Friday, February 29, 2008

All Natural Herbs For Acne - Cheap And Extremely Effective

Is it possible to treat severe acne using just herbs and nothing else and achieve extremely great results? To answer that question in one word, yes. Treating acne, no matter how severe your skin condition is, with herbal supplements and natural herbs is very effective. How do I know for sure? Because I was one of the many that has used herbs to treat acne effectively.

With herbs that I am going to show you in a minute, the cost is so low that you are able to free up more cash for other things in life. It just does not make any sense for you to surrender your money to acne and useless treatment. Some people continue to visit the same doctor and getting the same treatment that cost them at least hundreds of dollars every month without any significant results, make sure you are not one of those people.

1. To treat your acne condition topically, use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a very effective natural remedy for acne. As a topical acne medication, it is very good at killing bacteria that causes acne without the usual side effects of the conventional medicine. You can get tea tree oil in your nearest pharmacy. Only buy natural pure tea tree oil for maximum effects.

2. Aloe vera is a calming agent with lots of nutrients.

Aloe vera should be used regularly for your acne because it is very beneficial for your skin for its calming properties and the nutrients it contains. The elements and nutrients in aloe vera can help your skin's healing process and prevent future acne breakouts. Hows that for a natural treatment? It basically prevents future formation of acne, treats current acne, and heals acne marks. A triple threat.

3. Ginger and garlic - The Natural Antibiotics

Ginger and garlic can be very good for your acne condition as well as general health. Ginger, garlic and other herbs in the same family share the same abilities to improve immune system, regulate hormone system, and kill acne causing bacterias. Garlic, turmeric and ginger are the best three herbs that act as antibiotics. I prefer ginger juice. A friend of mine really treated his acne condition by just drinking pure ginger juice three glasses a day. Ginger juice in my own humble opinion is more acceptable in terms of taste, and if you like garlic, you can just eat it raw.

If you can stand garlic's taste, garlics are even better eaten raw. The same goes to ginger and turmeric.

I can guarantee you if you use these three methods that I have shown you to treat your acne you will achieve great improvement over your acne condition.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tips For Curing Acne - 3 Great Ways To Get Rid Of Those Zits

Acne can be embarrassing for those unfortunate enough to suffer from it but you need not suffer anymore. In this article, I'll share with you just three great tips for fighting the acne.

Children and adults alike can be so cruel in the way they treat people with acne. But possibly the person who treats themselves the worst is the afflicted and the hit to their self esteem. In this article, I want to share with you three excellent proven working treatments for acne that you can start to use today.

Keep Your Face Clean And Oil Free

Although we have naturally have oily skin, in particular on the nose, it can contribute to acne when there are too many of them. I recommend to you that you use a facial cleanser at night and in the morning.

These will get rid of oils and dirt build up and moisturise the skin which will help you to limit acne outbreaks.

Change Your Diet To Combat Your Acne

This does not mean that you have to watch everything that you eat. Simply try and increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables that you eat. As well as being great for your overall health, this can work wonders on your skin too.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Believe it or not, spot outbreaks normally occur where you have been touching your face. I didn't believe this at first until it suddenly made sense that I always had a cluster of spots on my forehead because I would touch it while sitting at a desk.

Try it for yourself and see the effects of not "over touching" your face. This will also reduce the incidence of sickness and catching viruses like the common cold as a bonus.

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Here Is How You Can Cure Acne Overnight - Earth Shattering Trick Which Is Guaranteed To Work

Acne can be one of the worst skin conditions an individual can be in. You see acne is something people want to get rid of as fast as possible and there are proven ways using which you can get rid of them almost overnight. And yes you can get rid of it overnight too starting right now. Read on to discover what this astonishing secret is and how you can get rid of acne overnight too...

First wash your face with mild soap- You see with acne cleanliness should be given the first priority always. The cleaner your skin remains the faster you will get rid of acne.

Try this- Well one thing which always gets rid of acne within a night is toothpaste. Yes that's right toothpaste. You can apply toothpaste in the infected area before you go to bed and leave it on till the morning. Wash your face off with luke warm water in the morning and you would see instant changes with your acne condition. Even if it hasn't completely disappeared it would become very less visible.

Be careful- A word of caution would be not to try this if you have a real sensitive skin. And also make sure that you don't apply toothpaste to your entire face as that might cause severe irritation and redness all over your face therefore make sure you only apply it in the infected area. Also make sure that you don't apply a tooth paste gel only use a tooth paste specially a while kind. Another thing about the toothpaste remedy is that it's not permanent and the results might not last that long.

