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Micro Dermabrason For Acne Scars

If you want to have clear skin, you should consider having micro dermabrasion. People who go through this procedure want to get rid of sun damage, lighten facial scars and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and other skin problems. Basically, it will be able to give you smoother skin especially if you go through several sessions. Many older women go for this procedure because dull and flaky skin becomes renewed and smooth.

Most women who have acne grow up think that they will go through the rest of their life having acne scars. These scars you can remove with micro dermabrasion for acne scars. This procedure can be done at a spa or a dermatologist clinic. Crystals are used onto the skin's surface which scrapes off the outermost layer of the skin. No pain is involved and you do not need to set a recovery period of time. This procedure is perfect for people who have blackheads or white heads.

Micro dermabrasion for acne is a combination of mild skin abrasion and suction. You have to be careful when you use skin products at home that specialize on micro dermabrasion because there are some products that are not suitable to your skin type. So you do a skin test first by applying the product on a strip of skin on the inner arm before you apply these products on the face. The more sessions you have the more clearer your skin is. Although, you have to watch out though if your acne problems are severe because it will do you more harm than good. So consult with a reputable dermatologist before you undergo any procedure.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to Prevent Acne - An Effective Way to Prevent Acne

Acne vulgaris, or what is more commonly known as acne, has been a problem of many, especially those in the adolescence stage and even adults. Well, acne can be mild or it can easily be treated, but it can also be so severe that it takes a great deal of medical treatment. We cannot wait until acne becomes our own problem, too. We should know how to prevent it from occurring so that we would not become so worried about having acne in the future.

There are many suggested ways to prevent acne. Some preventive measures may good for one but may not apply to another one. But it would still do well if we know of the preventive measures to help ourselves keep away from acne.
A very effective way of preventing acne is to wash the areas that are prone to acne. And by areas that are prone to acne, the face is the most common area where acne occurs. Washing helps remove dead skin cells as well as excess oil that cause acne. It would do good to have a routine of washing at least once every day.

While washing could help prevent acne, excessive washing could contribute for more of acne to occur. It is recommended that washing should be done for only twice a day because excessive washing can irritate the skin and it could also result to oil production.

Removing makeup before going to sleep and before applying a new makeup also help to prevent acne from occurring. Tiny openings of the pores can be clogged if makeup is applied too much or not removed for too long and thus cause acne.

Getting a shower after exercising or doing a tedious work can prevent oil and bacteria to be trapped in the skin. By doing this, acne can also be prevented.

It is also not good to squeeze blemishes such as acne that are formed on the skin. Doing this can cause a worse infection because bacteria is forced deeper into the skin. Never use fingernails or pins to get rid of acne.

There are also treatments available in the drugstores. Acne treatments that don't require prescription from a doctor could work but if the acne is already too severe, it needs to be looked upon by a dermatologist to have proper treatment.

Help yourself from having acne and start by doing some preventive measures.

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How to Get Rid of Acne in Teenagers

Acne is a social problem for teenagers. It can cause embarrassment and stress to an already stressful time of their lives. Therefore knowing how to get rid of acne is of extreme importance to many teenagers. Many teens respond to well known actors or actresses in the ads selling acne treatments. As unrealistic as these promises seem, the teenagers will try anything.

A few years ago, my oldest son had an outbreak of acne. His self esteem plummeted and he was will to do anything to get rid of acne. He tried an infomercial product, which was ineffective and he realized he wasted his money and prolonged the necessary acne treatment. My son became frustrated with quick fixes and he finally went willingly to a dermatologist.

The physician treated him with oral medication and creams, which is one of the most effective acne treatments. In a few months, my sixteen- year- olds perseverance rewarded him with clear skin. This type of acne treatment worked well for my older son; however, his younger brother's condition a few years later was a different story. I am happy to say that we were able to treat his acne condition at home without having to go to the dermatologist.

Listed below are some tips on how to get rid of acne that we found to be successful:

• Dry skin seems to respond to creams. The ones that contain benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid seem to be the most effective.
• If your skin is a combination of dry and oily, then you must combine two different products: dry skin creams and oily skin gels. Apply these products directly on the affected areas.
• For those with sensitive skin observe the area closely and you may need to use less amounts of these acne treatments.
• Make sure not to touch your face with unclean hands and never ever try to squeeze the pustules. This will only make the situation worse.
• If your acne gets worse or painful, you should consult a dermatologist.

Millions of people, not just teenagers struggle with acne breakouts attributable to oily skin. With all the advances in medicine, you would think there would be a prevention or at least a fast cure to get rid of acne. Acne is no more than pores clogged with soil and your body responds with infection. A healthy diet, frequent face cleansing and decreased stress can help prevent or control breakouts.

Some people are prone to acne while others are not. Whatever the reason, there are numerous treatments and ideas on how to get rid of acne. Fortunately, many good products can easily be found at your local super market or drug store. But remember, if you can't stop the spread of your acne within a month or so, then it is definitely time to go see your doctor.

Riley Andrews is the chief editor of Get-Rid-Of-Acne-Now.Net an information rich site that discusses the latest issues relating to Acne Treatments and teaches you How to Get Rid of Acne.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Get Rid of Acne Fast Following a Basic Anti-Acne Skincare Routine Everyday

Getting rid of acne fast is always an elusive proposition. No matter what medications you take, it mostly manages to come back to haunt you. First things first, you need to keep your skin free of any dirt or dust that may lead to inflamed skin in order to get rid of acne and any skin problems. Just a few daily Anti Acne precautions in your routine skin care can save a lot of heartache. Focus on healing your acne and keeping your skin free of things which may cause. I am putting down a few salient points to clear up your skin of acne:

Try to use Oil-Free makeup

The most common practice by any acne affected person is to cover up acne marks with makeup. It isn't bad but one should just remember to stay away from oil based makeup because it tends to clog your pores. And the are eventually very hard to remove. Please use oil-free makeup that is non-comedogenic so it won't block your pores. It will drastically reduce the occurrence of acne. Usage of mineral makeup or makeup with anti-acne ingredients is also advisable. When you find an effective brand that doesn't give you heartaches, you may stick to it!

Keep your hair and hands away from face

No matter how much of cleanliness you maintain, your hands and hair always contain a lot of dirt and bacteria because of the environment we live in and the things you touch. We most often tend to forget this and end up touching our face at times. You should consciously keep your hands away from your face because they can irritate your skin and cause acne or pimples to appear. If you have long hair, tie it up and keep them away from face, so that they don't come contact with your hands unnecessarily. Don't rest your hands or fingers on your cheeks or chin too often. It is always a good practice to keep a hand sanitizer whenever you go out because it will kind of ensure that you have clean hands.

Refrain from too oil-rich diet

Oil rich diet just like oily make up can be a major catalyst in aggravating acne. Often overlooked, we indulge in all kinds of food which even suppress the effect of ongoing acne medications. If you are very acne prone, try controlling your diet to less oily food.

Change your upholstery, bedsheets, pillows and shirts regularly

Generally our bedspreads, house upholstery, dresses that we wear contain dirt and dust which increase the likelihood of causing acne. Make sure to change your pillows, bed spreads regularly. Basically the idea is know what our skin comes in contact with everyday and keeping them clean. This also means considering dirty shirts or shirts with materials which may irritate back acne.

It is important to wash your skin regularly after sweating or going out

Washing your face properly is probably one of the most important point of all. But one shouldn't overdo it either. Washing your face will definitely help you get rid of acne fast. It will keep your skin free of excess oil or dirt which irritate the skin. Especially if you already have acne, you will never want to get your zits grow bigger, by the bacteria or sweat is accumulated around them. Even after going out into polluted/dusty atmosphere or strenuous exercise remember to wash your face immediately.

Don't change acne care brands too often, Use anti-acne cleansing lotions, toners and moisturizers

Knowing the exact skincare product that will suit your skin is the most important of all. Many of us have a very sensitive and acne prone skin which can work otherwise if not chosen wisely. There are several brands out there which offer facial or body washes with ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. But 2 of the most popular chemicals used to kill bacteria causing acne, Neutrogena and Proactiv are two examples of companies which offer complete sets of anti-care cleansers, toners, exfoliaters and moisturizers. Please check it out for a day or two and then stick to the full cycle.

To begin with you should target a holistic all rounded approach to get rid of acne. An approach that includes not only acne medications, but also diet and overall mind-body health. Please know everything on how to get rid of acne forever by clicking on the link.
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Teen Acne Treatment Has Special Requirements

It is very important to make sure that as consumers we understand the differences between teen acne and those who suffer from acne later in life. Not only are the causes of these breakouts different, but so are the methods for healing them. Sure, there are some similarities in ingredients to treat these two different types of acne, but remembering that acne suffering is not just about the physical it is also about the emotional pains that can be caused by acne breakouts. The author examines both the physical and emotional aspects of teen acne and offers advice on the subject.

If you do not think that acne has an emotional toll on the individuals that suffer from it, you are sorely mistaken. Acne causes severe insecurity in many, and when you combine that with the realities of teen life, things only get worse. Teens are experiencing so many things all at once, each of which are hugely important in the overall goal of fitting and being popular. When you introduce acne into these experiences, bad or untimely breakouts can take a huge emotional toll on young men and women. For most a bad pimple or small breakout on the day of the big dance is as far as it goes, and for those brief moments, they get to experience the anguish of suffering from acne full time.

For those individuals who have constant or severe breakouts on a regular basis that insecurity begins to mount each day they prepare for school. Not wanting to be ridiculed or made fun of, or worse losing the attention of that certain someone you were wishing would ask you out. These are everyday occurrences and as much as we don't want to admit that kids are that cruel, they often times can be. Severe acne can cause social anxieties, which furthers the gap between acne sufferers and everyone else. Which is why finding and using an effective acne treatment is of the utmost importance.

Treating teen acne is mostly about discipline and using the right ingredients. Ingredients should remain all natural and teens especially should avoid Benzoyl Peroxide and other harmful chemical ingredients. Resveratrol is the number one all natural active ingredient for the treatment of acne and its use is fully supported by a study from Oxford University. So that part is fairly easy, the hard part is the discipline, but it's the discipline that will make the healing happen as fast as possible.

Your diet is what must be controlled. Sure you may not have a weight problem in your teens, but perhaps you do. The diet for your acne is good for everyone to eat, whether you could lose a few pounds or not. To begin with, start everyday with egg yolks, you can scramble them or hard boil and eat them, it doesn't matter much, just get them in you. You should eat as much raw fish as possible for the first few days of treatment and then can return to a normal, but healthy diet. Get some sushi or sashimi and eat as much of that as possible for a few days, also include cucumber salads with olive oil as the dressing. If you do that strictly the first few days, then return to a normal. healthy, grease free diet and your skin will benefit a great deal. I know that as teens your body's can handle different foods than we can as adults, your metabolism is much higher. But remember your skin cannot, the foods you put into your body directly manifests itself in your complexion. Eating healthy foods like the ones above can erase those concerns, and using acne products with Resveratrol will can erase the acne, leaving your looking, and more importantly, feeling much better.

Mark Robbins is an author who has contributed many pieces on treating teen acne to blogs and health websites across the internet. His experience as a reviewer of many acne treatments has helped him define the best things for teens to use, and in turn, those that they should avoid when trying to fight their battle with acne. Some of Mark's reviews and inputs on acne cream can be seen here:

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Body Acne Treatment - Why Getting Diagnosed is Critically Important

Treating acne is easy when you know the type that you suffer from. That is why you need to get in touch with your doctor in a hurry, especially if the condition continues to get worse despite all that you take and do. There are many ranges of the disease, and many ways in which it manifests itself. You don't want to try to tackle it on your own, because the acne treatment you choose could be the wrong one for you.

There are several techniques you can treat acne with, but you need a professional to prescribe them to you after taking a closer look at your condition and properly diagnosing it. It would be a mistake to embark on something that could backfire and leave you with worse skin conditions thatn before, don't you think?

You might have seen a friend treating acne some way, and assumed the same would work for you. But you couldn't be more wrong. Your skin types are different; you might have to treat the condition in a different way. This why it is important that you get to know of your skin type and what is ideal in treating it, before going ahead.

Knowing the type of acne you suffer from should be the precursor any treatment that you have in mind. You don't want to be aiming at a mosquito with a gun, I tell you. If you plan to heal, you have to do it the way you are directed to by a dermatologist. This will save you from incurring costs on treatments that are not effective and may not be working the way you want.

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Skin Care Treatments - Skin Care Treatments and Dealing With Hormonal and Menstrual Cycles

An estimated 80% of all people get acne at some point in there lives. Acne is just not restricted to teenagers. People in there 20's, 30's, 40's and so on are often threatened by acne. Acne affects men and woman equally, just sometimes in different stages of life. Hormonal and Menstrual Cycles are phases in which breakouts and flare ups occur more frequently for woman.

Androgens are hormones released from the adrenal glands, ovaries and testes. Testosterone is an androgen hormone. While it is typically thought of as a male hormone, it is present in both men and women. As the follicles are filled with excess oil, they become blocked more easily. The blockage of the follicle creates an acne breakout.

Men and Woman are prone to acne problems during puberty, but hormonal changes during menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause effect the emergence of acne in woman after puberty. Estrogen and progestin are major hormonal players in woman. Menstruation, pregnancy and menopause all deal with the imbalances of these hormones.

When talking about skin care treatments, one most open their eyes to the many products of natural skin care offered. Don't put yourself in danger with some commercial products that usually come with harsh or damaging chemicals.

There are a number of terrific skin treatments that are obtainable in the marketplace today, and with some beneficial guidelines you'll find it very easy to select the top product for natural care for your acne. Acne is a curable skin condition that can be easily removed by implementing a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits.

Good basic skin care will help keep the skin healthy. Cleanse the face morning and night with a gentle cleanser, such as Dove or Neutrogena. Avoid toners or astringents if they seem irritating. The skin is oftentimes more sensitive during pregnancy, so any skin care products you choose should be mild. Always follow up with a light moisturizing cream, preferably fragrance free.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Acne Solution - Best Solution For Acne Problems That Work

Are you a teenager or adult who is suffering from acne? I know that you are doing your best for finding acne solutions that really work. Here are some tips that you can follow in order to get rid of acne problem:

Avoid picking, pressing or rubbing your pimples, in order to prevent more sebum production and further infection.

