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General information on separation anxiety

It is natural for human beings to dislike the notion of being separated from someone they care about, or feel connected to in some way. The idea of no longer having significant contact, particularly physical contact, with someone that has become a “part of our life,” as some might say, often results in some unpleasant emotional reactions.

This negative emotional response prompts us to attempt to avoid such thoughts and possibilities whenever we can, as a means of preventing or escaping the associated discomfort. However, for some people, the idea of losing someone they care about takes on the form of a near-constant obsession. This condition, known as separation anxiety, is a complex psychological matter.

People who have separation anxiety still feel the usual dislike and discomfort when considering the potential loss. There is still a general sense of sorrow and bereavement when the possibility is brought up, and it is still considered to be a negative event. However, separation anxiety has patients virtually obsessing over that distinct and unpleasant facet of life.

The condition is characterized by behavior that may or may not be considered odd by the untrained observer. It often includes constant worry and anxiety over the possibility of losing an important person, typically a mother or father figure. Some argue that separation anxiety is a sign of excessive dependence on the physical presence of an individual, as a means of reassuring the patient of their own stability. Emotional distress during a period of separation is the most common sign, with a sudden lifting of the patient's mood once the object of their focus is once again nearby. Another common sign is the patient showing more physical cues that are similar to withdrawal from narcotics or alcohol whenever the target is not present.

People suffering from separation an
xiety have a tendency to turn inwards when separated, letting the disorder have an adverse effect on their emotional condition. Cases have been reported where patients exhibit sudden signs of partial social withdrawal, or a sudden drop in one's ability to interact socially during the separation period. In some instances, it may also have a physical effect, with movements being sluggish and the body having languid, lifeless movements. It is not only during periods of separation that symptoms are exhibited, however. According to recent findings, separation anxiety also manifests itself as an inability to sleep without the presence of the target person or object.

A patient that has separation anxiety is often also diagnosed with various other disorders, such as ADHD and bipolar disorder. Bipolar personalities have been shown to have a statistically high number of patients who also have separation anxiety, with the shifts between manic and depressive behavior being linked to the presence of a certain figure or object.

In rare cases, dissociative identity disorder also stems from separation anxiety. This occurs when the brain gradually develops alternate personalities that are more capable of handling the separation than the actual persona. This is a rare instance, however, as DID sufferers generally develop the second personality to adapt to a specific childhood trauma, such as sexual abuse.

According to some unconfirmed reports, there is a small percentage of stalkers who have separation anxiety. Supposedly, this occurs because the obsession with keeping the person close by has started to form a compulsion to prevent any form of prolonged separation. In essence, the person has become obsessed with staying close to an individual whenever possible, and has taken measures to minimize, if not outright eliminate, the chances of the two being disconnected.

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`Naturopathy’ or `natural medicine’ is a largely pseudoscientific approach said to `assist nature’ that is `support the body’s own innate capacity to achieve optimal health’ and `facilitate the body’s inherent healing mechanisms’.

Naturopathic medicine is very safe, natural therapy with services of different alternative therapies. The age old philosophy of naturopathic medicine is based on six important principles which have their roots is Indian [Ayurveda], Chinese [Traditional Chinese medicine], Native American and Greek [Hippocratic] cultures.

The following are the six principles of naturopathic therapy.

1- The healing power of nature – naturopathy is basically the body’s inherent ability to treat itself

2- Identify and treat the cause – naturopathy believes in finding the underlying cause rather than eliminating it

3- First do no harm – naturopathy uses methods and medicines to reduce the further harmful effects

4- Doctor as a teacher – naturopathy educates patients and emphasizes self responsibility

5- Treat the whole person – naturopathy treats all aspects of body that is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

6- Prevention is better than cure – naturopathy prevents the formation of disease into more severe condition

Although acne seems to be a disorder of skin oil glands, naturopathic philosophy is best suited for diagnosis and treatment of acne.

Naturopathic diagnosis is the best approach for identification of acne and this could be attributed to the following beneficial reasons

- It will help the patient to identify the cause of acne and also help in specific treatment for acne symptoms

- It will help in revealing the underlying conditions that impede body’s ability to function normally

- It will help to determine the proper assessment tools which are most helpful in establishing a treatment strategy specific to patient’s health

- It will help to identify and treat the underlying root cause of acne and avoid further damages to skin

- It will be a comprehensive treatment plan with range of complementary and alternative therapies.

A naturopathic doctor or health care provider will take a complete history of the patient that includes skin care, cosmetic use, diet, factors triggering flare-ups, medications used, occupational and environmental exposures, prior treatment and an examination of the face, chest and other blemishes, lesions and scars. This assessment is oriented towards the determining what is impeding patients body’s ability to function normally.

As far as naturopathic treatment for acne is concerned, from a naturopathic view point acne is an external manifestation of an internal imbalance. Nutrition is the key to treating acne. In 420 BC Hippocrates, the father of medicine said let food be your medicine and medicine be your food’.

The poor quality foods eaten by an individual clogs the pores and attracts bacteria however with consumption of better quality foods the sebaceous glands get all of the nutrients and are bound to produce good quality oil which flows well and nourishes the skin.

In nutrition, a high protein, low carbohydrate diet including vegetables, sea weeds, fish (salmon, sardines, and trouts), whole grains, sprouts and fruits is advisable and avoiding all fried foods, dairy products, processed foods, junk foods, sugar, margarine, nut butters, citrus except [lemon juice] and caffeine is suggested.

In addition, consumption of plenty of water everyday is beneficial; water helps in retaining moisture of the skin keeping it full, fresh and youthful.

Thus, by changing our diet and adopting a healthy lifestyle we can often change or reverse course of illness and restore our health. Thus, the possible lifestyle changes to treat acne in addition to eating diet high in raw vegetables and fruits and avoiding all forms of sugar, alcohol, butter, caffeine, cheese, chocolate, cocoa, cream, fat, margarine, processed food, and drinking plenty of water, beneficiary dietary supplements are also required. The beneficiary dietary supplements are

Alpha-sterol – helps open blocked pores

Tea Tree oil – is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic. Tea tree oil contains antimicrobial substance that will eliminate [Propionibacterium acnes] the causative bacterial strain of acne, thus reducing inflammation associated with skin.

Vitamin B3- improves circulation to surface of skin.

Acidophilus Probiotics – helps replenish natural good body bacteria.

Chromium Picolinate – reduces skin infections

Colloidal Silver – is natural antibiotic can be applied topically or taken internally.

Starting from diet and clinical nutrition, naturopathic treatment covers a myriad of healing practices including

Herbal medicine – once naturopathic doctor has diagnosed the lifestyle and dietary factors aggravating acne, they will decide on combination of herbs specific to acne caused and symptoms. Nevertheless, ayurvedic formulations using herbal extracts of plants like Bhavprakasha Nigantu and Charak Samhita have been found successful in treating acne.

Acupuncture – Auricular [acupuncture applied to the ear] and electro acupuncture therapies reducing symptoms of acne.

Homeopathy – There have been few studies on effective homeopathic remedies. Usually acne based treatments depend on homeopath’s knowledge and clinical experience and also patients physical, emotional and intellectual make up.

Mind or Body medicine – Emotional stress can worsen acne therefore relaxation therapies such as hypnosis, biofeedback together with cognitive imagery improve acne symptoms.

Though relaxation using hypnosis an individual becomes relaxed and this positive approach influences the activity of hormones and the immune system contributing to reduced inflammation of acne.

Biofeedback is a technique in which an individual is trained to control certain internal bodily processes that normally occur involuntarily such as hear rate [measured by an EKG] and muscle tension [measured by an EMG].

Guided imagery involves formation of mental pictures to promote a variety of favorable physical and emotional effects. This combination of biofeedback and cognitive imagery allows the person to visualize and understand bodily changes when he or she changes form being tense to being relaxed.

Hydrotherapy – is the use of water to treat acne and maintain health. Colon cleansing using hydrotherapy is the alternative medicine that has improved the conditions of acne. Many practitioners feel that overall bodily health is achieved once colon is clean and free from toxins.

Physical therapy covering photodynamic therapy and ultrasound – Both techniques are safe and painless and its duration varies with the severity of acne.

Photodynamic therapy is improving treatment of acne, using a topical medication called aminolevulinic acid which is effective and ultrasound technique is used to calm and soothe red, inflamed skin, enhancing the healing process.

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Michael is the editor of Acne Magazine Daily which provides daily acne articles and reviews to help other acne sufferers overcome their acne. All articles and thoroughly researched and provide the latest information and breakthroughs in the acne treatments world. Acne is a treatable if approached correctly. Visit

Michael is the editor of Acne Magazine Daily which provides daily acne articles and reviews to help other acne sufferers overcome their acne. All articles and thoroughly researched and provide the latest information and breakthroughs in the acne treatments world. Acne is a treatable if approached correctly. Visit

Michael is the editor of Acne Magazine Daily which provides daily acne articles and reviews to help other acne sufferers overcome their acne. All articles and thoroughly researched and provide the latest information and breakthroughs in the acne treatments world. Acne is a treatable if approached correctly. Visit
Michael is the editor of Acne Magazine Daily which provides daily acne articles and reviews to help other acne sufferers overcome their acne. All articles and thoroughly researched and provide the latest information and breakthroughs in the acne treatments world. Acne is a treatable if approached correctly. Visit

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Rid Or Acne Today Fast

Acne, did you have it or know you even the true effects of the acne? The acne is a skin disease which is common among the young people, adults as well as of the teenagers. It also occurs in the individuals of all the various ages, sex, and races. The acne is an uncomfortable disease of skin.

It can show significantly on the neck, the face and the back. This is caused by a distress of the follicules sebaceous of the skin. When the follicules produce its sebum, the skin can accumulate dust and dirtiness and it is where the acne can start to form. The acne generally is connected to the black spots and the whiteheads. Though the acne can easily be present and arrive at you, it can also undoubtedly be prevented. Here some in the manners of avoiding the acne.

To have great hygiene is always the best total manner to avoid the acne. For teenagers and young people beginning outside the puberty where the susceptibility of acne is very high, the dermatologists advise to wash the face at least twice a day - once the morning and in evening before going to sleep Ca the use of astringent to eliminate the surpluses from oil is suggested per many dermatologists but one should observe the choice of the correct kind of astringent. The products containing water for facial cleaning is the best and less harmful, this would be strongly advised.

Teenagers are strongly advised to carry a short hairstyle because during this time, the hair can be very greasy like effect with the hormonal changes of the body. For the adults to reign in general and the detail of ladies, carefully removing to compose it before going to sleep is enormously useful as make rises can block the pores of the skin and support microbes and other bacteria with accumulation. Clean clothing moreover of port and the curtains and the cases frequently changing pillow which pile up assistances of dust prevent at least the acne by the bacteria rduisantes in the sky which can fall on the skin.

The great mode and the correct nutrition are another principal factor by stopping the acne of the occurrence. the consumption of a good number of fruits and vegetables and drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water each day helps the body to produce of a balance to the hormonal changes which can cause the acne.

Moreover the exercise helps the circulation of blood and removes from toxins in the body. to employ on the correct protection of the sun when to leave really reduced the effort which is put on the skin which could cause the acne.

You want never to subject it to a constraint and to prevent as far as you can constantly.

When you can, the test to remain far from the lotion containing alcohol and skims and should be completely avoided if possible.

Once you have a restricted number of buttons which start to show, it is not a good idea to tighten them or select because this could lead to the contamination and more ignition in bottom of the line. The soiled substances could draw aside on the face and can cause more buttons and more acne later.

In the countries under-privileged people, there are so many myths on the correct prevention of the acne. One of the latter employs a particular soap mark of laundry. Additional would rub dark sand on the face. However, this should not be employed while it can lead to worse conditions. Moreover.

To upwards obtain a regular control with a dermatologist is a good and wise choice. As you can or cannot note it, but, the skin is the largest body in the human body. Independently of that, it is also discovered. Each only day our skin is tackled interior by our modes and foods which we eat with the surrounding air and toxins we let us employ like composing and skimming, lotions. By having a dermatologist to recommend to us on the suitable care of skin will make us save in the long-distance carrier because all these drugs and treatments can be very expensive and never inexpensive.

There are much above against products as well as the products and the systems which can help to facilitate there the combat its knowledge all best the outside. I hope that this article was very instructive with you and you gained great knowledge.

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Acne Remedies

In this article I will reveal both external and internal remedies you can use to cure your acne.

Acne is believed to occur because of an inflammatory disease in the sebaceous glands. These glands normally create an oily substance that lubricates skin and hair hence why your skin is generally smooth.

However when these glands become inflamed, the oily substance that is produced is tightened and very small amounts of it are released making it more likely for them to dry up quickly which is turn leads to acne or blackheads.

Getting rid of acne externally:

1) Mix apple cider vinegar (Found in health food stores, and make sure it is organic) with water (50/50) and apply to skin or areas of the body where acne is present. Do this every night before you go to bed. You should start to see your acne dissapear after around 2 weeks (depending on the person). Apple cider vinegar helps loosen the pores of the skin that secrete oil to smooth your skin.

2) Sweat. Sweating allows the body to open the pores of the skin and through sweat the body frees itself of stored toxins that cause the inflammation of the sebaceous gland. You can sweat by exercising, going to a sauna (most effective), and anything you can think of that causes your body to perspirate.

3) Take a clove of garlic and chop it into tiny pieces then apply small chunks on areas with acne. Do this when you have time to sit and relax or when you're watching T.V.

4) Wash your face and every other area with acne after each procedure indicated above.

5) Eat nothing but organic apples and drink only water for three days. This is a form of fasting in which the body can clean itself from the inside curing the inflammation that causes acne. It is also the most EFFECTIVE and QUICK way to get rid of acne. If you choose go to through with it, repeat this step once every 2-3 months. Your acne will never appear again.

6) Avoid consuming antibiotics, processed foods and goods such as white sugar, white flour, and milk. All of these contain chemicals and hormones which stimulate acne into being produced. Doing this will rid of you acne.

Remedies for getting rid of Acne internally:

Firstly the source of acne is internal hence why you should focus on dealing with it internally. Although people have their theories, the most supported and recognized origin of acne and the inflammation of the sebaceous glands is a Candida overgrowth which is a yeast in your body. When it GROWS due to high consumption of of #6, it can injure or scratch the sebaceous glands which will cause the inflammation itself that causes acne in the first place.

So what to do?

1) Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water and drink it 2-3 times daily. Continue doing this until the acne has vanished. Apple cider vinegar is an "Anti-Candida" liquid that shrinks the Candida preventing it from doing damage to your body.

2) Eat at least 2 cloves of garlic weekly. Try and make sure you can get this done when people aren't around since garlic does cause bad breath. However drinking apple cider vinegar or coffee afterwards helps with the bad breath. Garlic is an "Anti-Yeast" killer that attacks the Candida causing it to shrink.

3) Eat flaxseeds (Found in health food stores). Make sure they are grounded so they digest better. Flaxseeds contain omega 3's which help your body's circulation in addition to digesting food better. This process helps the body's metabolism increase. When you eat the above foods, the flaxseeds will help speed up and increase their effect due to the increased circulation and faster/better digestion.

The above remedies have all been experimented and researched. They work. Though I am not a doctor I believe it is necessary to find unorthodox means to health problems that have no answers like acne.

I believe it is better to take action while you can than sit around and wait. Taking responsibility for your health is in my opinion something everyone has to do.

