Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Severe Acne Treatment - There is Hope


Naturally antibacterial, calendula will fight acne causing bacteria and will also relieve pain that can accompany severe cases. Used in soap form you can find it at most natural health food stores. And is a good form of severe acne treatment.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil is soothing as well as healing. Dab on tea tree oil cream containing fifteen percent tree oil. It will kill the bacteria as effectively as benzoyl peroxide but will not dry out your skin.


Pure honey is a soothing severe acne treatment. Just make sure it is pure and does not contain corn syrup. Spread on and let sit for a half an hour. Gently wash off using warm water. Honey is also good for treating dermatitis and dandruff.

No Hot Water

This is a good time to mention that real hot water should be avoided, as hot water will dry the skin, and skin flakes can get into the pores to further clog them and create more infection.

Once The Healing Has Begun

Using makeup to conceal blemishes may be good for aiding emotional distress, but just make sure to choose water based or pure mineral powders, or you may be back to a severe acne treatment.

Use A Fresh Towel

Avoid using the same towel after washing your face, or you may re-infect your skin. Bacteria can live for up to 48 hours on a wet towel, so grab a fresh one. Better to have a little more laundry than a lot more blemishes.

Consider Your Diet

Drink at least the recommended amount of eight glasses of water per day to help your skin flush out toxins. This is one of the most important aspects of severe acne treatment. A good healthy diet will heal you from the inside out, and this is really where skin conditions develop.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables each day, avoid greasy, fatty foods and get adequate rest and exercise. All of these aspects and small changes in daily habit work together in the healing process, from the inside out.

Go Buy Some Cucumbers

Did you know that a simple cucumber can help you with severe acne treatment? It's true. Cucumbers contain silica, a powerful trace mineral that will reduce inflammation and aid in cell rejuvenation.

Throw a cucumber in a blender and make a paste. Smooth over the entire face and relax for a half an hour. Remove with a gentle cleanser and warm water. Do this each day and watch how quickly your skin will heal. A day spa would charge a lot of money for this treatment!

Eating cucumbers on a regular basis is very beneficial for overall health. They are used as a diuretic and help to eliminate waste build up in your system. By following these tips, your severe acne treatment will become a thing of the past and you can look in the mirror with renewed confidence.

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