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The Relationship Between Acne And Depression

Acne is just another disease that society comes to accept. The teenage kid or adult with acne is seen as normal by others. Disease is a normal part of humans and people are very understanding when this is seen. However acne sufferers fail to see this in a lot of circumstances and often it leads to a depression. That level of depression does vary and it can be mild or severe, often depending entirely on the individual.

Sadly depression led on by acne has led to suicide and other problems in the past. The main thing to be noted is even those with severe acne are accepted by there friends just as they were before and people still see them as the same person. Acne is also no where near as serious as other diseases and conditions such as cancer.

Here is some advice on how to stay positive with acne:

1. Acne is usually short term compared to a lot of other diseases.

2. Acne does not lead to any other problems of the human body. It is not life threatening.

3. There have been millions of dollars spent by major companies researching acne cures. Chances are a cure will help your acne.

As an acne sufferer for a few years i know how it is to wake up in the morning and not be happy with what you see in the mirror. Make sure you put it in perspective and that is it is not a major issue and it is not life threatening. Continue to live life as you would without it.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Acne Treatment Reviews Of Best Acne Products In 2008

If you are suffering from acne and have tried too many products to name, you may want to ask yourself some of these questions - Are you using the right acne products? Are the products suitable for your skin type? Do you have a skin care routine? If you are serious about getting rid of your acne, you should put a treatment system in place. A system will ensure that you are using products that compliment each other to improve your skin condition and it will also help to maintain your skin to be blemish free.

If you are looking for acne products that work, you may want to take a look at some acne treatment reviews of the top acne treatment products today.

1) ClearPores - This is one of the top brands on the market for acne treatment. ClearPores is very effective in treating existing acne while at the same time keeping new ones from forming. I credit their effectiveness to the external and internal approach. This system comes with topical treatment, internal treatment including natural ingredient, it is drug and chemical free and best of all, this system comes with a six month money back guarantee. This is the best guarantee you can find on the market today.

2) Acuzine - Acuzine is an acne treatment designed to cure acne from the inside out. It comes in the form of a supplement that contains natural ingredients. It provides an internal cleansing solution to treat bacteria deep in the pores.

3) Derma Cleanse by Zenmed - Zenmed is well known for its natural approach to treating skin problems. Its Derma Cleanse range is target for acne treatment and it includes topical creams and herbal pills. Zenmed also has a range of products specifically for treatment of acne scars.

When purchasing acne products, you should base your judgment on the quality, the effectiveness and safety. It may take a couple of months before you see optimal results because you need to let your skin have sufficient time to heal. That is why a system that provides 100% money back guarantee is practically risk free.

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Treating Acne - the Myths and the Realities

Acne is caused by dirt. Wrong!

Acne is caused by junk food. Wrong!

The myths surrounding the causes of acne are many. The myths about treating acne are also common. Applying some anti-acne cream or taking some prescribed antibiotic may provide relief from acne but is unlikely to cure it. It may go away for a time but it is likely to come back because the underlying causes are still there.

Acne is all too real for millions of people. It is estimated that some 80% of people suffer from acne at some point, most commonly during the teenage years but it can, and does, affect some adults for many years afterwards and sometime for decades.

Acne is not caused by dirt. It is caused by excessive production of sebum, the oil which naturally moisturises the skin, created by the sebaceous glands, situated just below the surface of the skin. Too much sebum and it is likely to clog the pores, the tiny holes in the skin, creating an opportunity for destructive bacteria to expand, resulting in outbreaks of acne.

Acne is most commonly caused by hormonal changes which in turn can be affected by what you do to yourself.

Nutrition and Acne

Junk food on its own does not in itself cause acne. Different people eating the same greasy hamburgers may or may not get acne. But if you are prone to acne the chances are that what you eat will have a profound effect on your chances of getting rid of acne. There are many reports from countless acne sufferers, some of them having endured acne for years, that certain drinks and foods make worse the hormonal changes which result in ongoing outbreaks of acne.

More and more evidence shows that serious reductions in the following foods and drinks will have a significant benefit for acne sufferers:

Vegetable oils such as sunflower oils used for cooking and found in many fast foods and snacks.


Sugar is found naturally in fruits. Most people are eating more and more processed sugar, whether putting in coffee or tea, or eating processed foods such as tinned vegetables, ready made meals and countless soft drinks.

