Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why A Simple Two Part Treatment Gets Rid Of Your Pimples

There is nothing about our physical appearance that can have such a detrimental affect like acne can. Neither is there anything about how we look that can have such a negative impact on our attitude, confidence or how outgoing we are. Clear, silky skin is a sign of a healthy, youthful person. This has been embedded into our subconscious through countless years of evolution and why we find people that possess beautiful skin to be so much more attractive.

Unfortunately pimples are not something we can hide. We communicate with other people face to face. We watch people's facial expressions to better understand their communication. With acne it's right there on our face, literally, for everyone to see.

Life sure doesn't seem fair to those of us that have to constantly battle acne while others have natural, silky smooth skin. Fortunately acne is something we have the ability to change through simple methods.

The simple way to get rid of your pimples is to use a method that incorporates both an external and internal acne treatment. Most acne treatments consist of only a topical cream. This is like trying to do something only halfway. You need something that treats the acne from both outside and inside your body. Something that uses a topical cream to fight the acne from outside and pills that fight the acne from inside your body. Since acne starts below the surface of your skin where creams can't reach the pills have the ability to cure the acne before it even reaches the surface of your skin.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to Get Rid of Pimple Scars - Fast Sure Tips That Will Make You Acne Free

Pimples and scars often are a troublesome condition owing to the allergy and the irritation caused on the skin. Apart from this pimples often leave marks and scars on the skin that account for unhealthy looks of the skin. But the good news is that it is possible to get rid of the pimple scars. Various acne serums or creams are available in the market that can certainly help get rid of the pimple scars. The primary thing one must understand is that the pimples are caused due to overproduction of serum by the oil glands. Thus, it becomes essential to remove the excess oil from the face by regularly washing the face with cold water or lukewarm water.

Now, Vitamin E is good for the skin. Massaging the skin with some Vitamin E oil will bring a lot of relief from the pimple scars. The skin responses very well to the Vitamin E oil and regain its lost luster and tone. The best way is to massage this oil in a circular fashion on your face so that it is well absorbed by the skin. Almond oil and jojoba oils also bring in the desired results. They fuel up the healing process of the scar. Other conventional treatments include using the Alpha Hydrox creams. These creams contain a defoliator - alpha hydroxyl acid that is effective for treating scars.

Additionally, one can even try using some lemon or aloe vera gel that can presumably lead to a total disappearance of the pimple scars. Also, lemon contains citric acid, which helps in the growth of new skin cells. Thus, even drinking lemon juice is beneficial for reducing the pimple scars on the face.

If the problem still persists, dermabrasion or laser surgery can be tried. This surgery involves peeling off the skin that has scars and then facilitating the growth of new skin cells. The new skin is naturally fresh and healthy looking, and devoid of scars or any marks. Even chemical peel method has proved out to be successful for some. In this method, a solution will be applied to the affected areas. This solution will finally promote the peeling off of the dead skin, finally setting the stage for the new skin's growth.

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Proven Home Remedies for Pimples - How to Cure Acne at Home

Pimples can be an eye sore and no one likes them. Yet, acne is a very common problem and what is worse is that some pimples can refuse to budge. There a lot of remedies and treatments for curing pimples. While some of them can be effective others can be a sheer waste of time, effort and money.

Here are some home remedies for pimples:

1. Using a Raw Potato

I am sure you love potato chips but have you ever considered using a raw potato to cure pimples. Fact of the matter is that a raw potato can be used to dry up the pimple. Just cut a section off a raw potato and apply it to the pimples. It not only dries up the pimple but also helps cure acne scars.

2. Using Lemon Juice

This is another remedy and it can be a part of your face wash regimen. It helps you clean your face without causing excessive dryness. It is important to keep in mind that a harsh face wash can strip your face off its natural oil and make your skin dry. This turns out to be counter productive since it makes your skin produce more oil which further worsens acne.

3. Cool Cucumber Paste

Cucumber paste can help clear your skin of all the excess oil. This can be a great way to treat acne.

4. Mint or Strawberry leaves

These fruits can also be highly effective in reducing the impact of pimples or zits. Just make a paste of the leaves of mint or strawberries and apply them to the pimples on your face.

5. Try Orange Peel and Water

Orange peel is highly effective in curing acne scars. Just mix orange peel with water and make a paste. Apply it to your face twice or thrice a week. It will not only help you get rid of acne scars but will also help your skin revert back to its natural pigment.

The success of such home remedies, however, varies from person to person. While they can be highly effective for you, they might not be as effective for someone else.


Acne is not a skin deep problem. There are many factors at play. Your overall health and nutrition can play an important role in curing such pimples. People who consume oily or greasy foods find it harder to cure pimples since excess oil can aggravate the situation.

Not only this, oil based makeup can also worsen the situation.

Though there are many acne ointments and spot creams, curing pimples requires a complete solution that not only aims to cure pimples topically but also tackles the problem from the inside. This is important since your hormones are at play in acne breakouts.

The best acne treatment is a complete solution that tends to treat the problem inside out. It not only helps clean your skin pores off the dirt and closes them after cleansing so that not more dirt can get in there in which bacteria can thrive.

Not only this, it can also help your clear your system all the toxins that accumulate over time. This is why green tea can form an intrinsic part of such a complete acne solution.

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Best Available Acne Treatment Products

There are a lot of acne treatment products available at your fingertips. Most people who suffer from acne are not aware that different products are more or less effective with different levels of acne severity. Furthermore, it can be costly trying multiple products. Here's a tip, before you decide on treating your acne with all of the harsh chemical ingredients in store-bought products, we recommend that you exhaust all of the possible natural acne treatments first. Here's how you do it.

First and foremost, keep the affected skin area clean. Your goal is to remove excess sebum, which is an oil produced by the sebaceous glands (glands in the skin) that prevents hair and skin from drying out. Some people go through stages where their sebaceous glands are overactive, which can cause acne. By keeping excess sebum from clogging your pores, you can reduce the occurrence of inflammation. Inflammation typically occurs when bacteria colonizes the lining of the hair follicles, along with dead skin cells and excess oil. This inflamation is is the beginning stages of acne.

If the inflammation persists despite your efforts to keep the infected area clean, then it may be wise to seek the help of acne treatment products. Acne products can come in the form of acne cream, acne soap, and acne cleanser to name a few. If you choose to use acne products to help treat your acne, we selected a few of the top performers for you.

One of the best available products on the market is Exposed Skin Care extra sensitive skin. It works on three ways. First, it kills and removes bacteria that had accumulated deep into the acne lesions. Second, it exfoliates, removing the old skin. And third, it works to renew the skin, what Exposed calls the the maintenance phase.

Another line of acne treatment products that come highly recommended are Zenmed products. Zenmed productst promote overall purification. The product does not only treat the skin's exterior, but it helps in boosting the body's ability to fight against acne and get rid of the blemishes from within. The herbal capsules work within the body to supplements the body's proper regulation of hormone levels, as it cleanses the liver and the endocrine system. Zenmed also includes cleansing and maintenance gels that work as facial acne cleansers.

A third acne treatment product that we consider a top pick is Dermajuv. Dermajuv eliminates acne causing bacteria with the use of Reservatrol, a very effective anti-inflammatory. Aside from eliminating bacteria and swelling, Dermajuv also nourishes and soothes inflamed and damaged tissues. Chamomile and Aloe ingredients effectively prevent the onset of acne scars.

Be smart about the way you approach getting back your acne free skin. Wash twice a day and try to keep the skin free of excess oil. If that doesn't work choose acne products that work for you. The three products we think can be effective for anyone are Exposed Skincare, Zenmed, and Dermajuv. Purchasing Acne Treatment Products can be done at your local pharmacy or you can even have them conveniently delivered to your own home.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Get Rid of Acne and Pimples Fast - 4 Natural Ways Guaranteed!

Despite the fact that there are some technologically formulated and chemically branded acne skin care products in the markets, people still prefer to use simple but natural products which can be found in their gardens and environment to get rid of acne naturally as opposed to those "Wonder Products." This is because these naturally prepared formulas are by means far better and more effective in the cure of acne than those conventional products that cause more harm than good. Majority of these natural products are so easy to get and do not cost much. It does not require much time to put them together. Some of the natural ingredients that are not within reach can be got at a local food health store.

Some of the natural ways to get rid of your acne and pimples fast are highlighted below:

For natural cure, make herbal extracts of sarsaparilla roots, Cleavers known as goose grass, bitter dock known as yellow dock and burdock. Blend them together and make a liquid form of these herbs. Mix with water or fresh juice. If you like add a little honey to it. Take one teaspoon in the morning and night for least 2 weeks. This will clear the acne fast. It also helps to purify the blood stream and lymph.

If you have cystic acne, you can apply Tea Tree oil to the infected area. This soothes and reduces the inflammation and cure the acne and pimples fast.

Another method you can use is to blend fresh tomatoes with cucumber. Apply the blended paste on the affected area of the skin and leave it for at least 10-15 minutes, both morning and night.

Rose water steep with leaves of strawberry is beneficial in the cure of acne. It is also suitable as a skin tone. It gets rid of acne and pimples problem fast.

The above methods are some of the methods that you can use to get rid of acne naturally. If you are not sure of how to go about those methods as mentioned, please consult herbal experts for proper guidance. Remember, it may take some time to achieve result but with perseverance and consistency you shall surely overcome your acne problem. Natural treatments take time but far much better.

Read more about the only holistic ways that get rid of acne naturally without compromising your tender skin.

Now that you have known some tips, you should know the specific methods and the kind of work-outs that produce result. You can learn a lot more and get FREE resources at that will help you to know how to cure acne at home.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Honey For Skin to Heal Acne

Usage of honey for skin to clear blemishes and to cure acne is an effective natural skin care used in traditional regimen. Manuka honey for skin is very beneficial because it works as an anti-bacteria, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory for the skin.

In this article, I'm going to share with you on how to use Manuka honey for skin to treat acne and blemishes. There are 3 popular ways to use honey for skin, which includes cleanser, face mask and spot treatment.

Honey is a very gentle cleanser to the skin and due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can be use on even sensitive skin without causing any irritation. As a cleanser, you can use the honey as a face wash cleanser and even as a makeup remover.

Manuka honey can be used as a face mask to remove impurities, to give the skin a healthy glow and to prevent from premature aging.You can use the honey like any face mask paste and apply for 10 to 20 minutes. As a natural ingredient, you can use Manuka honey for skin mask everyday.

As a treatment ingredient, you can also use the honey for skin to treat acne and blemishes. Just dab it on the acne spots and leave it overnight.

Benefits of the honey is aplenty and it is also a versatile natural ingredient. You can choose to make a diluted mixture by mixing with water to wash your face. That way, it will not be sticky and leaves a nice light honey scent on your skin.

Manuka honey is derived from a type of tea tree plant that originated from New Zealand. If you are interested to use Manuka honey, then remember to check the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF), a measurement of its anti-bacteria strength level. As recommended, look for UMF of at least 20. Manuka honey for skin care is one of the popular product many people use and also provide many benefits. It is an effective cleanser, exfoliator, mask and spot treatment.

Natural methods and ingredients are effective ingredients to treat acne and other skin problem. Natural ingredients have properties that helps to heal the skin except without any side effects.

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SkinB5 Vitamin B5 Tablets

Topical Acne Treatments

Most people who have had problems with acne have a lot of experience with topical acne treatments because these are the products you find advertised on TV and in magazines. These are also the products you tend to find lining the shelves of stores.

If you're reading this article right now then I will assume that your experience with these products has been similar to mine. They do not work. In my experience the only thing they do successfully is turn my skin red with irritation. They are not very effective at clearing acne and they have virtually no effect on the recurrence of acne.

SkinB5 Vitamin B5 Based Acne Treatment

SkinB5 time release tablets work in an entirely different way from these surface level pimple fighting products. Instead of trying to fix acne at the skin level (when it's actually too late to do much good) it works within the body to stop acne at it's source.

It does this primarily with Vitamin B5 which has been shown to be effective at decreasing the production of oil inside the body. This is important because it's the overproduction of oil inside the body that is responsible for acne in the first place.

So if you can stop this overproduction of oil, not only does it help to clear up the acne problems already on your skin, but it also helps prevent any new breakouts from occurring.

The Importance of Time Release

Vitamin B5 is a water soluble vitamin which means that if you take it without a time release mechanism that your body will not be able to make proper use of the B5. It will simply pass through your body mostly unused.

This is the primary reason why SkinB5 is so much more effective than just taking Vitamin B5 on it's own.

Additional Ingredients

The time release quality of the SkinB5 tablets is a huge part of why it's so successful, but it's not the only reason. There are also additional ingredients such as Vitamin B12, Biotin, Vitamin A, and Zinc which help to make it even more effective than using Pantothenic Acid (another name for Vitamin B5) on it's own.

Friday, July 16, 2010

How to Get Rid of Acne in Natural Ways

Removing acne in natural ways is the wish of acne sufferers. They desperately want to overcome the awkwardness of having acne and look forward to to look handsome in their social life.

No one is able to pay no attention to the significance of the value of our face. The truth is good-looking persons always take more advantage of their better looks. On the other hand, we have acne and we are dating, the first awkward thing is getting rid of acne and hope we can look attractive before the person we love.

So are you suffering from acne? Are you spending a lot of money on chemical remedy? Do you plan to apply a natural way to get rid of acne? Hope to get rid of acne at home? In fact the greatest acne treatment on the earth is right in your home. The physician is exact within you.

The most helpful natural way to get rid of acne of all times is: drink over 8 glasses of water a day. Hydrating your body will help you wipe out toxins. Care your body and love your skin.

Do not clog your pores: Ensure that you do not leave makeup products on your skin as it contributes to clogging your skin pores, causing more pimples and blackheads. Do not sleep with make-up on and keep your hair away from your face for hair contains oil that can create breakouts to your skin.

Have a wash your pillow case and towels. They are absorbent and they absorb even acne-contributors too. Last of all, never prick your pimples for the fingernails are dirty.

Eating healthy food is a natural way to get rid of acne since when you have acne you should clean yourself not only outside but also inside. It would really help if you reduce your greasy or fatty food intake. Eating food rich in fiber is a therapy to get rid of acne. Moreover, in order for you to maintain a healthy skin, eating food that is considered anti-oxidants would matter a lot. Food rich in Vitamins A, B and D and those high in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, chloride, magnesium, zinc, iron and sodium is good to get rid of acne.

When you maintain a diet which is high in beta-carotene and zinc, it would also be of help not only prevention of acne but also in the healing process and anti-scarring of getting rid of acne.

Having attractive skin will make you feel more beautiful for yourself. Basically, our self-confidence relies on our physical appearance. When one thinks he or she looks handsome, the self-confidence really exudes. Acne No More offers a strategy to prevent acne and get rid of acne permanently.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Staying Healthy to Prevent Acne

In many cases, keeping yourself healthy entails beauty. What we do to our bodies usually manifest in the physical appearance. The face reflects many of our health habits. Conditions such as acne arise from a combination of unhealthy practices that we commonly do.

Acne is a disease of the skin, most commonly and abundantly the areas with the most sebaceous glands. They are most commonly known as pimples or zits. It may be in inflammatory or non-inflammatory form. Single or very few pimples are already looked upon as undesirable but there are many instances when the acne is very severe that the whole face appears very red and is filled with the ugly lesions.

Acne is very common among teenagers. This is due to the hyperactive hormonal system that produces excessive oil on the skin. Although this is natural, it is very important to keep the skin healthy and clean to keep the acne from getting infected and leaving ugly marks and scars permanently. Most pimples go away after a few days or a week. However, some persist and even multiply. Acne becomes worse when the person is not very particular with skin hygiene, especially the face. Since the face is exposed a lot, it collects dirt all day. When the sebaceous glands become blocked, the pores where the glands and the hair follicles exit swell and become infected.

It may be hard to prevent them from arising during puberty but being clean with the skin is a start. Also, eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables help. Many fruits contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can help keep the skin healthy. Another important thing that can help prevent acne is by sleeping enough. When someone lacks sleep, the immune system weakens and infections are more likely to occur. Sleep also contributes to the good appearance of the skin. These things can be done to prevent acne but if one of the factors that causes it is genetics then it may be more difficult to get rid of it. The professional assistance of a dermatologist is probably the best thing to look for if you have a familial history of acne.

If we do not take care of our health, our appearances are bound to suffer. However, this is just a small part of what we should be worried about. We might end up with major diseases at some point of our lives because of the abuses that we do to our bodies.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holistic Acne Treatment For Long Lasting Benefits

Many people deal with acne on a daily basis. Acne is not life threatening, however it is a condition that can make a persons life difficult to deal with at times. Some people spend a great deal of time, money and energy searching for a way to solve their acne problems.

You can find a large number of over the counter acne cures that promise fast acne relief. You can see ads for these types of product all over the place. I'm sure if you have a problem with acne you've probably already tried a number of this product and also know that even if your acne did clear up it was only for a short period of time.

The good news is that you do have a number of different options which do not involve side effects and skin irritating chemicals. More and more people are turning to natural holistic methods of curing acne. With this method these folks are also benefiting from the added health benefit enjoyed by this type of living.

Holistic acne treatment can help prevent your acne symptoms from happening and offer a chemical free solution with lasting effects. To get started today consider the following:

Diet can be a contributing factor for some folks with an acne problem. Diet is very important because there are some types of food that can aid in the onset of acne. For example eating a lot of peanuts and chocolate can cause the onset of unsightly pimples. Your overall health can be a huge factor in determining how quickly or to what extent your acne problem will be solved. So...make sure to eat the right foods and exercise regularly.

Using Make up as a means to cover your acne up so no one can see it only makes the situation worse. Hiding the problem is not solving the problem. Unlike more natural holistic methods most make up contains chemicals that are more of an irritant to your skin rather than an acne problem solver.

Popping pimples is actually bad for the skin. You may end up with scars on the surface of your skin that are not only unattractive but can be difficult to get rid of in the long term.

Starting your acne treatment should begin with going to a doctor for professional advice. We are all different and what causes acne with one person may not be what causes it with another person.

I wouldn't rely on the "quick fix acne treatments" for lasting results. If you are considering a Holistic Treatment for your acne you will need to have patience. It takes time to reverse what has taken you a lifetime to do, but the benefits can be very rewarding. Not only can you expect lasting benefits for your acne, you will also benefit from being healthier and more energized. Here's to the new you. To help you get started I've prepared a review for one of the top Holistic Acne Treatment programs on the market. Check it out HERE!

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Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatments and Products

Benzoyl peroxide happens to be the most regularly used medication for acne treatment. Anyone mild or moderate acne is recommended Benzoyl peroxide. These acne products are produced by top brands like Proactive and Clearasil. Treatment with these products is not expensive and it is mostly found over the counter in lotions, cleansers, gels and some stronger recommended creams.

Acne outburst takes place with Propioni bacteria which cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment. Benzoyl peroxide introduces oxygen into the pore, and leads to killing of the bacteria. This leads to reduction of bacteria which in turn leads to reduction in skin as well. Benzoyl peroxide also helps get rid of follicle of surplus dead skin cells which clears the pore and reduces the chance of pore blockage. It is recommended to continue using these acne products despite the reduction of acne, as there are chances that acne may come back. Hence a good dermatologist will guide you better in the use of these products.

There are some side effects associated with these such as dryness, burning, redness and peeling. These side effects can be minimized with by use of an oil-free moisturizing lotion on a daily basis. It's vital that the products should be used only as advised and by following the directions given. Else the skin problems may get aggravated. Usually these products should be applied to a clean and dry skin, either once or twice in a day.

You must begin by using acne products with lower strength which permits your skin to adjust to these treatments. Only if there is no visible positive outcome, should you scale up to higher dosage. The lotion should be applied thoroughly on the areas which are impacted. Since these products have bleaching effect, you may want to let the lotion dry up before coming in contact with any other material.

Benzoyl Peroxide Treatments And Products are most effective for many types of acne.
Best Wishes
Kamalkk Kannan
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Home Remedies For Acne - 6 Simple But Effective Home Remedies For Acne

Want to try some home remedies for acne? Of course you do! Why should you spend hundreds of dollars on products that don't really work, not long term anyway, not to mention the possible side effects from some of these products! Many acne sufferers have found relief by using simple home remedies to treat there acne and these have proved to be very effective. Most of the items mentioned below you may already have in your home or garden. If not, then they can be bought at very little cost.

Here are some you might want to try.

  • Try some lavender! Because of its antiseptic properties, lavender has proven to be very effective at treating acne. You may already have some lavender oil in your home so add some to your bath water and have a good soak. Do this regularly.
  • Make a facial mask out of cucumber! Put some cucumber into a bowl and crush it into a paste. Apply some evenly over your face and leave for about 30 minutes or so. If you can do this daily then you will start to notice an improvement.
  • Make an oatmeal facial mask! Get some oatmeal and mix it with some honey or yoghurt. Make sure you allow the oatmeal to soften first before applying the facial mask. Once the oatmeal has dried, rinse with warm water.
  • Use some orange peels! Get some oranges and peel them. Next, grate the peels and add them to a bowl with some water. Mix into a paste then apply to your acne. Wash off after about an hour or so.
  • Use some fresh mint leaves! Because of the natural ant-inflammatory properties in mint leaves, they can be very helpful in alleviating your acne. You can get some fresh mint leaves at your local garden centre if you don't grow your own. Once you have the leaves, crush them and then rub the juice on your acne and leave for about 15 minutes or so. Then rinse off with cold water.
  • Use some peppermint. Peppermint has medicinal properties that have proved to be very effective in treating acne. Again, if you don't grow your own peppermint it is very easy to obtain. Crush some peppermint leaves until you get some juice. Then apply some of the juice to the infected area and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, rinse off with cold water.