Keep your face clean, wash your face 2 to 3 times a day using a mild soup or as recommended by your dermatologist. It is better if you can buy sulfur-based soap or benzoyl-peroxide if your skin is too oily. Avoid brushing or using sponges to your face. In order to avoid acne, avoid over-washing your face.

Acne is caused by food allergy not from food but, if you are suffering from acne try to avoid fried food, spicy food, sugar, dairy products, deep-fried food, meat, nut butters etc. If you feel that your diet menu is becoming very small, add some fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc to alleviate acne problem.

Drink plenty of water daily. Water helps eliminate toxins and other harmful products out from and also prevent acne flare-ups. Try to go for 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. Water is also a natural cleanser.

Avoid make up or use water based make up and avoid oily products totally, when suffering from acne, as products used for make up are made up of harmful chemicals and can clog your pores, cause more blackheads and pimples.

Go for exercise daily, as exercise helps in maintaining good blood circulation and elimination of toxins in the form of sweat. Try to make your life stress free by going to yoga or meditation classes regularly.

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What Causes Pimples and How Can it Be Treated Without Any Side Effects

Pimples are caused by infected or clogged pores. The main reason for the development of pimples is after the infection of white or blackheads. Frequent pimple breakouts are known as acne. There are plenty of reasons available to know what causes pimples. The cause of acne includes keratosis pirates, bacterial folliculitis and even skin conditions.

These conditions can be treated in the primary level itself. If they are neglected then they may result in severe acne. When it is ignored you'll end up with permanent scars on your face. There are millions of pores available in our skin. They are connected to the oil glands and when these glands are blocked with dirt and this is what causes pimples to outbreak.

The major reason of pimples outbreak in women is at the time of menstrual period due to the hormonal changes that occur in that particular duration. In order to cure or avoid this problem ointments and creams are available in pharmacies. If you feel like the condition is worse than expected then it is advised to consult a doctor to get proper treatment for your acne.

The best method is to address the acne before it exists. It is recommended to wash your face with skin cleansers or with soap for at least twice a day which keeps away the bacteria from entering into your skin pores and helps you in avoiding acne. But if the problem persists from the beginning then it is recommended not to peel out the pus by your own as it may end up with a scar and further infection.

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Get Clear Skin Fast - Have Clear Skin in Just 1 Week and Keep it That Way For Life

The key to getting clear skin fast is that you have to first realize that the secret to curing your acne is that it actually starts inside of your body. Everything on your skin IE excess oil, dead skin and bacteria are all just the external symptoms of the real problems inside of you.

Now I won't go into all the details about insulin and androgen release and their subsequent effects that cause acne, just take my word that plenty of people have completely cured themselves of their skin problems when they look at acne from this new angle.

A very quick and very simple way to jump start yourself to get clear skin fast is to do a three mono diet consisting of apples and drinking lots of water. A 3 day apple diet is great because apples have many ingredients that are cleansing and beneficial to the body. Combined with the large amount of water you'll be drinking, you;ll give your body a chance to rest and recuperate. This allows your body to get rid of all the junk floating around in its system and is almost like hitting the reset button on your computer.

To do this mono diet, you simply have to eat apples for three days. Eat as many as you want throughout the day, but try to eat only one type of apple to maximize the effect. A lot of people share concerns that it might be to hard. In fact, the first day might feel "odd" as you're not eating normal meals, but by the second and third days you'll be in the full swing of things. The other big part of this get clear skin fast diet is that you must be drinking a lot of water. Water will help flush out your system and will greatly moisturize your skin, really adding to the healing effect.

While this is a great routine to get clear skin fast, it is not a permanent solution. You have to make some small changes to your lifestyle in order to receive the maximum benefits.

Imagine the benefits of making these small changes, however. You'll never need to buy another product or visit another dermatologist ever again. Don't worry, you can still eat out at restaurants and enjoy pizza if you so wish.

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What is Acne Vulgaris?

Acne vulgaris means common acne. It is the type of acne that most people get and 7 out of 10 people do suffer from it at some point in their lives. Two of 10 white people will get a more severe form which can leave acne scarring. Acne vulgaris is one of the most common diseases and manifests itself as comedones on the face, the upper part of the chest, and the back and by inflammatory papules, pustules, and nodules.

The key cause is a genetic predisposition. You will more likely suffer from it if your parents did although sometimes it skips a generation. It starts with the plugging of hair follicles with dead skin cells which are being produced too quickly by the body and this is the problem that is inherited. It starts with the plugging of hair follicles with skin cells which are produced too quickly by the body. Excessive sebum production and certain bacteria also contribute to the problem.

It is likely that androgen hormones are a trigger to the start of acne as they seem to stimulate the production of excessive sebum.

In teenagers acne is more common amongst boys but amongst adults women are more affected.

A comedone is a whitehead or a blackhead without any inflammation. Papules and pustules are raised reddish bumps with inflammation. The face is the most commonly affected area, but the chest, back, and upper arms can be as well. Comedones are the earliest lesions of acne. Blackheads (closed comedones) are those that often become inflamed.

Many cosmetics, excessive sunlight and tight clothing can worsen acne vulgaris.

Acne vulgaris is treated with both topical and systemic medicines. One of the most effective topical agents is benzoyl peroxide. Doxycyline is one of the more effective systemic antibiotics frequently prescribed.

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Acne Solutions - What Works For Getting Clear Skin?

Acne is definitely one of the worst skin conditions you can go through and it is now a fact that 80% of the worlds population will suffer from acne at one point in their life. After suffering from acne myself for many years I know just how hard it is to wake up only to look into a mirror and see a face filled with red blemishes and pimples staring back at me. I could not stand it and I bet you can not as well so how can you get rid of these ugly blemishes then?

Well it is a sad fact that acne sufferers are not actually being told the truth and time after time again they are following myths that are only going to make their skin condition worse. You see that is why I am here to finally set fact from fiction so you too can get clear skin fast.

1. You should only be washing your face twice a day because too many acne sufferers make the vital mistake of over washing their skin. When you wash your face more then twice a day you are actually causing your skin to dry out and in return your body begins to produce extra surface oils as a way to compensate this. Limit to once in the morning upon rising and once again at night before bed for best results.

2. You need to pay close attention to your diet as certain foods that can spark up acne in most people. Bananas and dairy products are food sources that people tend to eat every singly day and the problem is hat they can actually worsen your acne when you eat them. They contain specific hormones in them that can actually inflame your acne from excess sebum release. Limit these goods if possible and try swapping to soy products to get similar benefits without the hormones.

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Lowering the Cost of Acne Scar Removal

Removing acne scars can be a budget busting experience. The cost of having a dermatologist improve your skin depends on how badly you are scarred, how deep or how big the scars happen to be, and how much you're willing to pay for the procedures. Depending on your situation you may have to shell out big bucks, however a few steps taken before you set foot in the doctor's office may lessen the blow somewhat.

Acne scars cannot be removed until you have the active acne under control first. If your outbreaks are not under control, then any procedure undergone is a wasted and temporary procedure. You will hate yourself at the sign of the next pimple or pustule. A sign that your situation is improving is the amount of time between outbreaks. You will be able to tell when the acne is coming under control. Exercise a little patience. When the lesion count drops, then it will be time for acne scar removal.

You can actually do some things at home-do it yourself cosmetic treatments, to lessen scarring. For instance if you suffer from dark spots or scars, use lemon juice to lighten them. Simply take a teaspoon of lemon juice and smooth it over the marks using a cotton ball. Leave the juice on for about ten minutes and rinse with cool water. Be careful because lemon juice can make your skin light sensitive. So be sure to protect the area as well as the rest of your exposed skin with a good sun screen product.

An at home microdermabrasion can be made with baking soda and filtered water. Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with two teaspoons of water, then gently, in a circular motion rub the mixture onto your acne scars. Do this for about sixty seconds and then wash off with cool water. Pat dry.

These are just a couple of simple steps that will lessen the effects of acne outbreaks. These few steps will definitely help control any scarring that might pop up. They will certainly go a long way in keeping the price down for when you have to go to the dermatologist for more and serious treatment of the remaining acne scars.

Mark Robbins is an expert on acne scars treatments, and a former sufferer himself. His experience in both how it feels to have acne scars, as well as in the role of a consumer of many products makes him a respected authority on the topic. He has contributed to hundreds of blogs on acne and acne scars across the internet.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Cause of Pimples and How to Treat Them

There is a special occasion just around the corner and pimples appear. This is more than annoying, you want to look your best and this happens. The cause of pimples and the cause of acne are actually very similar, which could mean, that the treatment for pimples may be along the same line as the one for acne.
Usually acne occurs in a certain time frame, usually around the time of adolescence (of course there are exceptions to the rules), while pimples, with the right triggers, can occur anytime and that is the difference between the two.

The main cause of pimples is very often a combination of bacteria being there and dead skin cells, which accumulate in the pores. Bacteria is actually living on our skin and the problem starts when the bacteria finds its way into the pores and they get infected. The infection can show up through red lumps or bumps and it doesn't necessarily stops there because these could produce pus. Another cause of pimples can be poor hygiene and an accumulation of dead skin cells due to sebum. If you don't clean your skin properly it can cause pimples because it allows an accumulation of sebum, dead skin cells and dirt. Alternatively, there needs to be a balance, because if you wash your skin too much it can cause more production of sebum and that can aggravate pimples. If you wash your skin twice a day it will be enough to control the production of sebum. It is quite important to avoid touching your face because that can also help to reduce your skin to be exposed to dirt and dust.

If your immune system goes through any changes, because your defenses are lower, which will make you more susceptible to an infection, it could be a cause of pimples. And then let's not forget, here's the word 'STRESS' or hormonal changes those can be huge factors for the cause of pimples. Your health and wellness can actually be hampered through stress. If you want stress relieve you probably need some determination because this is certainly not easy. But it can be done. Consider taking up meditation.

In particular if you are a women you will notice that you usually get some pimples just before you get your period and that's were the hormonal change comes in, which is the cause of pimples. Those pimples usually disappear in a few days and this cause of pimples is easy to manage. It's still annoying and if you are affected by those kind of pimples try and keep you skin extra clean and sebum free just before your period.

These are the most common causes of pimples and their treatments are the easiest.

There are a lot of expensive products out there and a lot of them don't even work. For years I suffered from acne and believe me I tried lots of different products, cheap and expensive ones until I finally found a solution. It helped me to get rid of my acne in days. Don't waste anymore time and money on useless products.

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How Does Exercise Affect Acne?

Moderate exercise can be good for your skin and your complexion. It helps you keep your body healthy, and helps to manage your stress, as well. If you find that exercise is irritating your skin or you suspect it's causing an acne attack, you should look at how you work out. What are you wearing? What kind of environment do you exercise in? Acne that is related to exercise is more often than not a result of external factors in the environment, or something you are doing to yourself.

Some examples:

Acne exercise tip one: Avoid make-up. When exercising, wear as little to no make-up as you can. Even oil free cosmetics are able to find their way into your pores to clog them up during and after a workout. If you find that you must wear make up during your routine for whatever reason, be sure to wash your face afterwards as soon as possible.

Acne exercise tip two: Sunscreen. Of course, if you are exercising outside, always wear sunscreen. Acne sometimes seems to get better after you've been in the sun, prolonged exposure will create clogged pores, and in turn, acne -- if not sun damage. When choosing a sunscreen, choose on that is oil free and have an SPF rating of at least 15, and block both UVA and UVB rays. Similarly to make up, sunscreen can find its way into your pores, and clog them up. Once you are done working out, and back out of the sun, wash the sunscreen off, don't just wait for it to fade away.

Acne exercise tip three: Clothing. If you are susceptible to acne on other parts of your body, such as your back, avoid clothing made out of lycra or nylon. Synthetic fabrics such as these trap the heat and moisture, and create a situation that is perfect for bacteria. These synthetics will be a marvelous environment not just for growth of skin irritants, but also in trapping in oils and other secretions that will clog your pores. You are better off wearing cotton, or a cotton/lycra blend, or some other natural fabric. They will allow your skin to breathe, and will cause much less friction. If you are intending your clothing to help work you into a sweat, you should try the new fabrics from makers such as under armor, that keep the moisture away from your skin, but still perform the way you were hoping.

In part two of this article, we'll look at three more things to be aware of when exercising, including the room you do it in, the equipment you use, and how to wash up afterwards.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Causes of Acne Scars

Visible acne scars are a real cause of stress. You must know what causes acne scars so you can prevent them. You must better educate yourself so if you know the causes of acne scars you can easily cure and heal them and not use the same type of acne scar treatment.

You can use a skin cream for acne which is effective and fine for any variety of acne scarring. Many people prefer to use acne creams, both medicated and non-medicated acne scar treatment.

You can apply an acne scar treatment when your skin is free of active acne. There can be spots that look like scars and that are not scars. You must analyze your skin and find out what types of scars you have.

Acne scars are caused by a variety of factors. Acne usually is produced on the skin because of the reaction of sebum and bacteria that produces infection. When tissue is not perfectly repaired, scars appear. You must not confuse acne scars with post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, which is a discoloration of the skin after an inflamed acne lesion is healed.

Scars appear some times because of excess of collagen, and large outgrowth may result in severe cases. They are flat, reddish spots that are the final stage of most inflamed acne lesions.

There are also small, bluish-whitish skin coloration that are not so visible, named atrophic macula. Also there are large, depressed valleys on the surface of the skin, usually jagged, named depressed fibroid scars or small, slightly raised lesions, similar in appearance to whiteheads, named follicular macular atrophy. Also gentle, small scar-like depressed valleys are named soft scars, and they are less visible.

Acne scars form at the site of an injury to tissue, which is body's inflammatory response to sebum. Skin cells response to injury by an overproduction of collagen. Depressed scars can result if an insufficient amount of collagen fibers is created to heal the skin.

Scars can also form because loss of tissue or because increased tissue formations. Sometimes the fibers that form to replace the eroded skin can transform into an acne scar tissue. After these tissues have been created they may decrease after several years.

Acne scarring products can reduce the sight and pigmentation of acne scars, but also you must have patience, because there are not any remedies that cure acne scars fast.

To prevent these scars you must treat the acne early at its appearance, because there is a connection before how long acne lasts and the likelihood of scarring.

Do not ever squeeze or pop your pimples, because this is a very important factor in increasing the size or the number of acne scars. Apply a remedy like benzoyl peroxide or exfoliate your skin, but never squeeze your pimples, although it is very tempting to do so. As we learn about skin damage from free-radicals, scientists came to conclusion that if we use an antioxidant would help a lot in treating these post-inflammatory changes or even permanent scars.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Right Diet For Acne Prevention

If you've ever suffered from acne when you were a teenager or even now as an adult, you might have already heard about some acne myths. Some people claim that oily food is the main culprit for the development of acne because of the 'grease' it contains. Even eating chocolates or junk food like pizza become suspects in the development of acne!

But that's all there is to it: they're just myths. So what exactly is the relationship between your diet and acne? In general, there is no one main culprit which can be pinpointed for the development of acne. It's actually a combination of many factors including your diet, stress, the overproduction of sebum in the glands, hormonal changes and it may even be hereditary - although there is little evidence of that. The point is that the foods that you are eating can hardly be blamed for the development of acne. However, modifying your diet may prevent it from occurring in the future.

Modifying Your Diet to Prevent Acne

If there's one truth to the myths regarding the relationship of food you eat and acne development, it is probably that if you have bad eating habits, it may aggravate the condition. Since acne is one of the most common skin disorders, modifying your diet in such a way that it will become healthier will be a good step towards eliminating acne - or at least preventing it from getting worse.

Let's say that you are already suffering from pimples. If you combine that with putting undue stress to yourself, not having enough sleep and having an unhealthy diet - then you are not doing yourself any favors. So how exactly can you modify your diet in such a way that acne can be minimized or even prevented?

Here are a few tips. First, make sure to have a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. There are certain types of fruits and veggies which give good benefits to the skin - make sure to pack a lot of these items when you fill up your grocery cart.

Also, keeping your diet as varied as possible is a great way to prevent acne from occurring. Some fish greatly help in acne prevention like sardines, tuna, salmon and halibut. Not only will these keep your complexion acne-free, they are also good for your heart. Also look for foods which are rich in vitamins B2, B3, B5 and vitamins A and E; all these help promote healthy skin.

As a general rule, make sure to have a healthy diet which has a balanced level of proteins, fat and sugar. By following these tips, you can be on your way towards being totally acne-free, simply by modifying your diet. So what are you waiting for? Stock up on these food items and keep your skin looking fresh, youthful and unblemished!

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Clear Skin - Easy Steps to Get Glowing Healthy Skin

Clear skin is not something that is unattainable. These clear skin tips explore common skin complaints and looks at the causes, effects and remedies of skin problems such as acne. Clear skin is achieved through eating the right foods plus it improves your hair. Also get tips on foods to avoid, and what foods you should eat to have perfect skin.

Acne is universal, it affects males and females almost equally and occurs in every race. Acne is an extremely common condition which affects about 85 percent of people between the ages of 12 and 24. Acne can be a problem for many people because it affects appearance and self image. Acne causes, there are many external and internal causes of acne. Acne occurs when the oil-secreting glands in the skin are clogged and become inflamed or infected.

Skin blemishes and acne occur commonly on your face so you need to take care of your skin. Skin acne treatments can bring relief to your acne-affected skin and help you get rid of ugly acne blemishes. Skin care exists in various levels in everyone's lives.

Pimples can often be caused by stress. Pimples are a part of life, especially in the warmer months and unfortunately more than 80 percent of us will suffer with more than just one.

Healthy diet helps to clear up skin. Healthy looking skin is among the most frustrating beauty problem areas. Removal of dead and dirt from the surface of skin will give you a younger and healthier looking skin underneath.

Avoid oil-based products such as facial lotions, wash and cosmetics. Avoid too much exposure to the sun, exercise regularly, eat right and keep everything in moderation.

Prevention is better than cure and by maintaining good personal hygiene we can ward off a host of skin ailments.

Clear skin is achievable and while we cannot change our genetic makeup, we can at the very least improve our skin by making it look and feel the best we can. Clear skin tips can only get you so far. Clear skin can be an ongoing battle for many of us but if you follow some simple advice you can see marked improvement.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to Get Rid of Your Acne For Good

Many people who struggle with acne don't believe that there is really a way that you can finally be rid of your condition, however nothing is farther from the truth. The fact is that you really can have the skin you were meant to have, you just have to know how to go about doing it. By studying up on some important information about acne treatment, your skin can begin to clear and when you look in the mirror you can once again be proud of the way you look.

The first and most simple rule of keeping acne away is to keep your skin as clean as you can. To do this, you will need more than just soap and water. One thing every person with acne needs is a topical treatment product, which can be anything from an ointment to a facial scrub. These topical products can be applied to your skin wherever there is acne, usually twice a day for the fastest, most effective results. You can usually find these treatment products in your local drugstore or grocery store at a reasonable price.

You can do other things to make sure your skin stays clean, like being sure not to touch your face through out the day. This is one way that dirt and bacteria can get into the pores on the skin, clogging them up and causing breakouts. Always make sure your wash your hands at least 2 or 3 times a day so if you do have to touch your face they are clean and germ-free. Drinking lots of water is another way to ensure that your skin stays healthy and clear.

Water is great at flushing out all of the toxins and bacteria that clog the thousands of tiny pores in the skin. You should drink an average of 8 glasses of water a day and also be sure to get plenty of fruits and vegetables into your diet as well so you get the right amount of vitamins and protein in your diet. The better you treat your entire body, the better your skin will be.

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

How to Remove Acne Scars Naturally

Like acne treatments, there are also natural treatments for acne scars. Natural sources like herbs can be used to treat acne scars. The healing starts from within and the process is gradual. Although natural remedies take longer to heal, they are safer and have no side effects. However, one should also note that there are rare occasions of allergic reactions.

Here are some of the natural remedies that are widely used:

1. Aloe Vera
2. Cucumber
3. Indian gooseberry

As you have noticed, the above mentioned plants are already great for the skin. Aloe Vera for example, is known to aid in treating several skin disorders. In addition to that, its juice can help reduce the dark color of the scar when applied on it. Cucumber on the other hand is known to help give the skin a smooth glow. Moreover, the cucumber paste can give astonishing results once applied on scars. Finally, the Indian gooseberry in the form of creams and gels is an effective way to prevent scars from appearing once the wound has healed.

