Thursday, November 19, 2009

Get Rid of Acne Fast Following a Basic Anti-Acne Skincare Routine Everyday

Getting rid of acne fast is always an elusive proposition. No matter what medications you take, it mostly manages to come back to haunt you. First things first, you need to keep your skin free of any dirt or dust that may lead to inflamed skin in order to get rid of acne and any skin problems. Just a few daily Anti Acne precautions in your routine skin care can save a lot of heartache. Focus on healing your acne and keeping your skin free of things which may cause. I am putting down a few salient points to clear up your skin of acne:

Try to use Oil-Free makeup

The most common practice by any acne affected person is to cover up acne marks with makeup. It isn't bad but one should just remember to stay away from oil based makeup because it tends to clog your pores. And the are eventually very hard to remove. Please use oil-free makeup that is non-comedogenic so it won't block your pores. It will drastically reduce the occurrence of acne. Usage of mineral makeup or makeup with anti-acne ingredients is also advisable. When you find an effective brand that doesn't give you heartaches, you may stick to it!

Keep your hair and hands away from face

No matter how much of cleanliness you maintain, your hands and hair always contain a lot of dirt and bacteria because of the environment we live in and the things you touch. We most often tend to forget this and end up touching our face at times. You should consciously keep your hands away from your face because they can irritate your skin and cause acne or pimples to appear. If you have long hair, tie it up and keep them away from face, so that they don't come contact with your hands unnecessarily. Don't rest your hands or fingers on your cheeks or chin too often. It is always a good practice to keep a hand sanitizer whenever you go out because it will kind of ensure that you have clean hands.

Refrain from too oil-rich diet

Oil rich diet just like oily make up can be a major catalyst in aggravating acne. Often overlooked, we indulge in all kinds of food which even suppress the effect of ongoing acne medications. If you are very acne prone, try controlling your diet to less oily food.

Change your upholstery, bedsheets, pillows and shirts regularly

Generally our bedspreads, house upholstery, dresses that we wear contain dirt and dust which increase the likelihood of causing acne. Make sure to change your pillows, bed spreads regularly. Basically the idea is know what our skin comes in contact with everyday and keeping them clean. This also means considering dirty shirts or shirts with materials which may irritate back acne.

It is important to wash your skin regularly after sweating or going out

Washing your face properly is probably one of the most important point of all. But one shouldn't overdo it either. Washing your face will definitely help you get rid of acne fast. It will keep your skin free of excess oil or dirt which irritate the skin. Especially if you already have acne, you will never want to get your zits grow bigger, by the bacteria or sweat is accumulated around them. Even after going out into polluted/dusty atmosphere or strenuous exercise remember to wash your face immediately.

Don't change acne care brands too often, Use anti-acne cleansing lotions, toners and moisturizers

Knowing the exact skincare product that will suit your skin is the most important of all. Many of us have a very sensitive and acne prone skin which can work otherwise if not chosen wisely. There are several brands out there which offer facial or body washes with ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. But 2 of the most popular chemicals used to kill bacteria causing acne, Neutrogena and Proactiv are two examples of companies which offer complete sets of anti-care cleansers, toners, exfoliaters and moisturizers. Please check it out for a day or two and then stick to the full cycle.

To begin with you should target a holistic all rounded approach to get rid of acne. An approach that includes not only acne medications, but also diet and overall mind-body health. Please know everything on how to get rid of acne forever by clicking on the link.
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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Teen Acne Treatment Has Special Requirements

It is very important to make sure that as consumers we understand the differences between teen acne and those who suffer from acne later in life. Not only are the causes of these breakouts different, but so are the methods for healing them. Sure, there are some similarities in ingredients to treat these two different types of acne, but remembering that acne suffering is not just about the physical it is also about the emotional pains that can be caused by acne breakouts. The author examines both the physical and emotional aspects of teen acne and offers advice on the subject.

If you do not think that acne has an emotional toll on the individuals that suffer from it, you are sorely mistaken. Acne causes severe insecurity in many, and when you combine that with the realities of teen life, things only get worse. Teens are experiencing so many things all at once, each of which are hugely important in the overall goal of fitting and being popular. When you introduce acne into these experiences, bad or untimely breakouts can take a huge emotional toll on young men and women. For most a bad pimple or small breakout on the day of the big dance is as far as it goes, and for those brief moments, they get to experience the anguish of suffering from acne full time.

For those individuals who have constant or severe breakouts on a regular basis that insecurity begins to mount each day they prepare for school. Not wanting to be ridiculed or made fun of, or worse losing the attention of that certain someone you were wishing would ask you out. These are everyday occurrences and as much as we don't want to admit that kids are that cruel, they often times can be. Severe acne can cause social anxieties, which furthers the gap between acne sufferers and everyone else. Which is why finding and using an effective acne treatment is of the utmost importance.

Treating teen acne is mostly about discipline and using the right ingredients. Ingredients should remain all natural and teens especially should avoid Benzoyl Peroxide and other harmful chemical ingredients. Resveratrol is the number one all natural active ingredient for the treatment of acne and its use is fully supported by a study from Oxford University. So that part is fairly easy, the hard part is the discipline, but it's the discipline that will make the healing happen as fast as possible.

Your diet is what must be controlled. Sure you may not have a weight problem in your teens, but perhaps you do. The diet for your acne is good for everyone to eat, whether you could lose a few pounds or not. To begin with, start everyday with egg yolks, you can scramble them or hard boil and eat them, it doesn't matter much, just get them in you. You should eat as much raw fish as possible for the first few days of treatment and then can return to a normal, but healthy diet. Get some sushi or sashimi and eat as much of that as possible for a few days, also include cucumber salads with olive oil as the dressing. If you do that strictly the first few days, then return to a normal. healthy, grease free diet and your skin will benefit a great deal. I know that as teens your body's can handle different foods than we can as adults, your metabolism is much higher. But remember your skin cannot, the foods you put into your body directly manifests itself in your complexion. Eating healthy foods like the ones above can erase those concerns, and using acne products with Resveratrol will can erase the acne, leaving your looking, and more importantly, feeling much better.

Mark Robbins is an author who has contributed many pieces on treating teen acne to blogs and health websites across the internet. His experience as a reviewer of many acne treatments has helped him define the best things for teens to use, and in turn, those that they should avoid when trying to fight their battle with acne. Some of Mark's reviews and inputs on acne cream can be seen here: