Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Get Rid of Acne in 3 Days Or Less - Start Using the Latest Acne Treatments Available

Long gone are the days that you have to settle for all the same "over the counter" treatments that never work. You no longer have to only buy what ever acne treatment your local store is selling. There is a good chance that you are still looking for a treatment because all the "over the counter" treatments are currently not working for you. Thanks to the internet, you are now able to find all the latest treatments that will get rid of acne in three days or less.

There is a very simple reason why the "over the counter" acne treatments are not working for you. Every different kind of skin will work differently with every different kind of treatments. To truly get rid of acne you need to find a treatment that your skin will react in a good way with. The "over the counter" treatments are a very basic acne treatment. That is why it does not work for you. Those "over the counter" treatments sell in such a high volume that they will work for enough people in this world. That is how they are able to stay in business.

What you want to do is find a smaller company that will rely more on a superior product rather than a high volume of sales. This is why the internet is very important. All the smaller companies will rely on the internet in order to sell you their products.

So quit going to you local store for all you acne products. Let the internet help you find all the latest treatments that will get rid of acne in three days or less.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Get Rid of Acne Fast With the Help of All the Latest Treatments Available

Do you hate the fact that no matter what you do you can't seem to get rid of your acne? Are you desperately trying to find an acne treatment that will work for you? If so then today is your lucky day. Thanks to the internet, you are now able to find all the latest treatments that will get rid of acne fast.

There are several companies out there that now understand how to get rid of acne once and for all. Unfortunately the companies that finally understand this are still very small. Since the companies are very small, they can not afford to market their products in all your local stores. For that reason, all these small companies will rely on the internet to sell you the latest products.

These small companies will spend more time and money in research to ensure that they offer the best product. They understand that they can not offer just one type of acne treatment. The biggest thing some of the newer companies understand is that one type of treatment will NOT work for everybody. For every different skin type, you will need a different kind of treatment to get rid of your acne.

The larger companies understand this but don't care. The sell their products to so many people that it will work for enough people in this world to keep coming back. Unfortunately for the rest of the world; they would have to live you life with an acne problem.

So quit waisting your money on medicines that don't work and start to use the latest treatments that will get rid of acne fast.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Get Rid of Acne Fast For Your Holiday Pictures

Are you like most people in this world? If so then you are probably not looking forward to all the holiday pictures. The great news for you is that you do not have to worry about that anymore. With the help of the internet, you will be able to find all the latest treatments that will get rid of acne in three days or less. No longer do you have to be afraid of the holiday season.

It use to be that if you wanted to get rid of acne you had to go to your local store and buy what ever "over the counter" acne treatments they were selling. Because of this, you probably are very frustrated because those products don't seem to work for you. The reason for this is simple. All the "over the counter" treatments are a very basic acne treatment. Since the acne treatments are very basic, they will not work for most people.

What you need to do is find an acne treatment that is made for your skin. The best way to do that is to find a smaller company that will spend more money and time to research for the best treatments. All the smaller companies can't afford to sell their products in the major stores. This is why the internet is very important. All the smaller companies will rely on the internet to sell their products. All the smaller companies will depend on having the best acne treatments in order to keep your business.

So quit waisting your time with all those "over the counter" treatments that don't work. Start to use the latest treatments that will get rid of acne fast.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lose Acne Fast and Get Your Self Esteem Back

Are you tired of not doing things because you are afraid of what people may think about your acne problem. If you are then you are no different than millions of people in this world. The great news for you is that you are now able to use the latest treatments developed that will get rid of acne in three days or less.

In the past, the average person only had two choices that would get rid of their acne. The first option to get rid of acne was to go to your local store and buy what ever "over the counter" acne treatment they were selling. The problem with "over the counter" treatments is that they do not work for everybody. All the "over the counter" products are a very bland treatment. The reason they do not work for everybody is because they are not made for a specific skin type.

The other option some people had was to see their local doctor. Although this was a good method; it was also very expensive. A doctor could give you a prescription that was made for your skin but most people could not afford it.

Thanks to the internet, you are now able to find the latest treatments that are made for your skin type. Since you do not need a doctors prescription, the acne treatments will be very affordable. Now you are able to find products that work like a prescription but cost like an "over the counter" treatment.

So get your self esteem back by using the latest treatments that will get rid of acne fast!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to Get Rid of a Zit in 2 Days - Finally the Key to Getting Back Your Beautiful Looks

There are several different factors that give rise to pimples and acne such as hormonal changes in the body (brought about during teenage, pregnancy and menopause), greasy spicy and fatty foods, chocolates, candies, cold drinks and beverages, dust and environmental pollutants, stress, etc. Pimples and acne leave behind very ugly scars on your skin if you pick, scratch or squeeze them. Therefore, try to treat the zits effectively if you want to prevent them from growing and spreading. If you are wondering how to get rid of a zit in 2 days, then there are several different options that you can try, such as applying topical creams, lotions, using medicated soaps, masks, or application of several other herbal cures or natural home remedies.

Most of the times, you can get rid of a big pimple quickly if you treat it effectively using either Clearasil, Noxzema or any medicated cleansing cream that is easily available over the counter. You can even consider washing your face twice a day with Neutrogena or any other medicated acne soap that will dry out the pimples immediately and also remove the excess oil from your facial pores. There are several other very effective and reliable products meant for treating pimples and acne such as Exposed Skin Care, Clearpores, Acnezine, Vilantae, Murad, Zenmed, Dermapure RX, Actimine, ClearSkin, DermaClear, etc. You can try any of these products, which suits you and which you have already tried out earlier, in order to obtain quite satisfactory results within 2 days.

If you want to know how to get rid of a zit in 2 days, then you can also follow another effective method - exfoliate the skin around the pimple to remove clumps of oil, dirt and dead cells. Using effective antibacterial substance like triclosan not only kills the pimple causing bacteria, but also prevents the pimples from spreading. Using effective anti inflammatory substances such as allantoin eliminates redness and swelling from around the pimple.

You should also learn about using herbal and natural cures because they are much more effective and never show any dangerous side effects. Some of the best ways of getting rid of a big pimple quickly involves -

  1. Dabbing toothpaste, egg white, apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide over the zit dries out the pimple completely.
  2. Apply a paste prepared by grinding fresh fenugreek leaves with water over the zit, keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash clean with lukewarm water.
  3. Apply garlic juice over the zit. The allicin present in the juice will kill the bacteria and the pimple will definitely vanish without even leaving a scar within 2 days.
  4. Make a paste of orange peels with water and apply on the face. Pimples will disappear within 2 days.

Apart from these home remedies, there are several other natural cures is you want to learn how to get rid of a zit in 2 days. However, if your skin in prone to pimples, then it is better to consult a dermatologist and seek his opinion on the course of treatment to be adopted.

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Acne Free Skin in 3 Days - Is it Possible?

If you have had acne and looked for acne treatments online, chances are high that you have come across a website that promises to clear up your acne in just as short as 72 hours! But, the question is, does it really work?

As someone who has had the said problem, I have ventured into many acne cures and treatments which did not only fail me but were also expensive. When I came across the website offering the 3 day acne cure, I decided to try it. So, I ordered and purchased the book. Once again, I was disappointed. The 3 days acne program which promised me an acne-free skin was about a 3-day apple fast. This only means that for 3 days, you have to feed on apples only. Although I knew it would be a tough thing to follow, I gave it a go and began fasting.

The rationale behind the apple fast that it cleanses your body of toxins and especially washes out acne causing toxic materials in the colon. After the period of fast which is 3 days, the toxins are gone and so is your acne. But, as far as my experience is concerned, this is not the case. On the third day, I must say that my skin looked clearer. However, on the week after, the acne was all over my skin again!

With my acne back, I consulted the book again. The instructions have it to repeat the fast once or twice a month. This isn't very appealing to me because when you fast, you are almost drained of energy.

So, my acne was back. But, I still continued my search for a more practical solution and found out that proper diet is the very answer to my quest.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

How to Get Rid of Zits Overnight - Is it Possible?

There are various different methods as far as how to get rid of zits overnight. Many people demand answers and results now, not weeks, months, or even years from now. It's ridiculous to think that someone who is struggling with acne should have to wait years in order for their skin to clear up and start feeling good about who they are. Often times people who suffer from severe acne also suffer from severe depression, which is by no means a coincidence. Many severe acne sufferers feel they can't even leave the house because they are too embarrassed about the way they look, but there is no reason to have to live like that anymore.

When there are so many alternatives and treatments out there, there is no excuse for living with acne. First thing is first, see your dermatologist if you haven't already. Chances are you have spent many many hours in his or her office trying to work with them to come up with a good solution, but nothing seems to come. Unfortunately sometimes the battle against acne is a tedious one, but once you find that acne cure your skin will turn beautiful overnight.

Suddenly people will look at you a different way and the world will finally open up. When all the thousands of tiny pores in your skin are finally completely unclogged and the excessive amounts of oil in your skin vanish and your pimples and zits subside it will be a great day. You can in fact go to bed with acne and wake up with a significantly reduced irritation or no acne whatsoever, this isn't a dream it's a reality. With all the advancements we have made in modern medicine you should never have to believe that it is a myth so keep on trying.

Despite the great things people say about some acne products, I have found that most acne treatments simply did not work for me.

But after years of struggling to get rid of my acne, I finally found something that was able to almost completely cure my acne in less than a week.

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Seriously, stop wasting time and money on treatments that just don't work. It's not worth it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to Make Acne Vanish Overnight - Here is the Secret You Should Not Miss at Any Cost

Having to deal with acne not only affects a person's looks but his/her overall personality as well due to which they have to suffer at several levels. Nothing can be more depressing than waking up every morning looking in the mirror only to realize that your acne condition has gone worse instead of improving. But do you know that there are ways using which you can easily get rid of acne overnight? Read on to discover what these tricks are and achieve earth shattering results fast.....

First make sure that your face is completely oil free- In order to keep it oil free you must make sure that you wash your face as many times as possible throughout the day using a soap which suits your skin type. Some people tend to use very harsh soaps which only cause a lot of irritation. This is the main reason why you must be very picky when it comes to choosing soaps or face washes.

Use a white toothpaste and see the magic- Yes! Toothpaste is known to be one of the best home remedies to get rid of acne real fast. Make sure that you only apply it on the pimple affected area and not the whole face if you want to see some real results. Applying it on the whole face would only cause a lot of irritation and might even harm your skin in the long term therefore be very careful with that.

You will see instant change in the morning- Put on some toothpaste overnight and let it on till the morning. In the morning wash it off with luke warm water and you will instantly see the change on your face. Your pimples would be completely gone and your face would seem clearer than ever before.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

How to Get Rid of Acne Fast? 3 Most Crucial Tips You Must Follow at All Possible Costs

Do you know that acne can be highly devastating if it is not treated at the right time? Some people don't do anything about their acne condition and they feel that letting acne run it's normal course would help them eventually get rid of it but that's not true at all. Acne is not something you can play around with since it can cause serious skin damage in the long run. Read on to discover some of the most important steps you must take right away if you want to get rid of acne.....

Stop eating foods which trigger acne- This is the very first thing you should start doing. Some people just don't have control over what they eat and even when they are dealing with acne they keep on eating all the wrong foods which only triggers further acne growth. You should only stick to food with high fiber content for the time being if you want to see some real results.

Wash your face before you go to bed- This is something people either forget to do or are not in the habit of doing so. You should always wash your face properly before you get into bed as it can lead to some serious breeding of bacteria on your face which would only worsen your already bad condition.

Change pillow covers, towels etc- Do you know that your pillow covers, towels etc are common breeding ground for bacteria which further stimulates acne growth on your skin? You see you constantly sweat while you sleep which breeds bacteria on your pillow covers and clean your face and hands dry everything using a towel which again breeds millions of bacteria. Therefore it is always recommended that you change your pillow covers and towel almost daily.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

How to Get Rid of Acne Over Night - Here is the Mind Blowing Cure Which Actually Works!

Having to deal with acne is one of the worst possible things which can ever happen to an individual. Not only does it affect your overall self esteem where you fear going out but at the same time the worst issue one has to face is whether it will really go away fast or not. There are some overnight acne cures which would help you to get rid of it almost overnight. Read on to discover what these tricks are and achieve mind blowing results fast.....

First put an ice pack on the acne affected area- Make sure your face is completely clean first....Then place an ice pack on the acne affected area and keep it there for about 20 minutes. You see this would help dry out the area.

Use a good quality mud pack on your face- The very next step is to use a good quality mud pack and apply it on your face. Keep it on for about 15 minutes or so and then wash it off with luke warm water. You see by now your face would be completely dry and absolutely clean.

The big trick- Now the next step is to get toothpaste and only apply it on the acne affected area and not the whole face. You see the mistake a lot of people make is that they end up applying toothpaste all over their face which often causes a lot of irritation which might only worsen your case. Therefore make sure you apply it only on the acne affected area and again leave it on for about 15 minutes or so. One point you must note is that you should try to apply a bit of toothpaste on the acne affected area first and see how long it burns. It will burn at the beginning but it should not last more than 10 minutes. You see if it continues to burn for a long time then your skin is highly sensitive and you should not use this. After you are done wash off the toothpaste with luke warm water and by the morning you will have a clear face.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Known Home Remedies For Acne - Test One

So you are looking for known home remedies for acne but don't really want to try something that you don't know is working or even worth trying. This is where I come in. I myself do have acne and before purchasing a magic treatment for it I will try those old very popular home remedies that everybody heard of but not a lot of us try them out.

The first one that comes to mind is applying toothpaste on your pimple and it will dry it out over night. So why not I will try this tonight. I have a pimple on my face at the moment and would gladly get rid of it by tomorrow. The only question will it actually help. Because if it will than we found our magic treatment that you can use every night and wake up with a clean face unless of course another pimple pops out on the other part of your face. But lets just hope that will not happen and give this toothpaste a try. Tonight I will go to bed with a toothpaste on my pimple and see if it will help me get rid of the pimple by tomorrow.

Result: I woke up this morning and my pimple is a little dry on the top but still hearts like yesterday. I can't say that toothpaste completely didn't help but I'm sure that there are much better home remedies for acne that will bring a better result without spending extra cash on those expensive pills and what not. Toothpaste did show a little drying affect but could work better. I'm guessing that I could choose a different toothpaste but there are tons more of home remedies that I could try. Stay with me for more home remedies tests.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

3 Deadly Reasons Why People Get Acne - You Will Never Get Rid of Acne Unless You Know This

So do you know the reasons why you have acne? You see often people think that they are doing nothing wrong when it comes to the matter of their skin but why do they still have acne then? Yes there are some reasons which might be beyond your control but most of the times people get acne because they are doing something wrong and they just don't seem to realize it. Read on to discover what these reasons are and how you should deal with them before it's too late...

Not changing your pillow case or towel- Now this is something most people don't even look into but this can be one of the major reasons why you are having to deal with acne right now. You see pillow case and towel becomes the breeding grounds for harmful bacteria if you don't change it almost every day and that is one of the reasons how people end up getting acne.

Using the wrong kind of makeup- Several females out there have a habit of using make up which is not skin friendly. A lot of people out there use oil based make up which keeps their skin oily due to which their pores get clogged and it becomes a strong breeding ground for acne.

Too much junk food and sweet stuff- This is one of the major reasons why a lot of people out there tend to suffer from acne. If you were to do some research you will always come down to the conclusion that people who have acne have very lousy eating habits and are some what addicted to junk and fried foods.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

3 Most Crucial Keys to Get Rid of Acne Fast - You Should Not Miss This at Any Cost

So are you struggling with acne and trying to find a solution which might work for you? Well the fact is that no magic cream, pill or lotion would work for you unless you are doing all the right things. There are some very crucial things you must take care of at all costs if you really want to get rid of your acne condition fast. Read on to discover what these crucial keys are and get rid of acne stunningly fast........

Wash your hands more than you wash your face- This is one crucial key most people don't even look into. You see it's extremely important to wash your hands more than you wash your face simply due to the reason that a lot of people out there tend to touch their face on a regular basis without even realizing that they are actually touching it. Therefore it is extremely important to keep your hands clean.

Put a mud pack on every day- If there was one thing which would really help with your acne condition then that would be putting on mud pack every day. Not only does it help keep your skin clean and dry but at the same time it would massively help you get rid of all the acne problems you have ever had if you use it on a consistent basis.

Toothpaste works like a charm- This is another home based technique using which you can easily get rid of your acne real fast. For this purpose a normal white toothpaste would do and apply it only on the affect area for about 15-20 minutes and wash it off with mildly warm water. If done correctly you will see the change the very next day but always remember that if your skin is highly sensitive this procedure is not recommended for you since it might cause irritation in the skin.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

The Acne Diet Naturist Treatment

Conventional wisdom is that the root causes of acne are genetic, and that any acne diet naturist treatment will not help. Facts, however, may show otherwise.

The basis of most of the conventional acne treatments we use today stem from two landmark studies completed in 1969 and 1970. The conclusions drawn from these studies found that acne is caused by a hormonal imbalance in our bodies, which is, in turn, caused by a genetic defect. This being the case, and since there is no treatment possible for the genetic condition, our only option was to treat the symptoms.

More recent studies, however, seem to indicate that our diet, or, more specifically, the wrong diet can have a significant impact on acne formation and severity. Furthermore, more in-depth studies and actual clinical trials have shown that , not only were the conclusions drawn from the 1969 and 1970 studies wrong, but that, in fact, the studies themselves were seriously flawed.

Just think about it for a moment. Thinking that substances in the food we eat have no impact on our bodies is absurd! That would be like saying that waves crashing on the shoreline have no impact on the beaches, or, that wind has no impact on the shape of the mountains and canyons. It just doesn't wash!

The fact is, chemicals, hormones, and fats in our food affects our bodies down to the cellular level. This not only negatively impacts our hormonal balance, but also affects the way our body gets rid of toxins, and the excess secretion of toxins on our skin is a direct cause of increased levels of the P acne bacteria, a primary cause of acne.

This being said, it only follows that by altering our diet, and making a few small lifestyle changes, using an acne diet naturist treatment will, in fact, go a long way in helping you achieve an acne free life.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Get Rid of Unwanted Old Acne Scars

Acne is a common skin problem with the people of age between 11 to 30. Even after healing the acne leaves scars on the skin and these scars in turn give an older look to the skin as the skin loses its elasticity with time.

How do I get rid of old Acne Scars?

The old problem of unwanted acne and scars lies even today. They cover the faces of people giving an eclipse to their enthusiasm and youthfulness. This is the reason; scars are loathed by all of us. Individuals seek advice from peers and parents and if nothing works, they take medical advice or go for cosmetic surgery, which is very "in" nowadays. They might be an expensive affair but guarantees a clear and flawless beautiful face.

Types of scars

There are number of treatments for removing acne scars that depends on the type and depth of scars. The hypertrophic and keloid acne scars are formed due to the increased tissue formation due to the accumulation of collagen in the skin. There are also acne scars formed due to the loss of tissue like ice-pick scars, depressed fibrotic scars and atrophic macules.

Things to be avoided

There are a numerous things, which are not healthy for the skin and should be avoided as much as possible. Foods like processed one and refined, oily stuff, beverages like soft drinks, coffee and tea and sugar based products should be said a "big no".

Medicines and experts

In today's times when everything is thought from the perspective of science and chemicals, medical experts advice is really a must go option. They prescribe really effective pills, which help bring clear skin of face into existence.

Cosmetic surgery

It is the innovative blend of knowledge and latest technology, which provides freedom from acne and scars. There are number of treatments available including microdermabrasion, which utilizes very minute crystals in exfoliating dead skin. Actually it works on the principle of removing dead cells, which covers the epidermis or outer skin. This repairs the skin by regenerating cells at a fast rate.

Another method known as chemical peeling implies applying of chemicals on the skin and then inducing peeling so that smoke, old or sun damaged skin gets eliminated, and fresh glowing skin that was hidden underneath comes out. The different kinds of peeling that are given by the experts are superficial, deep and medium peels. They all perform different functions and their positive outcomes can be seen.

Laser technique for treatment

Now a day's laser treatment of acne scars is more popular as this technology includes usage of lasers with different energy and tissue-penetrating power to treat complex scars. The lasers tighten the collagen fibers in the skin and elevate the depressed scars.

Another method of treatment is the soft tissue augmentation that rectifies the scars formed due to the loss of tissue. It includes the usage of subcutaneous fat and collagen injections under the scars so as to elevate the surface of the scars up to the surface of surrounding skin. Beautiful skin is the one that is free from all types of problems. So with advance treatments available, one can always STAY BEAUTIFUL!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Acne Woes

What are the different acne types?

Acne is a common condition affecting the pilosebaceous unit(structural unit of oil glands and hair follicles)in the skin. It can be broadly divided into comedonal(whiteheads and blackheads) and inflammatory(red bumps, Fluid and pus-filled bumps) types. Teenagers have the highest incidence of acne. Adults develop acne too although it is oftern less severe and frequent.

What causes acne?

Excessive oil production (sometimes related to excess male hormones especially during puberty, over-production of hormones by abnormal ovarian cysts and hormonal changes during menses), blockage of oil gland pores, presence of acne-causing bacteria(propionibacterium acnes), and inflammation (cellular reaction of the body to the bacterial action on the oil).

How can we prevent it?

Firstly, underlying conditions causing the acne should be treated. Secondly, it is useful to apply a vitamin A-derivative topical to the skin at night to prevent acne formation. Thirdly, remove excessive oil with soap (preferably containing salicylic acid), toner and facial blotters.

What are the present acne treatments?

Topical medication, antibiotics, oral contraceptive(females only), oral retinoids(vitamin A derivative) and phototherapy.

Phototherapy is a new treatment. Blue light is shone on the inflamed ares. /the light activates the porphyrin present in the acne-causing bacteria, resulting in the release of singlet oxygen to destroy the bacteria.

What are the ingredients in facial products that we should avoid?

Cocoa butter, isopropyl myristate, industrial quality mineral oil, industrial quality petrolatum and vegetable oil are all comedogenic (acne aggravators). Anyone prone to developing acne should only use cosmetics and products that has been properly tested and labeled "non-comedogenic".

Provide some tips on acne skincare.

Some acne cleansers (especially those with salicylic acid) and acne topicals can be drying and somewhat irritating. If one is affected by these, it will be helpful to apply a bland non-comedogenic moisturizer about half an hour after topical medication.

Ladies who use makeup should inform the doctor about what they use, so their doctor can prescribe an appropriate formulation of the topical and advise on the right sequence to apply.

Men who sweat a lot and have oilier skin may need to cleanse their faces more than twice a day. Their acne medication should preferably be in the form of a gel or solution. If the oil is cosmetically disturbing, they can use a mattifying moisturizer about half an hour after applying the acne medication.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Acne Treatment, in a Shell

From the depths of the ocean comes a product that few have considered as a possible treatment for acne. However sitting there in it's shell on the bottom of the ocean, the oyster possesses some remarkable properties that can have a marked effect on the progression of acne and other skin disorders. Fresh oysters are of course delicious but are hard to get and are not to every ones liking. Oyster extract offers a way to get all the benefits without the oral sensation.

The reason for this is because the oyster has very high levels of key trace elements and bioactive enzymes, which can be very useful in the treatment of acne. One of these is zinc. Not just any zinc, like the synthetic zinc supplements one finds in the health food store or pharmacy, but natural, organic, bio available zinc. And not just zinc alone, but zinc with co-factors like copper, manganese and selenium. All bound in protein structures which make them highly bio available.

Do not underestimate the bio availability issue. Zinc uptake is greatest in the jejunum, which is the part of the intestine directly after the stomach. However for uptake to occur the zinc must first bind to active transport molecules. For synthetic zinc this is a problem, but for zinc from an oyster it is not, as that zinc is already bound to these transport molecules and ready for uptake. This raises certain issues about the efficacy of synthetic zinc supplements.

So why is this zinc so important I hear you say eagerly? Zinc plays a key role in almost 300 enzyme reactions in the body. Many of these happen in the skin. For example, zinc enzymes control the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, both of which keep it supple and young looking. For acne sufferers the major issues are the flare-ups and the scarring.

Acne is caused when pores get clogged and sebum production runs riot. The ensuing infection is what causes the redness and soreness. The scarring can be permanent in severe cases. Zinc helps in several ways.

1. Zinc controls the production of vitamin B6. This vitamin in turn helps regulate the production of sebum.

2. Zinc stimulates the immune system to produce thymulin with activates T-cells and T4 helper cells. These can help fight any infections, which might be threatening in an infected follicle.

3. If a flare up has occurred, zinc can reduce scarring as it is essential for new cell growth and it is involved in many enzymes, which regulate tissue repair and tissue regeneration.

So how do you know if you are zinc deficient? The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that up to 80% of Western society may suffer from mild zinc deficiency. It is caused mainly by poor nutrition and certain groups can be more prone than others can. Athletes loose more zinc through sweat than normal people and should therefore be careful about zinc supplementation. Sexually active males, alcoholics and the elderly are also groups that have a higher incidence of zinc deficiency than normal. However poor nutrition and processed foods depleted of micronutrients are the biggest culprits. This is a big problem nowadays as corporate agriculture and corporate food processors are more concerned about profits and less concerned about nutrient availability in the products they create.

The solution is to seek out fresh ingredients and try to have a healthy diet. Think Slow Food not Fast Food. Taking a good zinc supplement is also wise if you suspect you are zinc deficient. Oyster extract is by far one of the best forms of zinc supplement available on the market today. However, beware of cheap products that come from countries with dubious records on environmental quality. Oysters must be grown in clean waters and the process must be conscious of preserving the key elements in high concentrations to be effective.

Some oyster extracts can have 20-30 times less zinc than others as they process the oysters not for nutrient concentrations but for bulk yields and profits. The bulkier extracts can be high in glycogen but low in the micronutrients that can aid acne treatment. Much research has been carried out on zinc and acne and the results are very encouraging. If you wish to try an oyster extract find one that is high in zinc and be prepared to pay that little extra for the extra benefits you'll receive. Lastly, try to remember that oyster extract is not just the best form zinc supplement you can take, it is a whole food supplement that contains 59 trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and omega 3 & 6 fish oils. Quite a big offering from the little oyster.

Stephen Kavanagh is a Marine Biologist and nutrition activist. His company, Gaia Biotechnology Ltd. is developing a range of bio active whole food supplements. To learn more about the most potent oyster extract powder available, zinc deficiency, zinc supplements, the benefits of zinc therapy or to try the product visit:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Acne Cure - Natural Tips That Help Rid Acne in Under a Week

Acne can be a psychologically damaging health condition which destroys confidence and self-esteem, and with the many choices available for treating it, confusion or indecision on what to do can occur. In this article we'll explore some natural tips that you can use to clear up your skin and regain your sense of well-being in a short period of time.

Food - Fried foods and harsh fat or oil based foods are known to cause the excess sebum that leads to acne. For this reason a change in your diet is a good idea and will make a big difference if you currently eat these kinds of foods.

Water - Drinking enough good quality water is another important nutritional requirement for any natural acne cure and so making a good effort to drink 2 liters a day will help tremendously. The water will help flush out impurities from the system that otherwise often end up as acne.

Coffee and Tea - These two popular drinks are diuretics, which means they increase the rate of excretion of water and so can cause chronic dehydration. Limit yourself to one or two cups a day if you're a tea or coffee drinker, and increase your intake of water to make up for the extra water loss these drinks cause. Cutting out tea and coffee can often have profound effects on skin health.

Tea Tree Oil - This natural antiseptic and antifungal is good as a topical application for acne and has shown that it reduces inflammation externally. This helps the skin heal faster and acne won't be as inflamed or cystic when using this topical. Generally topicals aren't worth using and water will usually suffice, but tea tree oil is one of the better ones.

Vegetable Juices - Nutrient intake is an important factor in treating acne from the inside, and one of the best ways to get lots of quality nutrients is to drink vegetable juices. These can be found in supermarkets or you can make them yourself with a juicer and raw vegetables.

Good oils - Hormonal balancing can be attained with the use of fish oils and evening primrose oils. These healthy oils are full of essential fatty acids and one of their primary functions is to help balance hormones. Hormones are a primary cause of acne and so taking these oils can greatly help.

This has been a good summary of some of the more popular natural ways you can clear up your acne, although you may want a more comprehensive natural system.

David Rambai is an ex-acne sufferer and expert on how to cure acne naturally. David invites you to try out his online acne system to get clear skin.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Acne - Why Does it Affect Emotionally?

Acne affects most of the teenagers emotionally. Some of them get so badly affected that they stop making social interactions. They begin hating their face but since they cannot get away from their own face they find themselves in an impossible situation. Every acne specialist advises that acne should not be popped, but almost every teenager pops it. the reason is simple. They want to get away from that ugly spot immediately. Why does acne affect the teenagers so badly?

Was acne an issue in the earlier ages? Is acne an issue in the societies where people still live in primitive conditions? Let us think about that. The desire to look good is inherent in all of us. That's is nature's way of proceeding with the specie. Nature wants that males and females get attracted and produce more of their kind so that the specie survives and grows. The desire to look good is inherited since ages. That is the only way to attract the opposite sex. In modern world the stress on other personality factors is increasing but you will still rarely see a celebrity who does not look good.

We are all attracted towards good things in life. You may be given some food that may be very nourishing but does not smell good. Will you eat that happily? No, because our senses are genetically designed to get attracted towards what pleases them. A beautiful sight pleases the eyes, the ears by a beautiful sound and the nose by beautiful smell. No matter how much we justify the value of things that are not pleasing; we will not get attracted towards them.

That is our reality as an animal. We are all essentially animals and behave the way we have been designed since ages. We cannot change our reactions easily. Our instincts make us behave in a certain way no matter how philosophical we become about that. That is the simple reason why acne affects teenagers so badly. They dislike that instinctively and can not tolerate it.

This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Acne Scar Removal Creams

There are two major contributing factors to the development of acne scars. The first of these factors is the increased amount of tissue that can form around pimples. These scars are often referred to as either hypertrophic scars or keloids. In many cases these scars will get smaller over a long period of time.

The second major contributing factor to the development of acne scars is a loss of tissue at the point of the pimple. This can be caused by the inflamed skin in and around the pimple, which may eventually fall off, or be picked off by the acne sufferer. This can create unsightly crevices or craters in the skin. These do not typically go away on their own. Fortunately science is coming up with new treatments to help remove these acne scars.

Regardless of what caused your acne scars, there are now some advanced acne scar removal creams on the market that can in most cases make these acne scars less noticeable and may in some cases make them disappear. Unfortunately, not all of the products on the market that claim to remove acne scars work. So you must be careful to find reputable products from reputable companies.

If you have acne scars you most likely want to see them go away. So your goal in using acne scare removal creams is to get rid of acne scars. However, do not become so exciting in your quest for acne scar removal as to impetuously purchase an acne scar removal cream that may contain products that will damage your skin or have other side effects. It is best to consult a dermatologist about your acne scare removal cream choices.

Some of the main ingredients you will want to look for in these creams are exfoliants. These an be very helpful in the treatment of acne scars, but only when you do not have an active acne outbreak. Otherwise you should use a cream without an exfoliant.

Some other very beneficial ace scare removal cream ingredients include vitamins, herbs and minerals. Vitamin A is a popular ingredient. Silicone gels are also popular. Be careful to check that the herbs listed are not things that will interact with any medications you may be taking, particularly topical medications.

One ingredient that has proven very effective is Alpha Hydroxy. This works by removing the top layer of skin to expose the layer underneath. This may smooth out your skin.

While there are many Acne Scar Removal Creams available out there, the best results come from knowing proper skin care routine and using the right products. Also, it is not advisable to get into the latest laser treatments thinking it will yield faster results. Be sure to learn more about various Acne Products before trying.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Natural Acne Home Treatments

There are a lot of different acne treatments, some of them natural acne home treatments, some uses different chemicals, some even involve surgery.

However, as the "natural" humans that we are, we most often want something similar, a simple natural acne treatment which we can do by ourselves at home, as being in the comfort of our own home is very important to a lot of us.

And to drill even further down in the natural acne treatments pit, there are even more kinds of different natural treatments for acne.

Today, I'm going to talk to you about one of the simplest of them all, and you've most likely never heard of it.

It's called The Water Method.

Guess what it involves? That's right, water.

For a Natural Acne Home Treatment, this is as cheap as it gets too. You don't even have to leave the house, as long as you have a kitchen with a common sink, I do prefer the bathroom though.

The problem with the Water Method is that it's not the most effective of all methods. But what do you expect? The only ingredient in the formula is WATER!

"Back in the day" when I got rid of my acne, I was, as you probably are, determined not to waste money on some expensive treatments that wasn't guaranteed to work.

Just as I was in my most critical stage and desperate for a solution... I came across two methods at once actually, and I found a way to make them compliment each other perfectly.

Of course, these two methods was #1, The Water Method, and then a, I guess, most powerful solution which was Chris Gibson's Acne Free In 3 Days eBook. So those two combined, was for me the ultimate natural acne home treatment.

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Good Options For Sufferers of Acne

Today, there are numerous acne related products claiming to provide the best treatment for acne. Unfortunately, most acne treatments are either too weak or too strong. To counteract this, consider the following options:

#1 - ClearPores Skin Cleansing System

ClearPores System fights acne from outside and inside. Composed of deep facial and body washes, a herbal supplement and protection creams for face and body, the system works from outside by unclogging the pores and cleanse the skin of dirt and bacteria. At the same time, the herbal supplement supports the body fight bacteria from the inside. This is what makes ClearPores so powerful.

Unlike other acne treatments, ClearPores does not leave your skin shining with excess sebum or dry and swollen. The system also shows remarkable results in eliminating whiteheads and blackheads. It's also proven to help lessen inflammation and rebuild damaged skin cells in order to make skin healthy and smooth.

#2 - ProActiv

ProActiv is actually a widely-used acne treatment, but not as good as advertised.

Using the 3-Step System of cleanser, toner and lotion, it contains a strong ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide that could generate free radicals, which then could damage the skin's structure and cellular DNA, resulting in premature aging of the skin.

Some ProActiv users find that the system really works. It could clear face up pretty quickly, help make face feeling soft and also reduce the appearance of pores.

The cleanser contains exfoliating beads, that unnecessarily exfoliate skin 2-3 times a day (normally, your skin should exfoliate 2-3 times a week) and "the" Benzoyl Peroxide. The toner contains Glycolic Acid and dyes which can dry skin out. The lotion also contains Benzoyl Peroxide. All of the system also has fragrance that can irritate skin.

#3 - Acnezine

Acnezine treats acne using herbal pills and moisturizing cream. It helps get rid of spots, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.

The moisturizing cream contains "the" Benzoyl Peroxide which could cause skin irritation and redness.

The side effects reported with Acnezine are not as abundant as with ProActiv, because Acnezine uses more natural based elements.

There are more treatments available then most people think. Learn more about Acne Treatments
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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Suffering From Acne? 5 Things You Shouldn't Do

You may be well aware of so many techniques as well as countless concoctions that help prevent acne development. However, some of your most common practices may actually be detrimental in your quest for flawless young skin. Since there are different skin types, it is also important to specifically target problem areas with proper preventive measures. Here are some taboos.

1. Do Not Touch Your Face

Always keep your hands to yourself. As much as possible avoid unnecessary touching or wash your hands thoroughly with mild soap and water before attending to your face. Although it is a myth that certain foods like chocolate can cause pimples, your hands can harbor a lot of bacteria, oils and grease that tend to clog up your pores. Wear cotton gloves if you have the tendency to keep touching your face unconsciously when you sleep.

Do not prick your pimples. Instead, use the proper techniques to drain and soothe itches properly. Make sure you bring a clean handkerchief or blotting paper when going out to wipe off sweat and excess oil. Make it a habit to wash your hands after each time you snack or play sports. Cut your fingernails regularly as well to reduce the amount of germs that may be transferred.

2. Do Not Use Too Many Products

Using too many products will increase the likelihood of reaction between substances. A combination of various cosmetics plus anti-acne solutions can also irritate sensitive skin so you may be better off using only 1 or 2 types of cleansers, 1 moisturizer, 1 toner and 1 astringent if your face is really oily. Look for hypoallergenic formulas or avoid alcohol-based products when it comes to masks, exfoliating creams, lotions and the like. Taking in some drugs or medications may also cause systemic and hormonal changes in your body resulting to unexpected outbreaks and unwanted zits. Always read the labels and assess possible side effects.

3. Do Not Treat Frequently

Washing your face too often will change the normal pH and increase the likelihood of bacteria and dead skin cells to accumulate and spread. The skin dries up too much to the point that it becomes dry or flaky. At best, wash your face 2 times daily or 3 times if you have oily skin. When using anti-acne products, be careful about the number of times you apply as well as the amount you put on. It is recommended that you apply a thin coat layer first then add a second coat later on if you need more when it comes to moisturizers and toners.

4. Do Not Scrub Too Hard

Avoid scrubbing your face too hard when washing or scratching your face unnecessarily. Friction can push dirt, dirt plugs and dead skin cells deeper into the pore making it harder for you to extract and treat. Frequent and hard scrubbing can also damage skin cells and tissues which can lead to permanent scars and large pores. Use the tips of your forefinger and middle finger when washing and gently but firmly apply cleansers, toners and moisturizers in rhythmic circular strokes on the problem areas.

Instead of rubbing your skin to dry, use a clean cotton towel to pat areas to avoid friction. Friction also applies to shaving and applying makeup. Be careful about sensitive pores and growing acne that may erupt at any time. Shave along the grain and use shaving cream to protect your skin from nicks and abrasions. It is also a rule to apply makeup gently and carefully.

5. Do Not Leave It All to Mother Nature

Healthy lifestyle habits will significantly improve the condition of your skin since you rid your body of toxins and balance hormones by relieving stress. Make it a habit to consume more nutritious foods rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Dietary supplementation particularly vitamin A, E and zinc can also help you reach your nutrition goals. Exercise regularly and do some form of meditation or breathing exercise 10 minutes everyday. Sleep at regular intervals and aim for 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Keep yourself protected from harmful elements as well by wearing sunscreen, hats, masks and drinking water all the time.

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Beaware Of The Drugs That Can Cause Acne

Acne reactions caused by medications are usually self-limiting, which means they disappear when the drugs are stopped. If the drug must be taken for an extended period of time, the acne or acne like lesions can be treated with the same medications that are used to fight most forms of acne.


Oral corticosteroids are synthetic derivatives of the natural steroid, cortisol, which is produced by the adrenal glands. They're prescribed for a large number of serious inflammatory diseases. They're called "systemic" steroids if taken by mouth or given by injection as opposed to topical corticosteroids, which are applied directly to the skin. Prednisone, prednisolone, and methylprednisolone are examples.

These drugs sometimes produce inflammatory acne lesions consisting of papules or pustules that have a tendency to appear on the chest and/or back (sometimes called steroid folliculitis). They disappear after the medication is stopped. Comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) are generally absent from steroid-induced acne.

This sounds somewhat contradictory, since the oral corticosteroid drugs are anti-inflammatory, and it would appear that they would actually be used to treat acne. If fact, they are used for acne treatment under special circumstances. Sometimes they're used to treat the nodules and scars of acne by injection. Dermatologists prescribe corticosteroids orally for short three-to-five-day, low-dose "bursts" as an "emergency" treatment to wipe out acne for a special occasion (wedding, prom, and so on). They can really wipe out acne fast, but only for short periods of time.

Anabolic-androgenic steroids

Abuse of these hormones can lead to acne and other serious health problems. Besides legitimate medical uses of androgens such as testosterone for hormone deficiencies, widespread use and abuse of these compounds exist, particularly the anabolic- androgenic steroids, as performance-enhancing drugs.

This type of acne is observed in males mainly on their backs, shoulders, and chest, and less often on the face, whereas in female athletes using these drugs, lesions tend to appear on the face as well as on the back and shoulders. An already-existing acne problem may get worse or non existing acne may be evoked.


Androstenedione (andro) is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, ovaries, and testes. Andro made the news after the former baseball player Mark McGwire admitted taking it around the time of his record-breaking home run season. Although ads claim that andro containing supplements promote increased muscle mass, studies have shown that andro poses the same kinds of health hazards as anabolic steroids. The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautions about the risks for young people who take andro: acne, an early start of puberty, and stunted growth.

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)

This hormone, sometimes billed as the "fountain of youth" hormone, is also a steroid hormone, a chemical cousin of testosterone and estrogen. Because DHEA is converted into testosterone, it has been noted to produce excessive facial and body hair, besides causing acne.

Other oral medications

Other drugs that have been observed to have acnegenic properties include:





Certain androgenic contraceptive pills.

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How To Be Acne Free - The Simple But Highly Effective Tips And Tricks To Cure Acne

I know how it feels to have acne because I was heavily troubled by acne too. Acne causes some serious pain and the worse thing is that it makes you look a lot less attractive. One might say, to get rid of acne takes a lot of time and effort. That's partly true. The whole truth to that is that if you know just what methods work on acne, you can then treat your acne and get rid of those zits sitting on your face easily and effortlessly. If you are absolutely clueless on how to get rid of acne, or want to learn some very effective methods to get rid of acne, this article will show you exactly how.

1. Don't Worry About The Acne You Currently Have

This is always the first thing I like to tell whenever people come looking for acne advice. Most people are so tensed up about their acne condition. Maybe you are very frustrated about your acne too. But I want you to relax and think for a moment. Nothing comes overnight without any effort. When it comes to getting rid of acne, it's always better to be realistic and relaxed.

2. Washing your face the proper way.

This is the first step in getting rif of your acne forever. Maintaining the hygiene of your skin will make sure your acne heals faster. Doing so also helps prevent future acne breakouts. The correct way to washing your face starts with choosing the right cleanser. There are generally three types of skin, namely dry, oily or combination. Use only the cleansers that suit your skin type. Also, never wash your face more than three times a day as that will damage your skin texture and cause your acne to heal slower.

3. Topical acne treating methods - Benzoyl peroxide vs Tea tree oil vs Any other solutions

Treating your acne topically, or on the surface, is mainly about killing the bacterias that cause acne. Benzoyl peroxide and tea tree oil do the job with very good results. What about the others such as salicylic acid, sulphur and so on? For your information, they don't work as well as those companies claim them to be. And by the way, most branded and popular acne treating solutions use benzoyl peroxide as their main active ingredient. You can use a cheap Oxy or expensive Proactiv solution, and the results should be very similar. But in terms of treating acne, tea tree oil is really the king. It's more effective and cheaper so make sure you get one from your nearest health store.

4. Carrots

Carrots are great for acne because they contain tons of vitamin A. The lack of vitamin A alone can cause acne and on the other hand, when your body is supplied with enough amount of vitamin A, it's possible to get rid of acne. Red carrots consumed in larger porportion can help you achieve this.

5. Get more fibers - Vegetables and fruits.

Fibers play a very important role in detoxifying your body. Detoxification works on acne because it strengthens the immune system and hormonal system. Getting rid of unwanted toxins from your body also cause your skin to stop working as a detoxifying agent. Acne is one of the many ways your skin use to detoxify your body according to some experts.

6. Zinc is essential for quick acne removal too since it improves your immune system.

7.Curing your acne naturally is better than most conventional treatments.

That is because natural treatment does not cause you an arm and a leg to deliver the results. Most of the time, natural remedies do not cause any serious side effects, unlike most conventional medications. Some of the best ways to get rid of acne naturally include:

  • Detoxification
  • Aloe vera
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Eating more vegetables and fruits
  • Consuming more ginger and garlic

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Acne Explained

Acne, a very common chronic skin condition, is still somewhat of a mystery as to what the root cause is. Most medical professionals believe that it could be attributed to several factors, one of which is hormone levels.

Recent studies show that certain hormones, known as androgens, may trigger the formation of acne because they enlarge the sebaceous, or oil producing glands in the skin which leads to increased sebum or oil production. This increase leads to the formation of plugs and serves as more food for the acne-causing bacteria.

While these hormones are actually present in both men and women, they usually surge at puberty. This fact also explains why teenagers develop armpit and pubic hair, and why boys develop facial hair and deeper voices, other than why acne forms.

Yet another potent cause of acne is the bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes that normally thrive on the skin. These bacteria are responsible for causing the condition to develop. According to some studies, acne develops as these bacteria emit substances that trigger redness and inflammation. They also make enzymes, which then dissolve the sebum or oil into the irritating substances that make the inflammation worse.

the female hormone estrogen also plays a large role in the development of acne, particularly in girls. It is important to note first that a womans monthly menstrual cycle is a result of the changes in the estrogen levels in her body. This can actually explain why this skin condition in a female way get better and then get worse as she goes through her monthly menstrual cycle. One of the beneficial side affects of some birth control pills that contain the helpful estrogens is to help control acne outbreaks.

It is also believed that acne is caused by some genetic factors. Without a doubt it does seem to be worse in some families.

In that respect it is thought that if you have parents or relatives who have bad acne, there is also a great possibility that you too will get it. Considering the genetic factors, many feel that there is no way for you to stop acne outbreaks from occurring.

Other possible causes of acne are stress, cosmetics, medication and diet. These are just minor factors that can cause acne, but many have found that they are aggravators of this skin condition.

Stress and diet, in particular, don't actually cause it to form, but many have believed that these two will potentially aggravate acne and any other skin condition you may have.

Knowing that there is no particular cause of acne, perhaps the best move is to try a few different treatments to see which is best suited to your particular skin type. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatment.

Discover the what you need to know regarding acne care

Friday, May 09, 2008

Acne Homemade Remedies - Some Homemade Remedies to Make Acne Disappear

Like everything else there are Acne homemade remedies, which maybe old wives tales but usually prove more effective than stronger medications. Homemade remedies may be slow to relieve symptoms but are long lasting and less harsh than other treatment.

It would surprise you as to how many acne homemade remedies you will be able to find in your kitchen and how affective they will prove to be. Actually an acne homemade remedy may prove to be much more beneficial than all the medicated stuff you have put on your face and swallowed so far. It is understandable that we have been depending on branded names in cosmetics and skincare products and only look to them for best results; however, it will surprise you that many of the ingredients that are used in these products are available in their original raw form in your own kitchen. So get to work on those acne homemade remedies and see how much better you will feel and look.

Keeping the skin clean and toned is quite a simple task at home; all it takes is for a sliced tomato or lemon to be rubbed on your face both morning and evening and you will see the difference this makes as it closes the pores and prevent infection and cysts from forming on the skin. Some other soothing ingredients are garlic paste and mint juice which can also be used on insect stings and also on grazes and cuts. Other acne homemade remedies include the pulp of raw papaya and orange peels which should be made into a paste and applied on the pimples and infected areas of acne.

Though most of these form the basis of many creams and lotions that are available over the counter, used in their natural form may take a little longer to show results but will be much less harsh on your skin in the long run. Though slow, they will not harm your skin in any way. So if you have tried a lot of medicated products and have not felt much relief, now is the time to get the ingredients from you kitchen to help you with your acne homemade remedies.

This does not mean that all commercially produced products are not going to help you with your acne, it is just that you would rather try out a safer and a definitely cheaper method which will not have any harsh side affects if used over a long period of time. This is what acne homemade remedies are about. So get started and if some thing is missing in your kitchen visit your grocery store right away.

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Acne Cream Treatment - Do Acne Cream Treatments Really Work?

Acne treatments do not work for almost everyone but for some very severe acne problems these creams are imperative to say but the least. A lot of various creams are available both over the counter and by prescription. There are relative pros and cons of each one of them and you should preferably choose them after consulting with your doctor.

1) Benzoyl peroxide is an effective chemical found in some popular medications like Clearasil, Oxy and Proactive Solution. Using this in high quantities can result in dryness of skin so the use should be controlled to avoid any serious side effects.

2) Many OTC medications contain alcohol which when used in controlled quantities can do wonders for treating your acne whereas when used in high amounts, it can also leave the skin extremely dry.

3) Adapalene, sold as Differin, or Retin A (tretinoin), are some of the more powerful medications used for the treatment of severe skin problems. As with every other chemical based cream they also have their side effects which can include scaling or burning of the skin. You could also be allergic to some of these ingredients so it's best to do a patch test first to rule out any such possibilities.

4) Natural supplements with vitamins, minerals and other therapeutic nutrients when taken orally are also known to cure acne completely by getting rid of the various toxins in our body basically responsible for the cause of acne.

The creams listed above can take care of your acne problems but where you have tried almost everything and nothing seems to be working perhaps it is time u paid your doctor a visit. More severe cases generally require a prescription medicine containing an acne cream ingredient like benzoyl peroxide or a supplement ingredient such as Bioperine extract. Using these prescription medicines is the only way out for such cases to avoid further damage to the skin.

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Sensitive Skin and Acne

Many individuals suffer from the effects of sensitive skin and acne. When being evaluated for sensitive skin, many dermatologists determine a set standard or set factors in making an official diagnosis. Reactions, such as acne outbreaks, are one of the major contributing factors in determining this type of condition. Individuals who find that they experience various types of flushing and/or blushing may also have skin that is a bit on the sensitive side. There are many situations in which skin may exhibit a severe dryness that results in skin reactions to basic, every day products. However, most who suffer from this skin complication are quite prone to developing acne - mild to severe.

Treating Sensitive Skin and Acne

There are many different products that one may purchase when it comes to treating acne that is a direct result of sensitive skin. However, it is absolutely vital to understand that not all acne products will be appropriate for every single person with this issue. Just as we are not created equally, these over-the-counter skin care treatments are not created equally. No one person should assume that just because a product worked for one that it should work for them. There are many different reasons why this type of situation occurs. These possibilities are listed below:

• First, we are all different. This means that each of us have a different chemistry when it comes to our skin. While skin is basically the same all in all, we all have different pore sizes, our skin oils produce at different rates, and we all consume different types of diets. All of these factors can play an important role in whether or not we have sensitive skin that is acne prone.

• Secondly, we are all exposed to many different environmental conditions. One may be exposed to a certain chemical while working, while other may be subjected to complex atmospheric pollution. One person may reside in a cool climate, while another may live in an area that is relatively humid. Weather and environmental conditions may play a vital role when it comes to the overall sensitivity of our skin.

• Third, we all use different types of products on our skin. These products include cosmetics, cleansers, creams, moisturizers, peels, and more. We all have the potential to react in many different ways when exposed to certain chemicals and products such as soaps that we clean with, shampoos that we use, and even products that we use to clean our clothes with!

As you can see, we live in a world full of diversity. This is why it is often difficult to discover an effective acne treatment that is suitable for everyone. When trying to discover an acne solution for sensitive skin, it is very important to set up an appointment with a licensed dermatologist. These individuals will carefully evaluate the complications that you are facing in order to determine the best treatment choice for your particular skin type, as well as one that will be compatible with the many things that you are exposed with.

Diet and Natural Treatments

While each of us differs in many ways, there is one thing that holds true - a diet and natural treatments can be extremely beneficial when you suffer from sensitive skin and acne. When possible, it is always considered appropriate to consume raw, whole foods that are cultivated in a natural manner. This means that harsh and potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides were not used when processing foods in gardens and on farms. You will be consuming the purest foods with no impurities that can result in skin outbreaks. Furthermore, consuming natural waters can also be extremely beneficial in treating this type of acne. Seeing that the oils and other substances that keep the skin intact are created by water, it is only appropriate that the more water you consume, the better. Furthermore, using clean, fresh water to clean the skin - with no harmful chemicals - can also be relatively productive when dealing with sensitive skin and acne.


Sensitive skin and acne has proven to be quite a challenge to many individuals across the nation. It is actually one of the most common skin conditions that many face. However, it is quite possible to resolve this problem by working with a professional dermatologist and focusing on a healthy diet of raw, whole foods that are cultivated in an organic manner. Furthermore, consuming a steady amount of pure water and cleansing with straight water and no chemicals can also provide relief to acne sufferers who have sensitive skin!

Pat Dee is the author of 7 Top Secret Home Acne Cures That Doctors Won't Tell You About. Your Can get a free copy by visiting her web site at Find out how you can can win the fight with acne and learn about the Best Acne Treatment and read more on skin care atAcne Product Reviews a web site that reviews all the acne products on the market.

Pat Dee is a work at home Mother that won her fight with acne. She can be reached on her blog at the above address.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

3 Ways to Zap Body Acne

If you are suffering from body acne (below the neckline), do not feel embarrassed or alone. Many teenagers and adults experience some pimples on their bodies from time to time. It is common during the Winter months when we are wearing lots of heavy, constricting clothing. Tight fitting clothing traps sweat against the skin, leading to clogged pores. Body acne most often occurs on the chest and back.

Acne Strikes Almost Everyone

Acne is a disease of the skin and the term is used to includes blemishes, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Acne is most common during the teen years but can strike at any age. Estimates say that 85% of us will experience some acne in our lifetimes. Effective treatment is difficult for some but preventive maintenance is always your best bet. Although acne isn't life threatening it can be uncomfortable and hard on your ego.

The Good News

The good news (if there is any) about body acne (as opposed to acne on the face) is that, because the skin tends to be tougher and it can be covered by clothing, you can be much more aggressive in your treatment of outbreaks.

3 Ways to Zap Body Acne

  • Use all the preventive measures you can learn to stop the outbreaks before they start. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, avoid fatty and oily foods and, most importantly, drink plenty of water. The Western diet seems tailor-made to produce acne with its abundance of fast food and very little fresh. Add that 90% (by some estimates) of us are under-hydrated, and it's no wonder our skin suffers.

    Add a multivitamin with zinc and some form of antioxidant to your diet for even better results.

    Wash your body daily with a salicylic acid based cleanser. Look for this ingredient on product labels.

  • Most of us like to keep ourselves clean and we do a pretty good job of it. But to really avoid acne we need to do better than "pretty good". Make it a habit to wash aggressively several times a day; especially in the morning, after exercise or physical activities and before bed.

    Use only mild soaps and avoid soaps that contains petroleum based products and animal based ingredient for this causes your skin to get dry and irritated.

    As state above, on your body you can afford to be more aggressive. Get a body brush or loofa and use them to really scrub your skin. But, be careful not to scrub too hard and cause irritation.

    Don't forget to frequently clean and change your brushes, wash rags and any other grooming item you use on your body.

  • If an outbreak does occur, continue to follow your good grooming and washing habits and add in an acne fighting cream or gel. There are many good ones on the market. Experiment and find the one that works best for you.

    Since the affected area can be covered with clothing, you can apply the treatment liberally and frequently.

Body acne is different from facial acne in several ways and treating it is different. But one thing is the same with both of them. You don't want them! Practice preventive maintenance, treat outbreaks aggressively and knock out acne!

Mark Hester runs the website where you can learn many more effective strategies for fighting, curing and, more importantly, preventing acne. Acne affects 85% or more of teenagers and can continue well into adulthood. Visit today for aggressive treatments and advise for acne prevention.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Be Free from Acne in 3 Days! Is It Possible?

Acne problems are taken by people seriously especially when these acnes are very apparent and are irritating. And to answer the said problem, a lot of over the counter product like lotions, creams, pills, sea salts, and mud packs are purchased by millions. For those who are desperate enough to get the acne out of their faces and gain their confidence back, they go to a dermatologist and undergo expensive treatments. All this is done in order for them to have a smooth silky face, as if they did not experience any break out at all.

Chris Gibson, an acne sufferer for years, has found a way to get rid of acnes in as fast as three days. The book that he is offering was based from his experience of battling with his own acne problem. It does not involve any over the counter lotions, creams, pills, sea salts, and mud packs.

It guarantees to eliminate most, if not all of your acne in just 3 days, be confident again and do what you have always wanted to do without the embarrassment caused by acne. You can get back into living your life without fear and anxiety caused by the dreaded skin condition.

Chris Gibson has done numerous guest appearances to share his new book that teaches different easy to do solutions that you can do at home to get rid of acne. And this book has been tested and proven by numerous buyers of his book, as they have proven his solutions to be true and effective. The hard bound book of Acne free in 3 days can be bought on his site on a promo price of $39.95 that also comes with a free e-book version. It aims to give long lasting results even a dermatologist cannot give. Together with this, he is throwing 7 other personal improvement strategies such as weight loss programs to make your change complete.

Acne Free In 3 Days

Friday, April 18, 2008

Blemish Acne Cream - Use It To Clear Up Your Skin

Acne can be a frustrating and embarrassing thing for anyone to experience. I had personally struggled with it for years with little success at treatment. I eventually found a reliable treatment that worked for me and the rest is history. My skin is now clear and I have my confidence back. I achieved success with blemish acne cream that fought bacteria and thus cleared my skin.

There are literally hundreds of different acne products available on the market. The skin care industry is huge and it can be confusing trying to pick out a reliable product to use.

I recommend products that are made with natural ingredients. There are many blemish acne cream products out there that use ingredients such as dandelion root, aloe vera, and yellow dock just to name a few. These have all been used for many, many years in natural skin care treatment.

When looking to purchase a blemish acne cream, you should try to purchase a package that includes other things such as a face wash and even a skin care supplement. These creams are rarely sold individually so you will likely have to purchase a full package anyway. When looking to purchase a skin care package, make sure to read a review of the product and see if the product website has testimonials from happy customers. If other people have seen the product work, you should be pretty comfortable with making a purchase.

Also, you will want to look for a product that has had some medical research done on it. If a product is reviewed and endorsed by doctors, it is likely a quality skin care product.

These are just some basic things to think about as you look for a blemish acne cream. The key to finding a good product is knowledge so make sure you read a product review before you buy anything. Clear skin is something that can be achieved if you approach it correctly.

Nate Damm is well educated on skin care products. Check out his Clear Pores Review to read about a great skin care product with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

His web page, covers ways to treat acne.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Now How Do I Get Rid Of My Acne Scars?

Finally you say. I have finally overcome the acne battle by caryying out proper research and using the right products. Now the last hurdle, how to get rid of those acne scars and have a skin tone I can be proud of.

The techniques you use to treat your acne scars will depend on the severity of the scarring and how much of your face the scarring covers. It is important that you consult your doctor or dermatologist about the variety of remedies that are available for your particular type of acne scarring. If you choose the wrong type of acne scar treatment, you may end up doing more damage than good.

Listed here are some different acne scarring remedies you may wish to discuss with your doctor or dermatologist:

• Augmentation: The acne scars are injected with collagen or fat to lift them to the same level as the rest of the skin and thus making them less noticeable.

• Punch Technique: This surgical technique is done under local anesthesia. It uses a punch tool to get rid of the scar. The surrounding skin is then stitched back together, resulting in a much less noticeable scar.

• Subcision: This technique uses a needle to break up the fibrous bands that cause some sunken acne scars. It lifts the acne scars to the same level as the rest of the skin.

• Dermabrasion: A fast rotating brush is used to remove the top layer of facial skin and acne scars. Dermabrasion is effective but is often painful and may also require a longer recovery time. It is very useful for raised acne scars.

• Laser Resurfacing: This method is very popular and uses lasers to remove the top layers of skin and allows new skin to grow over the acne scar. It is important to carefully follow a post-laser skin care regimen to ensure the acne scars do not return.

• Chemical Peel: A chemical solution is put on the skin. It causes the old, scarred skin to blister and peel off and new skin to replace it. This may be a good option if your acne scarring is not that bad.

The acne scar removal methods listed above are only a small number of those that are available on the market today. All of the acne scar removal techniques have different degrees of invasiveness and follow up obligation. Once you have chosen which acne scar removal treatment is best for you, you need to take into account which one is best for your type of scarring, the cost of the procedure, the invasiveness of the procedure and the follow up commitment for that procedure.

Acne scars are not something that you have to live with anymore. In today's advanced medical environment there are a lot of options available to you that can give you a brighter and healthier looking face and complexion. Remember it is important to conduct thorough research and check with your doctor or dermatologist to ensure you have made the right decision. You do not want to make the wrong decision which will in turn make the situation worse.

Nigel is a successful webmaster and publisher of a Natural Skin Care website. This site features articles and information about acne scar removal and cystic acne. You can also get a free report on Facial Skin Care Secrets.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Don't Give Up On Finding Effective Acne Medications

You may have lost heart in you struggle to find acne medications which will rid you of your existing problem and spare you al lifetime of embarrassing acne scars. But there are both non-prescription commercial and natural acne medications which can effectively clear up your acne. Over-the-counter facial cleansers, especially those with exfoliating properties, are terrific at eliminating accumulated oil and skin debris which can promote acne. Natural acne medications include lavender oil, lemon juice, tea tree oil, and a simple mix of sea salt in distilled water. When used correctly, they can relieve inflammation and dry acne pimples.

Acne Medications: Retail and Natural Zit Fighters

Acne is one of those highly visible conditions which, because it can lead to permanent scarring after the initial inflammation has subsided, causes a huge amount of embarrassment and emotional turmoil. Many acne sufferers become depressed or have crippled self-esteem, and the saddest part of the situation is that there is usually prescription, commercial, and natural acne medication which can not only clear up an existing case of acne, but prevent future ones.

You will, of course, have to get the prescription acne medication from a dermatologist or other doctor; but there are some excellent acne treatments available without a prescription at pharmacies and retail shops, and if you can locate the ingredients, you can even go the natural route and prepare your own acne medication.

The Best Retail Acne Medications

If you want to narrow down your choices when looking for acne medication at your local pharmacy or retailer, stick to the products with the best reputations: PrePerfect Strips from Biore; Deep Pre Refining Scrub form Lancome's Deep Focus line; and Steep Cleansing Milk from Bliss. The extra effectiveness of all these products comes from their exfoliating properties. By eliminating the excess oils and layers of dead cells which can accumulate on your skin's surface, they reduce two of the conditions which can lead to the development of acne.

Clinique and Olay also offer some excellent facial masques and moisturizers, ideal as acne medications because they are oil-free. Look for the Deep Cleaning Mask from Olay's Daily Facials Intensives, and the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel from Clinique. And Proactive has an entire acne treatment system.

If you are so embarrassed by your acne that you hate having to go out in public unless it is absolutely necessary, you can order acne medication on the Internet.

Going Natural

But if you're someone who would prefer to use natural acne medication to a commercially manufactured one, you can get some excellent results by preparing your own. as long as you can find the correct ingredients. Many people have had good results from home acne medication, which contain the same herbal oils and natural substances that have been used to treat a variety of conditions for centuries.

Lavender oil, which is used in aromatherapy for its relaxing effects, is great for relieving the discomfort of inflamed acne pimples. Tea tree oil or sea salt mixed with sterile water applied to acne pimples will help dry them out; simply cleanse your face with a gentle acne soap, and the rinse it with the sea salt and water mix. You can make sure the water is as clean as possible by booing and distilling it before adding the sea salt.

You can follow by first gently applying fresh lemon juice to your skin, and then wiping it with glycerin. If you like, you can finish top off your routine with a splash of benzyl peroxide, but you may not need to because your acne pimples may have already dried out.

You can experiment with any of these home acne medication techniques until you find the ones which are most effective for you. And you don't need to worry about irritating your skin even further, because the natural substances you are using have been proven safe and gentle for hundreds of years!

You can also find more info on your acne scar removal options and acne products. is a comprehensive resource to get help about beauty.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Acne Solutions - Choosing Your Ideal Acne Solution

There are so many acne solutions to consider when want a smoother and fresher-looking skin. You may choose to use home treatment approaches with herbs and other natural products, or prefer the aid of a professional using more advanced and technological methods.

Going to a skin doctor for acne solutions also tend to be more expensive; but remember, there is no single absolute cure for pimples and you have to find the best way that works for you.

Acne is a type of infection so the most simple acne solution is to keep it clean to help prevent further spread and skin damage. Wash your face with baby soap and water, rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Never prick and scratch at your pimples using your hands or any other device to avoid permanent scarring. They should reduce in size and disappear after a few days.

You may also want to use a mild cleanser and facial scrub to exfoliate dirt and old skin cells and unclog skin pores. It is only a myth that eating certain foods can aggravate the condition. The main idea with foods is to keep grease and oil from coming into contact with your face since these can enter skin pores and cause breakouts.

Professional help will come in useful for more severe cases of acne. Experts will first observe the type of acne you have in order to recommend the best acne solutions. You may be prescribed astringents, creams or ointments which help reduce inflammation as well as keep your skin clean and dry.

Other dermatologic procedures may also be done which incorporates laser beams, injections and other surgical techniques for a more direct approach and immediate fresh and new skin cells. Choose the acne solution that well suits your skin type and budget.

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Will This Little Device Take the Place of Acne Laser Treatment?

For many people who find that home remedies and over the counter acne treatments are ineffective, another option that comes into the picture is acne laser treatment. A laser beam is used on the surface of the skin to treat the acne problem and it helps to shrink glands that produce sebum as well as control P. acne bacteria as well. However, this is a treatment that is effective for only some of the people who try it. There are some benefits to acne laser treatment, but a new treatment for acne has emerged that just may take the place of laser treatment - the zit zapper.

What is a zit zapper?

So, you may be wondering what the zit zapper is. Well, basically it is a type of heat therapy that is used to treat acne from your own home. It is a device small enough to be held in your hand. Of course, the device comes with a fairly heavy price tag, which makes it one of the most expensive treatments out there today. However, it does have a special heat shock response that helps to heal zits from the inside out.

Why is the zit zapper a Better Choice?

With the emergence of the zit zapper, many people are wondering if it is a better option than acne laser treatment. Well, there definitely are some aspects of the new treatment that make it a better choice than the laser option. First of all, though the zit zapper may be expensive at first, once you have it, you can continue to use it as often as you need to. However, when you go for laser treatments for acne, you will have to continue with your sessions until your acne goes away, which will continue to cost you for each treatment. So, in many ways, it is more economical to go with the zit zapper for your acne treatment needs.

Which Treatment Works the Best?

One of the main questions that people have when it comes to acne laser treatment and the zit zapper is which treatment will work the best. Well, that really depends on the person using it. Both treatments have proven to be quite effective; however, neither of them work for everyone. So, you will probably have to experiment with both of them to find out which treatment really works for you.

So, will the new zit zapper take the place of laser therapy? Well, probably not anytime soon. While it is proving to be a great home treatment for those who do not want to go with acne laser treatment, it has not shown that it will work for everyone. However, if you are looking for home treatment options that will save you from paying for laser treatment over and over again, the zip zapper definitely is an excellent purchase that shows great potential for treating acne.

Terry Price is a regular contributor to, which is an informational website offering support and reassurance for people dealing with zits, and looking for an alternative to acne laser treatment.