These home remedies for acne do have their limitations however! If you seriously want to get rid of your acne permanently, then I highly recommend that you go to: and take the first step to removing your acne for good.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Severe Acne Treatment - There is Hope


Naturally antibacterial, calendula will fight acne causing bacteria and will also relieve pain that can accompany severe cases. Used in soap form you can find it at most natural health food stores. And is a good form of severe acne treatment.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil is soothing as well as healing. Dab on tea tree oil cream containing fifteen percent tree oil. It will kill the bacteria as effectively as benzoyl peroxide but will not dry out your skin.


Pure honey is a soothing severe acne treatment. Just make sure it is pure and does not contain corn syrup. Spread on and let sit for a half an hour. Gently wash off using warm water. Honey is also good for treating dermatitis and dandruff.

No Hot Water

This is a good time to mention that real hot water should be avoided, as hot water will dry the skin, and skin flakes can get into the pores to further clog them and create more infection.

Once The Healing Has Begun

Using makeup to conceal blemishes may be good for aiding emotional distress, but just make sure to choose water based or pure mineral powders, or you may be back to a severe acne treatment.

Use A Fresh Towel

Avoid using the same towel after washing your face, or you may re-infect your skin. Bacteria can live for up to 48 hours on a wet towel, so grab a fresh one. Better to have a little more laundry than a lot more blemishes.

Consider Your Diet

Drink at least the recommended amount of eight glasses of water per day to help your skin flush out toxins. This is one of the most important aspects of severe acne treatment. A good healthy diet will heal you from the inside out, and this is really where skin conditions develop.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables each day, avoid greasy, fatty foods and get adequate rest and exercise. All of these aspects and small changes in daily habit work together in the healing process, from the inside out.

Go Buy Some Cucumbers

Did you know that a simple cucumber can help you with severe acne treatment? It's true. Cucumbers contain silica, a powerful trace mineral that will reduce inflammation and aid in cell rejuvenation.

Throw a cucumber in a blender and make a paste. Smooth over the entire face and relax for a half an hour. Remove with a gentle cleanser and warm water. Do this each day and watch how quickly your skin will heal. A day spa would charge a lot of money for this treatment!

Eating cucumbers on a regular basis is very beneficial for overall health. They are used as a diuretic and help to eliminate waste build up in your system. By following these tips, your severe acne treatment will become a thing of the past and you can look in the mirror with renewed confidence.

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How to Get Rid of Acne Fast and Naturally - Know This and Never Ever Fear That Acne Again

Are you suffering from those embarrassing acne? Do you want to know how to get rid of acne quick and naturally? However, first you must believe that it is possible because, I personally believe, that to get success in anything you must need a strong belief in it.

One of the core reasons of getting acne is clogged pores. Now you may try to cure it topically by using any lotions or creams, but it won't be very effective because by treating pimples topically you are just curing the symptom not the problem and as I always say treat the problem not the symptom. To get rid of pimples fast and holistically here are some of the best ways.

Be a friend with fruits and vegetables - Eat fruits and vegetables daily at least once. As fruits and vegetables are rich in fibers, it will help you to clear colon and get rid of those toxins from your colon that are causing acne.

Regular exercise - Exercising on a regular basis can help you to get a healthy body, and how about getting a clear skin as just a side effect. Exercises help your body to improve blood circulation and reduce stress, which is one of the most important factors in getting a healthy skin.

Avoid those tempting chocolates - I know it can be real difficult for some people, trust me. I still sometimes can't control myself to eat them but remember once. In a while it's fine but don't eat chocolates on a regular basis or very frequently as it can make things worse.

Get sufficient sleep - According to me all acne suffers should at least sleep 8 hours a day. Personally, I take 9 hours sleep every night as it is the body's natural way of repairing and getting rid of toxins.

These are some of the tips that have changed my life and has helped me in my quest with clearing my acne naturally and will help you if you will be consistent and have faith in god as he is the ultimate healer.

If you are suffering from any type of acne, here is my # 1 recommended remedy on how to get rid of pimples. These are centuries old proven methods that guarantee the best natural acne solution by clicking here

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Acne Skin Problems - How to Manage and Maintain Your Acne

Acne skin problems begin when the natural oils in ones skin and then the dead skin cells mix together and clog up your pores. There are numerous types of acne, it usually varies from mild to severe: blackheads, whiteheads, papule, pustule, cyst or conglobota. When you have a few red spots, or pimples, you have a light form of acne. Severe cases can mean numerous pimples or large nodules that could cover the face, neck, chest, and back.

Most youth get at the least mild acne. It usually improves after the teenage years. Many adult women are susceptible to breakouts in the times leading up to their menstrual periods. In many cases, acne is usually a hormonal problem. The primary reason teenagers are more susceptible to acne skin problems than most is due to their fluctuating hormones. Hormones cause the oils glands in our skin to mature and as these oil glands change, they produce acne. Hormones and adult acne occur at different times in our lives. You will find things that can make the acne even worse. Lots of people experience an acne outbreak as a result of the usage of certain contraception pills. Other things that could cause an acne outbreak are pregnancy or menopause. Hormones and adult acne skin problems are not limited to women. Males can also be affected by acne. When excess oil builds up in our skin, bacteria flourishes and causes an acne outbreak. Acne skin problems have an effect on almost everyone. It effects 25% of all adults, about 50% of female adults, and approximately 90% of the teenagers suffer from sort of acne. It is one of the most widespread medical conditions within the world. Yet there is still no cure.

Although acne skin problems are not curable, they are treatable. We now know more about controlling this condition. The key to managing acne is prevention - stopping this condition before it exhibits visual symptoms. If you have found an acne treatment that helps you accomplish this, you will need to stick with it. Even after pimples disappear, you may require to continue treatment to keep new blemishes at bay. It is also crucial to begin treatment as soon as the first signs appear; the earlier you treat your acne, the less likely you are to experience long-term skin problems. Of course, in order to control acne, we must first learn how it starts. The sooner you treat your acne skin problems the better. Earlier attention may help you avoid the greater severe types of acne and the possibility of scarring. However it is never too late, to get treatment or to seek a medical advice on how to manage your acne skin problems. There are actually a multitude of medications and treatments which can decrease the intensity of the outbreaks. A method to reduce the severity of an acne outbreak is to keep your skin clean. Wash thoroughly with soap and water but remember to refrain from scrubbing the infected area; it can cause the skin to become even more irritated. Try to avoid a lot of foods that are high in fat and sugar, they can |cause you to be more prone to acne skin problems. Drinking a lot of caffeine may also contribute to the problem, so limit the amount of caffeine within your diet.

Acne skin problems, like every other health problems require you to gain knowledge and understanding of the issue. Once you gain this knowledge you happen to be better prepared to make well-informed decisions about what steps to implement to get the outcome that you are seeking. Just remember, our skin is as unique as we are--not all treatments work for everyone. You will know whenever you discover the one which works for you. The fact that you happen to be reading this informative article means that you are already seeking the knowledge you require. Happy researching and I am confident that you are going to find what you are looking for.

Hello my name is Shelly Swanzy and I am a 42 year old wife and mother of 5. I also suffer from frequent acne outbreaks (sometimes my outbreaks are worse than those of my 3 teen daughters).

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looking For Acne Scars Remedies?

One of the things that most people avoid is looking for acne scars remedies. Most people avoid acquiring acne in the first place. Acne is a common skin problem. It could strike anyone although it commonly affects teenagers and young adults. Teenage years should be the best years in anyone's life. This could be ruined by acne. The aftermath of acne is more devastating than it is. It leaves you scars. It leaves you reminders that once you are a pimply-faced teenager. During these times, you may not mind the scars. But later on, you will realize the impact it has on your life.

It could affect your self-esteem and confidence level. There are scars that you think will never heal. If you look at the right places, you may stumble upon the correct remedy that you are looking for. There are other alternative to be able to remove acne scars. Some are natural acne scars remedies. These are remedies that can be found at home. They are the simplest ways of removing scats. This may be effective for the fresh scars. Or this may be effective to little scars. But some scars needs more that the natural remedies that are available at home. They need special attention when it comes to removal. When looking for products, one of the products that have shown effective results is miracle duo.

More and more people are experiencing the effective outcome of this product. This does not only show visible results, it has shown speedy changes as well. The most difficult acne scars to remove is the ones that has been present over time. They could be a pain in the neck. If you are thinking that there would be no possible cure for this, then think again. There is a miracle that could help you. And it is miracle duo. It works in ways that you could never imagine. There are scars that are stubborn and grow in all the wrong places, such as your face, neck, back, and sometimes your shoulders and back.

Some acne scars, especially the ones that do show are disregarded. It is simply never shown in public. It will be embarrassing to show the part that has scars. But you will never be able to flaunt those nice arms that you have worked so hard for. You will not be able to show those perfectly shaped shoulders just because of these scars. Since they are often neglected, usually they are the ones difficult to remove. But there is an answer to this problem, miracle duo is.

