Sunday, September 27, 2009

What Causes Pimples and How Can it Be Treated Without Any Side Effects

Pimples are caused by infected or clogged pores. The main reason for the development of pimples is after the infection of white or blackheads. Frequent pimple breakouts are known as acne. There are plenty of reasons available to know what causes pimples. The cause of acne includes keratosis pirates, bacterial folliculitis and even skin conditions.

These conditions can be treated in the primary level itself. If they are neglected then they may result in severe acne. When it is ignored you'll end up with permanent scars on your face. There are millions of pores available in our skin. They are connected to the oil glands and when these glands are blocked with dirt and this is what causes pimples to outbreak.

The major reason of pimples outbreak in women is at the time of menstrual period due to the hormonal changes that occur in that particular duration. In order to cure or avoid this problem ointments and creams are available in pharmacies. If you feel like the condition is worse than expected then it is advised to consult a doctor to get proper treatment for your acne.

The best method is to address the acne before it exists. It is recommended to wash your face with skin cleansers or with soap for at least twice a day which keeps away the bacteria from entering into your skin pores and helps you in avoiding acne. But if the problem persists from the beginning then it is recommended not to peel out the pus by your own as it may end up with a scar and further infection.

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