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5 Steps for Successful Laser Acne Treatment

Laser acne treatment has gained a considerable amount of popularity among teenagers and adults who suffer from moderate to severe acne and acne scarring. There are a number of reasons why it has become popular, but before you rush into making a decision to use laser acne treatment, learn as much as you can about the procedure first. There are steps you ought to take prior to receiving laser treatments if you choose to use them, as well as steps you ought to take afterwards. This will increase the likelihood that laser acne treatment will be as effective as you had hoped.

Step 1: Learn as much as you can about laser acne treatment. There is nothing wrong with educating yourself about a particular medical procedure prior to making a decision whether or not it is right for you. Laser acne treatment is a relatively simple, commonly performed outpatient procedure and there is a lot of existing information available to you. There are a large number of informative web sites with good descriptions of the types of laser treatments available, the types of acne and acne scars best suited for laser acne treatment, and what to expect during a laser acne treatment procedure. If you do not have access to the Internet, or your Internet access is occasional, you will also be able to find information about the different aspects of laser acne treatment at your local library.

Step 2: Find the right dermatologist. A dermatologist, or skin doctor, is a specialist who treats a variety of common and uncommon skin diseases. To find a qualified provider in your area, you can look up websites that contain a list of board-certified dermatologists. Once you have identified one or more dermatologists, you may want to call your state's medical board to find out if anyone has filed any complaints against them. If you have friends who see a dermatologist, you may want to ask their opinion and if they would recommend him or her. Once you have made an initial consultation appointment with a provider who offers laser acne treatment, you will want to make sure you feel you can communicate with him or her comfortably and easily. You will also want to make sure your provider takes you seriously and answers all of your questions.

Step 3: Keep all of your appointments and follow your dermatologist's instructions. Laser acne treatment generally involves multiple appointments, not just one. Your dermatologist may want you to come in for three, four, or five treatments, spaced two to three weeks apart. In addition, he or she may instruct you to limit your sun exposure for two weeks prior to your treatments, as well as limit your sun exposure during the course of your treatments and for two weeks after your treatments are done.

Step 4: Continue to take of your skin as you are undergoing treatment. Also, do not hesitate to speak up for yourself during your treatment. Your dermatologist may prescribe additional medications for you while you are undergoing laser acne treatment. If you have any questions about these medications, do speak up. In addition, if the procedure is uncomfortable, let your dermatologist know. Laser acne treatment is not supposed to be painful. However, some have compared the laser's sensation to a rubber band snapping on their skin. Others have described it as a tingling sensation. You can ask your dermatologist to apply a topical anesthetic before the procedure.

Step 5: Continue taking care of your skin once the laser acne treatment is over. If your dermatologist has prescribed other medications for you, keep taking them. In addition, continue to follow a good skin care regiment at home. It is important to remember that laser acne treatment is not a cure-all, and does not get rid of acne forever.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only, and is not meant to serve as medical advice. For medical advice, please consult your doctor.

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If you have any kind of acne, even very severe acne, there is nothing you will find that works better to clear your complexion than our revolutionary Acnezine solution! Acnezine is all-natural and scientifically formulated to treat acne from the inside out. Practically everyone has to deal with acne from time to time. It's not because we eat chocolate. It's not because we don't wash our face enough. In fact, washing too vigorously can make acne worse!

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Acne is caused from imbalances and impurities within the body, and that's why we treat the problem an internal cleansing treatment that goes right to the source and fights acne before it even begins. Acnezine provides antioxidants that can help eliminate the free radicals that are dangerous to skin and promote infections. It also fights inflammation, to reduce redness. And it works to heal damaged skin, naturally!

Just like you, thousands of people from all over the world suffer from this debilitating disorder, and just like you they have tried everything with little or no results. Knowing that topical chemicals don't work and may even cause harm, we spent years researching and developing a treatment that is natural and safe, and works to cleanse the entire body. With Acnezine we have seen amazing results with absolutely no side effects!


You will be pleased to know that the natural ingredients in the Acnezine Anti Oxidant have no side effects and is actually healthy for your body. As well, with Acnezine you do not need a prescription or a dermat