Keep in mind though that the scar will not disappear overnight. You have to give it time and consistent application to see results. It is also important to note that other scars are tougher to remove than the others. You may need special natural formula to eliminate them. Here are other effective regimens for scar treatment:

1. Ice cubes
2. Honey
3. Vinegar
4. Tea tree oil
5. Olive oil

The products listed above can help reduce the visibility of the scar when applied on the skin. The ice cubes can be applied on the skin directly as well as the olive oil and the tea tree oil. Others on the other hand have to be mixed with other substances. The honey should be added to the cream you put on your face, you could also add oats and yogurt in the mask. The vinegar has to be mixed with two parts of water before application using a cotton. Keep in mind that vinegar is a strong substance and there are people allergic to it.

Your food and lifestyle also affect your acne condition. Although there is no evidence that link food and acne directly, it has been establish that it greatly affects the improvement of the skin condition. A healthy diet is a key to a healthy body and a healthy body reflects in a healthy skin.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Antibiotics For Acne

Many people go to a doctor to get a prescription medication for their acne which usually consists of antibiotics. What is the purpose of an antibiotic? What is an antibiotic for acne? Antibiotics work by stopping and preventing bacteria infection which leads to the formation of many types of acne such as pustules.

There are many popular antibiotics that can be taken to eliminate acne:

1. Tetracycline - This is the most popular and prescribed antibiotic for acne. The dosage for Tetracycline varies according to severity of the acne sufferer's condition. A common dosage is 500 mg twice a day. When the acne condition improves, the dosage can be reduced to 250 mg twice a day. When acne condition further improves, dosage can be further reduced again or it can already be stopped altogether. Different from other kinds of antibiotics, Tetracycline must be taken only with an empty stomach for best performance. It cannot be taken by pregnant women (new born babies will have defects) or for kids under 9.

2. Doxycycline - Doxycycline is similar to Tetracycline. It is a synthetic derivative of Tetracycline and are all under the same family. Doxycycline had shown prove to effectively treat inflammatory acne. Doxycycline is often used for people who do not respond to or cannot tolerate Erythromycin (will be covered below) or tetracycline. The dosage for doxycycline varies from 50 mg to 100 mg also twice a day. Unlike Tetracycline, Doxycycline must be taken with food or else it can cause significant nausea. Doxycycline is more likely to increase sensitivity to the sun and cause sunburns then Tetracycline though.

3. Minocycline - Minocycline is also another synthetic derivative of Tetracycline. It is of a newer generation. While Doxycycline is good in treating inflammatory acne, Minocycline is good in treating pustular kinds of acne eg pustules and cysts. It has shown to be not as prone to antibiotic resistant as the other antibiotics but have higher chances of severe side effects.

4. Clindamycin - Clindamycin is a topical antibiotic instead of an oral one. It is normally used to treat mild to moderate acne but isn't very strong on its own. Clindamycin can work with BP (benzoyl peroxide) or Adapalene (Differin Gel) to have a synergy effect that increases both parties effectiveness but at the same time increase risk of side effects too.

5. Erythromycin - Notice the similarity in the ending of the names of the antibiotics. Erythromycin is known for its effectiveness in reducing inflammation which results in the elimination of bacteria and also the redness caused by acne. It is taken with or after food. The common dosage for Erythromycin is 250mg to 500 mg twice a day.

6. Azithromycin - Azithromycin is a new generation antibiotic which is derived from Erythromycin. There are medical trials that shows tolerability for Azithromycin is better than Erythromycin and Doxycycline. This antibiotic has minimal side effects as compared to others especially the Tetracycline family. It stops inflammation of acne by interfering with bacteria protein synthesis and thus stopping bacteria from multiplying.

The antibiotics all produces common side effects:

Upset Stomach
Abdominal Pains
Candida (acne causing factor, antibiotics actually produces this too)
Vaginal Yeast Infection
Weakening of Birth Control Pills
Skin Redness

Do not be too afraid to take antibiotics though because side effects have a low chance of happening and even when they do happen, it is most of the time mild.

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

How to Get Rid of Acne Now! Guaranteed Tactics That Let You Keep Your Diet and Remove Acne Fast

Severe acne is often the result of being ignorant to the urgent need for treatment of mild acne. There are many treatments available and the natural ones are effective, as well as easy in treating this severe situation. Some changes to the way you eat may be in order for better results but no drastic changes are necessary.

It is an important part of the cure to increase the amount of water you drink every day. Aim to have at least 2 liters of water so that your skin remains hydrated. Dead skin cells normally cannot be shed effectively and cause blockage of pores, if your skin is dehydrated.

Moreover water consumption in large quantity helps flush out toxins from the body. If you ensure that you undertake sufficient exercises, then the toxins are thrown out of the system with sweat. Ensure that you keep your skin clean and dry after a workout.

There are skin care products which are usually made from synthetic chemicals. Ensure that you use natural products for the skin e.g. tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a known antifungal agent and a good cure against severe acne.

Sunshine and fresh air stimulate creation of vitamin D in the body. Have a 10 minute walk outside to provide the vital oxygen to the skin. It is important to make your skin stronger and healthier.

Stress is a major cause of acne. Exercises, meditation and other stress management techniques help you relax. Did you know that a good night's sleep is a way to relax and de-stress your body and mind?

Antibiotics may cause bacteria from your digestive system to be destroyed which may lead to nutrients being wasted and assimilation of toxins. Probiotics are those foods that provide and establish the good bacteria in the gut. Honey, onions and bananas are great probiotic supplements.

Without changing your diet just add a larger variety of fresh fruits and vegetable, whole foods, nuts and seeds to your diet. Find some interesting recipes from these foods. You can get rid of severe acne and lead a healthier life if you follow all these tips.

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Have Your Skin Back Again! Clear Your Acne Overnight! How to Cure Even the Most Severe Acne!

If acne happens to appear suddenly when you least expect it and the next day is crucial to your looks, there's always a cure to depend on.

1. Sleep and rest. Sleep and rest helps the skin relax and breathe easy and reduce the swelling or the redness of the acne. Sleep helps in the process of healing and the quick recovery of a healthy skin.

2. Plenty of water. Water is a purifier and helps rid the body of the toxins in it. The more water you drink the more the body flushes out toxins. Start your day with at least two to three glasses of water and drink up to at least eight to twelve glasses of water daily.

3. Avoid fried and processed foods. Fried foods contain an overdose of fats which upset the balance in your body. Processed foods contain preservatives and chemical additives like color which are bad for your acne.

4. Indulge in fresh fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables and salads are the best foods to indulge in to take care of your acne. They help retain the water content in your skin and face and thus keep it cool and acne free.

5. Drink plenty of ginger juice. Ginger juice is a healthy drink to have daily. You may add some honey to it when drinking it. Ginger juice helps improve the immune system while reducing the redness and inflammation caused by acne.

6. Tea tree oil application. This remedy of application on the face helps soothe the acne thus clearing the skin of acne. The oil should be applied evenly on the face up to a limit of five times in the day depending on the urgency of the removal of acne.

7. Fruit as an application. Rose water mixed with fresh lemon juice is an excellent application. Strawberry leaves too could be placed over the acne. Papaya juice or tomato paste applications are also wonderful healers of acne.

These seven ways to cure acne overnight are marvelous.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Effective Acne Do's and Don'ts

When you wake up in the morning and notice an ugly zit on your cheek, you want to squeeze it. Stop! That will only worsen your zit. To maintain your skin's softness and get rid of acne, follow some important dos and don'ts.

