, September 27, 2007

Natural Facial Peel - Your Natural Acne Treatment

Facial peels are a way to remove acne, acne scars, wrinkles, age spots, and other skin surface problems, but before you go and pay $99 to $299 for your next chemical facial peel from a spa or doctors office, here's some facts about the horrific dangers of these procedures, and more importantly what the safe, natural and more effective alternative may be...

A chemical facial peel is the process of a doctor, or esthetician applying a burning acid to your face and neck. Facial peels are a fruit acid that literally burns the dead skin off your face so a new layer of skin can take it's place.

The problem with fruit acid peels is that acid is insensitive to dead and living cells. It can't tell the difference between cells that are actually dead, and need to be removed from the face and the living, acive and growing cells that, if burned can cause permanent scarring, inflammation, and other painful side effects.

Acid peels do just what they promise to do, they literally burn the skin. the dead skin on the surface of your face is called the corneum. Underneath the corneum is a layer of the skin called the basal cell layer. The basal cell layer is a layer of skin where new skin cells are born and actively growing. If too much damage is done to this precious layer of skin visible scarring can occur.

Acid facial peels are insensitive to this layer of skin. Although they do remove the corneum they can, and often do burn some of the basal cell layer. When acid is applied to the face you literally attack the skin, and the basal cells, feeling the attack, clump together in a desperate attempt to heal the skin quickly. This clumping together of the cells is how scarring occurs.

So what's the alternative?

Well, there are several. Microdermabrasion, though less effective, irritating, abrasive to the skin and does not completely remove the corneum layer of the skin. Jessner Peel, Bio-Medic "Micropeel", Microdermabrasion, Ob agi Blue Peel, Vibrodermabrasion, Crystal Peels, and many others still require that patients sign a "consent form" attesting that you are aware of and understand the risks involved in these procedures...These techniques are injury by design which is not the natural process of skin renewal.

An all natural heat and moisture sensitive enzyme, which removes 100% of the corneum in under 10 minutes is now available on the market. Called the New You Skin Rejuvenating System, it is derived from the all natural aloe vera plant. This enzyme shies away from cells that still contain heat and moisture - signs of life, and instead bond only to dead, dry and "cold" cells on your face. The dead skin literally falls off your face right in front of your eyes and onto the counter in front of you.

Because this enzyme does absolutely no damage to the skin, causes no redness, scarring, heat sensitivity or other scary side effects of facial peels it is completely safe for home use and can be used by anyone regardless of skin type or sensitivity.

So before you spend any more money on invasive procedures that cause damaging side effects look into other methods that may be a more natural and safe alternative to invasive procedures.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Acne Breakouts - What Causes Acne Skin Care Problems?

It is a special day. No matter what special day it is, you can always count on that one thing to always be right there with you. I didn't say it was a good thing! No, it is the unwanted and hated pimple! Why does it seem that those pimples only pop up on those special days that you want to look especially nice? You know, you always break out on picture day, or the day of your interview for a great job, or prom night, or your wedding day! Whatever the occasion, you can be sure it is going to happen! At least, that is how it seems!

Here's the good news. There are some steps you can take to help prevent this from happening on those special days! There doesn't seem to be a miracle acne treatment, however, there are things you can do to help keep those unwanted pests away!

What is Acne?

Acne is a term used for a few different skin irritations. When you have acne, you could have plugged pores (blackheads and whiteheads), pimples, and even deeper lumps (cysts or nodules) that can be found on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, and upper arms. Acne tends to affect tween and teens due to their hormonal changes. However, anyone can have acne. Whether you are in your 20's or 40's, everyone can be a target. Acne can lead to emotional and physical scars.

What causes acne breakouts?

Acne is being linked to the hormonal changes a young person endures from childhood to adolescence. The hormones that cause puberty can also cause the sebaceous (oil) glands to produce more oil.

A sebaceous follicle is created when the sebaceous glands are found together with a hair shaft. When a person goes through puberty, the cells of the skin that line the follicle start to shed more quickly. When people develop acne, the cells shed and stick together more often than in people who do not get acne. When the cells mix with the extra amount of sebum (oil), they can plug the opening of the follicle. While this is happening, the sebaceous glands still produce sebum, and the follicle swells up with the oil causing an inflammation on the skin.

Is there a treatment for acne?

Although there are many preventative methods that can be taken to prevent acne, there does not seem to be a cure that will prevent acne forever. There are many different acne skin care medications and acne cream and acne cleanser products promising fast or overnight results. You should take caution when you hear these words. Mild or severe acne does not clear up overnight. It takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks to see the initial results. Once you have cleared up the acne. Continued preventative treatment is necessary to prevent acne from re-appearing.

Because a resolution is determined by the cause of your acne, your skin type and the kind of acne you have, what works for you may not work for another, and vice versa. You will need to research the methods, and determine what route you want to go. Then, all you can do is experiment, until you find something that will work for you!

When should you see a dermatologist?

If you feel the methods you choose are just not working, it may be time to see a dermatologist. While you may feel the expense may be too high, consider the amount of money spent on methods that do not work. A dermatologist will consider the severity of your acne, the type of acne you have, any medical conditions you currently have, and also, your age, skin type, and lifestyle before prescribing a treatment.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Homeopathic Acne Treatment - Fruitful Results Without Side Effects

Being an acne victim, you may try the commercial and natural products for the healing process, but do consider the effectiveness of the homeopathic acne treatment, which has brought fruitful results to many victims. It is an apt scientific treatment, which directly tries to find and then solve the causes of the problem. The plus point is that, the treatment comes with minus side effects. Though the whole process of the treatment is quite slow, it can reap miraculous results.