Caffeine stimulates the development of stress hormones in your body which in turn are likely to stimulate over-production of oil on your skin

Cut these down or even cut them out and you will notice a significant effect on your acne

There is huge evidence that drinking lots of water, at least 10 glasses a day will massively help in tackling acne.


We all do this every day but there is a right way and a wrong way. Washing of your face and body twice a day will help your acne. Over-reacting to acne by washing six times a day will make things worse by depleting the skin of natural oils and encouraging the sebaceous glands to react by over-producing sebum. Avoid alcohol based products as these will dehydrate your skin causing the glands to produce more oil. Scrubbing your skin, as opposed to gently washing your body with a gentle soap, however good it makes you feel, will also remove essential skin oils ensuring future over-production of sebum. Moderation in all things.

Cosmetics and makeup

Makeup may not cause acne but if you already have acne, it may make it worse by clogging up the pores with the consequences already described. Use products that are labeled non-comedogenic or oil free. Remember not to leave your makeup on when you go to bed. Being coated in these products all night will mean your pores absorb them all the more.

Sunlight and Tanning

Exposure to the sun or sun lamps or the ultraviolet light found in tanning booths will tend to dehydrate your skin and stimulate acne production. Use high protection sun cream to protect yourself when in the sun.

Don't touch

Rubbing your acne spots or, even worse, picking at them will spread the infection and could cause permanent scarring.

Much of the time acne is caused by what you do to yourself. That also means you can solve your own acne problems. Good luck in that.

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2008 Best Acne Treatments

2008 brings many new advances to the treatment of acne. These advances are noted in acne treatment devices as well as acne creams. In this brief article, you'll learn about what methods are being used to treat acne today.

Acne Devices

Acne devices, such as Zeno and blue light therapy have been gaining popularity among acne sufferers. These devices provide uninhabitable environments for the acne-causing bacteria, killing these bacteria, which in turn destroys the acne. A pimple without bacteria is merely a clogged pore, which can be treated easily with a decent acne cream. These acne devices work best for mild to moderate acne, but the treatment of severe acne is questionable. Since severe acne is rooted deep into the skin, Zeno has been shown to be ineffective towards these types of pimples. Further research must be done to treat these nasty pimples. However, Zeno catches acne before they are formed, and it also helps treat acne in less than twenty-four hours. Blue light therapy has also helped treat acne by killing off the skin bacteria. The difference between zeno and blue light therapy is, zeno is a spot treatment while blue light therapy is a full-face treatment.

Acne Creams

Acne creams have been steadily improving over time. Since the 1960s, benzoyl peroxide has been the dominant chemical for treating acne. However, this chemical makes the skin appear "bleached," it stains clothes, and it only temporarily treats acne. Proactiv, Acne Free, and many other old acne treatments like to use this product to treat acne. Although benzoyl peroxide still works to treat acne, 2008 brings many new advances. Today, most acne sufferers are leaning towards using natural acne treatments, those that don't contain harsh chemicals that destroy the skin.

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How To Understand And Overcome Acne

Acne by no means is a pleasurable experience in life. Like anything else it can show up at all the wrong times. Just when you are preparing for a job interview you look in the mirror and there it is staring back at you.

The challenge with acne is not just the physical appearance but more the social stigma that is associated with it - the feeling that you have fallen down the social ladder. While there are many products out there being sold by people who are popular with perfect skin it is wise to apply a little common sense so that you can prevent this problem from re-occurring in the future.

You know the story of cause and effect. Something is taking place with your skin and the effect you see is acne. So understanding the cause will help you to overcome this skin disorder long term.

Your body can over produce a substance called sebum which has an oily like consistency which can block your pores. Hormones can also be at play causing acne to occur. This is more so the case during puberty or for women during pregnancy or menopause.

So basically acne occurs because of blocked pores with a few contributing factors. As a result it is necessary to unblock the pores and keep your skin clean. You want to work this from the inside out for the best results.

Avoid spicy food and do not use vegetable oil. Cut down on sugary sodas and caffeine. Change your towels everyday never use the same towel twice. Do not use greasy lotions and anything that is oil based. Crank up on vitamin A - you can do this by eating lots of carrots, cucumber is also great.

Drink water and if you can steam your face then rinse with cold water. Remember keep it simple take care of the basics - keep those pores clean and everything else will fall into place.

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Natural Home Acne Treatments That Work - The Easy Way To Clear Your Acne 100%

It's one of the most common skin-care related question I get - 'What is a natural home acne treatment that works?'.