Do's For Acne Care

  • Once you spot a pimple on your face, switch to a acne face wash that will keep your skin dry. If you can't buy one, just gently wash your face using a mild soap with lukewarm water. That would prevent inflammation.
  • While going into the sunlight, try to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight. The ultraviolet rays from the sum damage the skin cells leading to dehydration and early aging. Use a sunscreen lotion with correct SPF level that suits your skin type.
  • Try not to apply heavy make-up. If it is unavoidable, then make it a point to gently remove it using a cleanser, toner or astringent. Later moisturize your skin gently. This would prevent bacteria from growing in the affected area. Also frequently change your make-up accessories like brushes and blushers.
  • Monitor your diet when you have acne. Try to consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin and remove toxins from the body.

Don'ts If You Have Acne

  • Try to stay away from heat as unnecessary exposure may aggravate the problem. Heat can cause allergic reactions on the skin making the situation grave. Use a sun block, if you cannot avoid exposure to sun. Sunlight dries out the skin, extracting the moisture from the skin pores, causing irritation on the affected area.
  • Squeezing, nailing or picking pimples may cause infection that might spread to the surrounding skin. Don't be tempted to squeeze your pimple as it can form a permanent spot on your skin.
  • It is recommended not use scrubs on your skin as they may cause dryness and roughness. Rubbing the skin with scrubs would deplete protective layers on the skin making it more vulnerable to acne.
  • Maintain a balanced diet and try to avoid junk food as it will produce heat in the body and may also worsen the pimples. Oily, spicy food will unnecessarily cause inflammation.

People affected with acne problems should make it a point to take care of their health and hygiene. These dos and don't serve as helpful tips to maintain a healthy skin and prevent acne.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Medication - Is it the Right Way For Acne Treatment?

Acne treatment medicines are available 'over the counter' at your nearest medical shop. Many of these medicinal products do not show remarkable results, and some are not even scientifically tested in the laboratory. Drugs claiming to give instant results always fail to give the desired output. Hence one should be very careful in selecting an acne treatment.

However there are a few ways to get those pimples off your face -

Bactericidal Products - In case of mild acne, one can opt for over-the-counter products containing benzoyl peroxide. Proper application on the affected region yields good results. This chemical also prevents further acne. As it may cause drying and reddening of the skin after application, it should combined with a moisturizer to restrict the skin from drying. Precaution must be taken as it is an active oxidizing agent and can exhibit bleaching tendency on hair or cloth. It should be used in moderation.

Antibiotics - Antibiotic medicines such as clidamycin, tetracycline or erythromycin, destroy the bacteria in the skin pores. One can opt for either topical or oral use of the medicine. However, oral use may cause some side effects or allergic reactions in the body. As these medicines are not much resistant to the bacteria and are becoming less popular.

Retinoids - These drugs contain retinol i.e Vitamin A and normalize the follicle growth. They have topical application and prevent blockage of the cells. Initially these topical retinoids cause burning of acne and facial reddening.

Oral Retinoid - Long term usage of these pills can be effective in reducing acne problem. Isotretinoin, a Vitamin A derivative, acts upon the oil secreting glands, thereby, reducing the secretions from them. These medicines have a longer lasting effect than other antibiotics for treating severe acne problems.

Hormone Medicines - Hormonal treatments are found to be effective on acne in females. These oral contraceptives suppress the secretions of sebaceous glands. Diane 35/Dianette is used in case of high levels of androgen in blood, thus improving the condition of acne. In severe cases, some dermatologists also inject cortisone in the pimple directly, which flattens the zit gradually.

Laser Surgery - The laser is used to prevent zits either by destroying the sebaceous gland, follicle sac or by forming oxygen in the bacteria. Acne laser treatments are still under the scanner for their usage, as they can cause allergies and dryness of the skin.

Other Treatments - Over-the-counter gels containing Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) treat acne reducing hyper-pigmentation of the skin. Azelaic acid and Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) are helpful in reducing mild pimples. Ibuprofen or Naproxen and Calendula have anti-inflammatory effects and are used to treat moderate zits. Detoxification is another successful method of reducing acne; it helps in cleansing the body of toxins caused by pollutants, drugs, cosmetics and food.

The result of these acne treatments may vary from person to person. Hence it is always advised to consult a physician before using any acne medication.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here's What You Need to Do If You Want to Get Rid of Acne

Getting rid of acne is something that many people consider to be not possible - numerous people have attempted many treatments without any success. It's sad as dealing with acne is a massive pain! However, It's Important to understand that it's totally possible to get rid of acne once you understand how to effectively treat it.

Let's speedily look at why almost all acne products don't end up working.

Virtually all products are formulated to only treat pimples you already have rather than taking prevention into mind and actually treating the causes of acne - this is a massive problem!. They only act to get rid of zits one at a time instead of treating acne at the heart of the problem.

This is a massive flaw! There's just no point in attacking one zit if you aren't doing anything to prevent new pimples! This is a huge annoyance of mine and I see many individuals wasting cash because of it.

To truly cure your acne, you need to use a system that deals with all of the things that cause zits. There are four major ones: excess oil on the skin, bacteria that causes acne, inflammation of the skin and plugged up skin pores. Knocking out pimples means you must address every single one of these causes.

You won't locate anything really useful in the drugstores, but there are acne products out there that will actually clear your skin. These will work as a system and usually use a couple of steps to ensure you're fighting the causes in the right way.

You'll be impressed at how quickly you can get results by taking this route. In under a week your skin will show hefty improvement and quickly after your skin will look better than you may have imagined. Being able to wake up, glance in the mirror and see acne-free skin is a wonderful feeling.

Eliminating your pimples is not only possible, but it's really simple once you locate the appropriate treatment system.

Finding the best acne treatment isn't complicated once you understand what to look for.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Here's the Real Way to Get Rid of Acne - A Natural Acne Treatment

Getting clear skin is something that many people consider to be not possible - numerous people have used numerous products that didn't work. And let's face it, having acne is a enormous pain! However, you need to know that it's completely possible to clear pimples once you know how to effectively treat it.

First, let's quickly look at why the acne treatment products you buy in the drugstores hardly ever produce results. It's crucial to understand this if you want to clear your skin.

Almost all treatments are designed to just treat existing pimples rather than preventing and really attacking the causes of pimples - this is a massive problem!. They don't actually address the problem, they only try to treat one pimple at a time after they have already popped up.

This is a big flaw! There isn't a point in attacking one pimple if you aren't doing anything to stop new ones! This is a big annoyance of mine and I see many individuals wasting their money because of it.

You need to use a treatment that targets all of the elements that can cause acne if you want to clear your skin. There are four major causes: excess oil on the skin, acne causing bacteria, skin inflammation and clogged skin pores. Knocking out acne involves treating each of the causes.

You can't locate anything extremely effective in the stores, but there are acne products out there that can actually clear your skin. These will work as a system and typically use a few steps to ensure you are targeting the causes appropriately.

Once you use a product that actually treats the factors that cause zits, you will see results within a weeks time. Being able to wake up, look in the mirror and see clear skin is an amazing feeling.