First, know the Causes of Acne Breakouts

Millions of people worldwide is tormented by the acne problem. Unfortunately, few realize the gravity of the matter and leave it untreated. Taking care at its primary stage can actually reduce its impact in the future and more so, gift you an acne-free skin for the rest of your life. Acne is actually triggered by the sebaceous glands, which produce excessive oil detrimental for your skin.

When too much of oil is trapped in the plugged follicle (pores), bacteria tend to feed on it. This leads to inflammation, swelling, reddishness and unbearable pain. Homeopathic treatment at this point can bring effective results by controlling the gland disorder and eventually killing all those bacteria, by opening the clogged pores. The treatment as a whole entails healthy diet, washing of hands and face at regular intervals and not picking the pimples at all. Nonetheless, homeopathic treatment also augments the skin's resistance to infection.

Heal Your Problem with the Following Homeopathic Treatments

Hepar sulphuris calcareum - If your acne takes quite some time to heal and causes painful eruptions, then this remedy is suitable. Any person who needs this remedy usually feels cold and get snappy quickly.

Calcarea carbonica - Those who frequently suffer from acne breakouts and quickly get tired of exertion and are quite overweight, they need this type of remedy. Here, the victims are always anxious and have extreme craving for sweets.

Antimonium tartaricum - When a person develops large pustules with bluish-red marks and is very sensitive to touch, calls for this type of treatment.

Silicea - When the acne is deeply embedded below the surface of the skin with low immune resistance and bulging nodes needs this remedy. Those affected, feel chilly and tend to sweat at night.

Sulphur - If you develop inflamed eruption, which may feel itchy and look reddish, then this remedy is the best. Those who need this particular medical attention, tend to live a disorderly and messy life.

However, the dosage of the medicines matter a lot. Frequency of the dosage depends on the condition of the acne victim.

Give a try to the homeopathic treatment and fight that stubborn acne.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

How To Understand Acne

Acne is a highly complex condition that involves many parts of the body. It tends to show up as only eruptions on the face and else where on your skin. It is a signal that you have problems somewhere deep within your body. Acne can be caused by a dirty colon, poor food digestion, a weak liver and other conditions that will cause your blood to carry too much toxic materials.

In order to clear acne, it is not always possible to stick to one treatment and expect it to go away. However, it may be possible to just use one special cream and see your acne literally disappear.

Acne may go away by just doing one thing but do not expect that forever. A facial cream, proper diet, herbal treatment, exercise, and colon cleanse themselves may not be able to get the job done. You will need to perform a certain combination to see desired results.

An important concept to remember is if your facial pores are not open or cleaned, they can build up toxic oil which is very hard to clean. This results in a growth or pimple that begins to increase in size as more toxic oil tries to reach the surface of your skin. If the pore walls burst under the skin, white blood cells move in to digest the collagen around the pores. This results in major scars appearing on your face.

To avoid visible scars, you will need to start an acne cleansing program before or just as soon as you see acne coming. This will ultimately prevent pimples and back heads getting to the point where they are severely infected and burst.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

How Do I Get Rid Of My Acne?

This is the question that usually begins in the early teen years and can sometimes still be asked by people when they enter their early 20s. In fact, sometimes people can experience acne for the first time when they are in their 30s or 40s, but even at that age they want to know the best way to get rid of their acne.

The best way to start looking at the cure is to get an understanding. Basically acne is a skin condition caused by the overproduction of sebum, and although acne is not just a facial problem, it is the most common area that people want to have cleared up. Unfortunately, these days there are so many different acne treatments and products, cleansers and the like that it is difficult to know where to start. Well, in my opinion the best thing to do is learn how to get rid of acne and keep your skin healthy in as natural a way as possible, and by doing this will teach you good habits for life. Now it is worth keeping in mind that getting rid of acne can be done with over the counter skin care treatments, but I think alternative acne treatments are worth trying, as in the long run, they are much less dangerous then some of the acne medicine offered by dermatologists.

Now because there is big money to be made from treatments, it invariably brings with it old wives tales and myths. In fact, skin experts have to spend a great deal of time dispelling acne myths. But on the whole the main types of skin blemishes are blackheads and white heads. Now although having acne does not mean you have dirty skin or are unclean it is helpful to use a proper cleanser to remove dirt, bacteria and excess oils that can contribute to skin breakouts. But, make sure it is a good quality cleanser as you may have sensitive skins and if your cleanser is not natural ingredients you may find that it is abrasive and irritating, making your condition worse. Then, the next area to look at is your diet.

Although eating lots of fries will not necessarily give you acne it will not be doing you any good either. So, make sure you have lots of fresh fruit and veg in your diet, and most importantly, make sure you drink plenty of fresh water to flush the toxins from your skin. I would highly recommend you follow these steps before going down the route of using harsh chemicals on your skin.

So, to avoid all the antibiotics, topical treatments and the like offered to you by your dermatologist, these are a couple of areas to get you started. Also, it is worth working out before you start what you are going to use to cleanse your face, and what changes you are going to make to your diet, and then stick to it in order to see the results from your acne treatment, and remember to give it a bit of time. And by doing this you will develop good habits that will last you a lifetime.

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