It's no mystery why this question keeps coming up. Almost everyone who has acne has tried some sort of acne treatment product that didn't work. It can be a frustrating skin condition that often feels like it will never get any better.

Fortunately there are proven natural acne treatments out there, you just have to make sure they are treating your skin at the root of the problem. Let's go over hwo to make sure you are using a treatment that will clear your skin the right way.

First off, I want to quickly comment on why the products you find in the drugstores don't work. It's frustrating to see so many people wasting money on creams and lotions that don't work, and there's a clear reason why they fail.

Products like Clearasil and Oxy don't actually treat what causes acne. Instead they simply try to "zap zits" and get rid of pimples one zit at a time after they have already happened.

There's no point in getting rid of one pimple when you know another one is right around the corner. What you need to do is treat the causes of acne in order to prevent future breakouts.

The truly successful acne treatments attack your acne from all angles and treat all of the causes of acne. This is the only way you are going to clear your skin in the longrun.

Here a quick recap of what causes acne

- Excess oil on the skin

- Acne-causing bacteria

- Clogged skin pores

- Inflammation of the skin

- Over-active skin glands

The only way to completely eliminate your acne is to treat all of the above causes. When you think about, it makes complete sense. How can you expect to get rid of your pimples if you aren't treating what is causing the problem?

The best acne treatments will work as a "system" by treating all of the above. This will usually include a couple of steps so that you can be confident your acne is being treated at the root of the problem. You can use the link at the bottom of this article to read some reviews of the top rated acne treatments that are available.

Don't be discouraged if you have tried an acne product that didn't work in the past. It happens to almost everyone considering how many of the treatments fail to work. The good news is that you can find natural home acne treatments that clear your skin by properly treating your skin.

You can see the top ranked treatments at It's impressive to see how quickly people start seeing results once they start addressing the causes of their acne.

Don't be discouraged if you have used products in the past that didn't work - once you start using natural acne treatments that actually target the causes of acne you will see results in a matter of days. All the best!

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Indoor Cycling - How To Build An Aerobic Base

As a guy in his mid-40's, I've come to appreciate the benefits of lower impact aerobic exercise. Twenty years ago, my joints bounced right back after 4 mile runs or a vigorous step aerobics class. Those days are long gone now, and the results from consistent indoor cycling and spinning classes have been encouraging.

One major benefit I've noticed after adding indoor cycling to my workout regimen has been an increased energy level. If you've ever gotten drowsy at your desk mid afternoon, you know exactly what I mean. Another significant benefit has been decreased tension and much more restful sleep. And yet, it wasn't easy to consistently commit to these classes. In fact, I almost quit just after I started.

If you're just getting back into working out aerobically after a long layoff, you'll need to reacclimate. A key element is a concept called aerobic base building, which basically means establishing a base level of aerobic fitness. Just as it's important to build a solid foundation for your house, it's equally important for your fitness level.

Three Steps To Build Your Base

There are three factors you'll need to consider, and accept, when building your aerobic base. With indoor cycling, you'll typically have display monitors telling you how hard and how long you're working, which is quite helpful. The same is true with spinning classes, as most instructors have built in "check points" during the class to monitor exertion level. Let's look at each of the three factors.

Step One: Your Target Heart Rate

First, you'll need to know your target heart rate. Your target heart rate is a range that's 65% to 80% of your maximum heart rate. Determining your maximum heart rate is easy -- just subtract your age from 220. Then, multiply that rate by 65% to get the lower end of your target rate, and by 80% to get the upper end. As an example, I'm 46, so my maximum heart rate is 174. 65% of 174 is 113, and 80% of 174 is 139. That means I should strive to pedal at an exertion level that makes my heart beat between 113 and 139 times per minute.

Step Two: Commit To A Time Frame

Expect to build your aerobic base over a 6 to 8 week time frame, possibly longer if you've been inactive for a while. Plan to gradually challenge yourself so you can maintain your target heart rate for a longer period of time. Remember, the longer you work out at your target zone, the more fat you'll burn.

Step Three: Endurance And Intensity

Once you've built your aerobic base and know your target heart rate, it's time to challenge yourself a bit. Try to add to the length of time you work out, or push yourself a bit harder. You'll find as you become more fit, you'll need to challenge yourself to reach your target heart rate. That's a good thing! It means your heart is healthier, you've attained increased cardiac output, and you're more fit overall.

