Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Take Care of This and Watch Acne Disappear

The Natural Approach

Have you tried a natural approach to acne? This article will focus on some ways that are effective, healthy and unlike some drugs, no side effects. It takes time to develop acne we did not develop a condition such as acne overnight and we cannot expect for it to disappear overnight, despite some outrageous claims that you can.

At the heart of acne is inflammation, a leading cause of which is a buildup of toxins in our body. Toxic conditions does not mean you feel sick. Toxic conditions within the body can disrupt the sebaceous glands which controls oil and moisturizes the skin, the result is acne and other skin disorders. In order to cure the problem totally, a good place to start is to remove toxins from the body.

Why Do Toxins Cause Acne?

Take it from someone who has treated more than 300.000 patients for every health problem you can think of, his name? Dr. Bernard Jensen. After treating so many patients Dr.Jensen came to the conclusion that a toxic bowel is the route cause of many skin disorders and compromised health. You can do a Google search and find more about Dr. Jensen.

Most people would never give a thought to a toxic body and acne, simply because it is never mentioned in "professional circles" because there isn't a drug that can detoxify your body safely. Money is the name of the game not your health, secondly you can't patent a natural process that can detoxify the body. No patent, no money, simple.

So How Do You Know If Your Bowel Is Toxic?

If you see symptoms of acne and your not a teenager it is suspect. If you can't seem to get rid of a cold, if you are always tired, if you have low energy,if you have any other kind of skin disorder are all prime suspect. It is a good idea to detoxify at least once every year. The best time is in the spring, in the natural world spring is a time of renewal and so it is with us.

There are many good natural supplements that can detoxify not only the bowel but also get rid of heavy metal toxic build up in the kidneys and liver all at the same time. A complete body cleanse will lift your spirits as you experience more energy, you will be much clearer in your thinking, sleep better and have a much more positive outlook on life and see acne clearing. Try doing all that with drugs.

Feel Better Look Better

After the cleanse the next thing that you should be doing is to eat a balanced diet. This is something that is very difficult for many of us to do, particularly considering the fact that we have a lifestyle that is not conducive to eating well. Try juicing fruits and vegetables daily to supplement what you eat. It is not time consuming and the benefits are immense. Drink pure water, get lots of quality rest, cut down on the junk and make sure you get plenty of fiber in the diet ( about 30 grams daily). Do that and kiss acne goodbye.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Acne - Natural Remedies

Acne is a skin condition that people of just about any age have to deal with. It is characterized by whiteheads, blackheads, and inflamed red pimples. The pimples are often called "zits" by the younger crowds. Acne is most often seen in facial eruptions, but it can appear on the upper back, trunk, arms and buttocks as well. In many cases, acne will have a time of eruption and then go away for awhile. But some people experience it for long periods of time. In the most severe cases, cysts can appear at the skin and can cause permanent scars.

The most natural remedy for acne is taking care of the skin. Acne is caused by the pores of the skin becoming clogged. To relieve this disruption, the skin needs to be cleansed with a soap that is formulated to not dry the skin. Shampoo your hair daily to remove the excess oil that can come in contact with skin. Do not squeeze or push at the marks since that can lead to permanent scarring. Avoid greasy creams and lotions since they can clog the pores even further. But, often acne is not so easily treated and basic skin care is not enough.

Many over the counter remedies are available for acne treatment. There are whole aisles of the drug store dedicated to it. Most of these treatments are formulated to kill the bacteria in the clogged pores, dry the skin out and cause it to peel. The idea is that this will open up fresh skin layers. But, for those with skin issues, many of these ointments and creams can irritate the skin more than it is already.

If you want a more natural remedy for acne, especially the tough cases, you need to turn to ancient methods. Many cultures around the world have been treating acne for centuries. Instead of taking the Western approach of treating the symptoms, traditional medicines look at treating the underlying causes as well as the symptoms. Care must be taken to eliminate the bacteria, reducing the inflammation and expelling the toxins clogging the pores. Tibetan culture is one of those ancient medical traditions that can help. Their herb formulas can help.

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