Don't get down if you have tried treatments before that weren't effective! You will get rid of your acne when you obtain the best treatment for your skin.

Finding the best acne treatment isn't complicated once you understand what to look for.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Start Using All the Latest Treatments to Get Rid of Acne

No longer do you have to continue putting all your faith in those "over the counter" acne treatments. Did you ever wonder why no matter how often you use them your acne ALWAYS comes back.

You need to understand that all those "over the counter" acne treatments are doing exactly what they want it to do. The manufacturing comes want to make a product that will keep you coming back. So what they do is they will make a product that will get rid of acne but will not prevent it. As long as your acne is going away, you will continue to use them.

What you want to do is find a treatment that will clear up what ever is causing your acne. Things like bacteria, clogging of pores, oily, and/or dry skin are major reasons for acne. There are treatments out there that will not only get rid of acne but help you clear your skin of those things. You can find lotions and soaps that are made for oily or dry skin. Just like you can find soaps and lotions that will kill bacteria's.

Believe it or not but changing things like soaps can be an alternative to get rid of your acne. The laundry detergent that you wash your clothes in may even cause you to break out. The slightest thing could cause your skin to react in a negative way which will cause you to break out.

So stop wasting your time with all those "over the counter" treatments. Learn how to prevent the acne that finally get rid of acne once and for all.

If you are ready to find some of the latest and easiest home remedies to Get Rid Of Acne then read on.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

3 Mind Blowing Natural Ways to Get Rid of Acne Real Fast - Here is Something You Shouldn't Miss

If you want to fight acne then you need not look further away from your kitchen cabinet since some of the best weapons could be present in your home itself. Here are 3 best natural cures for acne...

Cure #1 - Use honey with cinnamon. You can take 1 tsp of cinnamon powder and add 3 tbsp of honey to it. Mix it into a paste and apply the mixture only on your pimples. Leave it overnight and wash off the paste in the morning with warm water. You can also consume this paste since it works equally well from within your body to quickly eliminate many types of harmful bacteria from inside your body and can also be helpful for a host of other ailments including stomach ache, stomach ulcers, etc.

Cure #2 - Use Tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that can kill all bacteria present in those persistent zits. It can be applied on the skin with a cotton ball. Tea tree oil is in fact used in many skin-care products that are available in the market. You can also use lavender oil in place of tea tree oil.

Cure #3 - Use yogurt and oatmeal. You can mix fine oatmeal with plain yogurt until it forms a thick paste. Apply it on your face and leave it until it dries. Oatmeal acts as a natural scrub and also removes excess oil from the pores on your skin. You can then remove the paste with warm water and pat it with a towel to dry it off. You can then use any antibacterial cream or lotion to finish this process.

Use these 3 natural cures and watch your acne beat a hasty retreat. You will have to use them regularly if you want to prevent a sneak attack by your acne after some time.

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Best Acne Herbal Remedies - 5 Tips You Can Use Now

If you have ever suffered or suffering from acne, then you could very well connect with millions of other sufferers in the endless search for the best acne herbal remedies or in fact the best of any kind of remedy that will make your nemesis, the acne, to disappear. Though you can get hold of countless lotions, creams and other other treatments, it is always advised and better for you and your skin to find a natural way like herbal remedies to to treat your affliction.

Herbs have been used for centuries to treat not only acne but a hoard of other ailments. These herbs are time tested and effective when used correctly. Below your can find five best herbal remedies that have been proven to treat acne effectively.

Neem (Azadirachta indica) can be used to treat skin ailments, particularly acne, externally and internally. It is one of the most powerful natural blood purifier and detoxifier. Scientific studies have proven that Neem can improve the immune system by activating the lymphocyte cells against infections.

Shudda Guggul Capsule is a herbal remedy that has purifying and rejuvenating powers. It is also used to cure other skin diseases like eczema.

Haemafine syrup is another herbal remedy that treats acne by purifying the blood. It improves your complexion and gives a natural radiance to the skin. It is one of the best herbal remedies for pimples, acne and other skin problems.

Aloe gel has astringent and antibacterial properties that can cure acne effectively when applied externally. It is obtained from Aloe Vera, a herb that has become very popular with its power to treat many skin ailments.

Calendula is a herb that helps to heal the skin tissue. This is available as cream and can be used to cure acne successfully.

Apart from these acne herbal remedies, there are numerous other herbs like tea tree oil, witch hazel, lavender and many more that can effectively act as remedies for treating acne.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Reasons That You Have Acne - Causes and Cures For Acne Without the Side Effects of Medication

Having acne can be quite embarrassing. Just because most of us are no longer teenagers, it doesn't mean that we are not able to get acne. Having acne can make a person feel very uncomfortable in public situations. Below are some things that will help you get rid of your acne.

There are a few different reasons that a person may have acne. Sometimes it is just a genetic problem that has been passed down through the family. While this can be a problem, it is not one that cannot be cured.

If you are eating a lot of greasy foods such as cheeseburgers, pizza or anything deep fried, you are setting yourself up to have an acne problem. Eating foods that have an excess amount of fat in them will also cause breakouts. If you want your condition to improve then you should cut these types of foods out of your diet.

Many times acne can be caused by excessive sweating. Some people are just born sweaters and there is nothing they can do about it. Not to worry however as there are cures for acne when people have this type of condition. If you are not a natural sweater then you need to take better care of your skin.

Make sure that you do not let yourself sit in a sweat soaked shirt or cloths longer than you have to. The sweat will actually clog up your pores on the skin and cause a breakout.

While there are claims made that over the counter medications can cure your acne, it usually is not true. Most over the counter and dermatologist prescribed medications do not get rid of the problem. These types of medications can also have some very nasty side effects.

Don't underestimate the power of home remedies. There are many remedies that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Get Rid of Acne Overnight - Here is the Ultimate Cure You Have Always Been Looking For

Acne is a common problem amongst the teens and the adults as well. This is one such nagging skin problem that can make you depressed as well. Acne erupts due to the hormonal changes that our bodies encounter during our adolescence; amongst adults, acne eruptions occur due to improper dietary habits and excessive use of chemicals and other substances. There are times when you just need to get rid of acne over night as you have a party to attend the next evening and you simply don't know how to go about happens right? I have some solutions that could help you in getting rid of acne over night. Have a look....

Natural Acne Care-

Natural remedies can help in getting rid of acne very quickly. Tea tree oil is one of the best and the fastest acne healer. The oil has anti-fungal properties and can be used after washing the face with cold water or with typical alkaline cleanser. Tea tree oil can either be applied in the morning or at night before retiring to bed.

Use Milk and Lime-

There are man natural remedies for acne and another potential one is milk and fresh lime. Bring the milk to boil and then add a few drops of lime juice to it and allow it to boil. Then let this mixture cool and you can use this for washing your face. This would help in taking off all the oiliness from your face and would also help in getting rid of blackheads.

Papaya for Healthy Skin-

Papaya has the perfect ingredients to prevent acne, but of course, it has to be raw. Raw papaya needs to be applied on the effected parts of the skin. This would not only heal your acne but would also prevent the acne from spreading to other parts of the skin.

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