The benefits you'll realize from any aerobic activity are numerous, and they'll impact your life in a very positive way. If you're concerned about high impact activities like jogging or stair climbing, add a spinning class to your workout. It's low impact, effective, and enjoyable!

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Here's The One Thing You Can Start Doing Today That Can Help Prevent Acne

You probably don’t know this yet but product wastes and toxic build up in your system is one of the main reasons why you have acne or why your skin breaks out.

You see, your body has 4 channels of elimination...your bowels, kidneys, lungs, and your skin. Your bowels and kidneys are the primary channels that your body expels product wastes and toxics through.

The only time that your body expels product wastes through your lungs and skin is when your bowels and kidneys are overloaded with product wastes and toxics or when your bowels becomes sluggish.

When this happens, your body will take some of the product waste and expel it through your lungs and skin (your secondary channels of elimination). Resulting in acne breakout.

However, you can prevent this from happening by increasing “fiber” intake. Fiber will absorb these toxins and product waste, and help your bowels sweep them out of your system fast.

So by taking enough fiber, you’ll be able to speed up your bowels transit time thus, preventing your body from expelling toxics through your skin and preventing acne.

So your next step is to start eating the type of foods that contains the highest amount of fiber.

What types of food contains the highest amount of fiber? Fruits and non-starchy vegetables.

Fruits such as apples, bananas, oranges, raspberries, and strawberries. And vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, parsnips, and potatoes. These contains the highest amount of fiber.

But this does not mean that you go out and eat as much of these high fiber foods as you can.

You should only consume enough so that your bowel transit time is between 12 to 18 hours. In other words, try not to consume too much fiber in day or else your transit time may be too fast causing nutrients to pass through your system without being absorbed. So if your transit time is under 12 hours, you may want to reduce the amount of fibers consume each day.

However, if your transit time is more than 24 hours then you really need to consume more fiber intake or else your body will start expelling these product wastes and toxins through your skin (resulting in acne breakout).

For me it’s about 32 grams of fiber a day but it may be different for you, so you should really test it out for yourself and see how much grams of fiber you should be consuming each day. It’s probably best to start out with 30 grams of fiber a day and go on from there.

How much grams of fiber does each fruit and vegetable contain? For the fruits I’ve listed above it’s about 3 grams each and the vegetables are about 2 grams each. However, I do recommend you consume more vegetables than fruits because fruits are high in natural sugar.

While consuming more fiber alone will not stop acne it can help in preventing acne. And that’s one portion of the pie in fighting acne.

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Can Dermabrasion Help Get Rid Of Acne Scarring?

Although many people think acne is a condition that affects people whilst they're young then disappears after the mid twenties, for some, acne can be a lifelong problem. Although the lesions may disappear over time, a number of acne suffers are then left with scarring and dis-figuration to the skin resulting from unwanted build ups of collagen and irreversible damage to the skin cells. Acne scarring can be treated however, and one way of doing so is by the use of dermabrasion.

Dermabrasion is the removal of part of the top layer of skin including dead skin cells, excess oils and other buildups. Because it removes all these impurities and reveals the newer skin beneath, with regular dermabrasion it is possible to give yourself a healthier looking complexion. Acne scarring caused due to the buildup of collagen fibers can also be reduced by proper dermabrasion. A good way to think of the process is that dermabrasion is similar to the way in which a bulldozer is able to level off dirt by removing the top layer.

To make an effective dermabrasion solution at home take a mild, creamy cleanser and decant a small amount (around a 3/4 of a handful) into a bowl. Add around 1 1/2 dessert spoonfuls of sugar crystals into the cleanser and then mix. Wet the face with lukewarm water and then apply a liberal amount of the solution onto the skin. Gently massage it into the skin in a circular motion being careful not to scrub to hard. Once this is complete, wash the solution off with lukewarm water.

Dermabrasion should be performed twice a week unless irritation occurs (in which case it should only be performed once a week) Please note that it may take a number of months before clear reductions in acne scarring become visible. However, an improvement in overall complexion should be noticed fairly quickly. Dermabrasion should never be performed if there are active acne lesions visible on the skin as it will serve only to worsen the problem.

By using the power of dermabrasion it is possible to improve the skin's complexion and reduce the visibility of acne scarring. Although care needs to be taken, if performed correctly it can be extremely effective. By making your own dermabrasion solution from sugar crystals and cleanser it is also possible to save a reasonable sum of money due to the fact that other treatments can be quite expensive.

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