It will help you in removing these unwanted scars. There are other products that promise the same thing, but this product has already proven its value and its worth. It has shown dramatic changes to the lives of people that has used it. Acne scars remedies are widely available in the market, but few products are showing positive results. Other products use the power of advertisement to promote their product. This is why it is important that you know how to choose the right item for you.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Take Care of This and Watch Acne Disappear

The Natural Approach

Have you tried a natural approach to acne? This article will focus on some ways that are effective, healthy and unlike some drugs, no side effects. It takes time to develop acne we did not develop a condition such as acne overnight and we cannot expect for it to disappear overnight, despite some outrageous claims that you can.

At the heart of acne is inflammation, a leading cause of which is a buildup of toxins in our body. Toxic conditions does not mean you feel sick. Toxic conditions within the body can disrupt the sebaceous glands which controls oil and moisturizes the skin, the result is acne and other skin disorders. In order to cure the problem totally, a good place to start is to remove toxins from the body.

Why Do Toxins Cause Acne?

Take it from someone who has treated more than 300.000 patients for every health problem you can think of, his name? Dr. Bernard Jensen. After treating so many patients Dr.Jensen came to the conclusion that a toxic bowel is the route cause of many skin disorders and compromised health. You can do a Google search and find more about Dr. Jensen.

Most people would never give a thought to a toxic body and acne, simply because it is never mentioned in "professional circles" because there isn't a drug that can detoxify your body safely. Money is the name of the game not your health, secondly you can't patent a natural process that can detoxify the body. No patent, no money, simple.

So How Do You Know If Your Bowel Is Toxic?

If you see symptoms of acne and your not a teenager it is suspect. If you can't seem to get rid of a cold, if you are always tired, if you have low energy,if you have any other kind of skin disorder are all prime suspect. It is a good idea to detoxify at least once every year. The best time is in the spring, in the natural world spring is a time of renewal and so it is with us.

There are many good natural supplements that can detoxify not only the bowel but also get rid of heavy metal toxic build up in the kidneys and liver all at the same time. A complete body cleanse will lift your spirits as you experience more energy, you will be much clearer in your thinking, sleep better and have a much more positive outlook on life and see acne clearing. Try doing all that with drugs.

Feel Better Look Better

After the cleanse the next thing that you should be doing is to eat a balanced diet. This is something that is very difficult for many of us to do, particularly considering the fact that we have a lifestyle that is not conducive to eating well. Try juicing fruits and vegetables daily to supplement what you eat. It is not time consuming and the benefits are immense. Drink pure water, get lots of quality rest, cut down on the junk and make sure you get plenty of fiber in the diet ( about 30 grams daily). Do that and kiss acne goodbye.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Acne - Natural Remedies

Acne is a skin condition that people of just about any age have to deal with. It is characterized by whiteheads, blackheads, and inflamed red pimples. The pimples are often called "zits" by the younger crowds. Acne is most often seen in facial eruptions, but it can appear on the upper back, trunk, arms and buttocks as well. In many cases, acne will have a time of eruption and then go away for awhile. But some people experience it for long periods of time. In the most severe cases, cysts can appear at the skin and can cause permanent scars.

The most natural remedy for acne is taking care of the skin. Acne is caused by the pores of the skin becoming clogged. To relieve this disruption, the skin needs to be cleansed with a soap that is formulated to not dry the skin. Shampoo your hair daily to remove the excess oil that can come in contact with skin. Do not squeeze or push at the marks since that can lead to permanent scarring. Avoid greasy creams and lotions since they can clog the pores even further. But, often acne is not so easily treated and basic skin care is not enough.

Many over the counter remedies are available for acne treatment. There are whole aisles of the drug store dedicated to it. Most of these treatments are formulated to kill the bacteria in the clogged pores, dry the skin out and cause it to peel. The idea is that this will open up fresh skin layers. But, for those with skin issues, many of these ointments and creams can irritate the skin more than it is already.

If you want a more natural remedy for acne, especially the tough cases, you need to turn to ancient methods. Many cultures around the world have been treating acne for centuries. Instead of taking the Western approach of treating the symptoms, traditional medicines look at treating the underlying causes as well as the symptoms. Care must be taken to eliminate the bacteria, reducing the inflammation and expelling the toxins clogging the pores. Tibetan culture is one of those ancient medical traditions that can help. Their herb formulas can help.

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