Friday, October 23, 2009

Body Acne Treatment - Why Getting Diagnosed is Critically Important

Treating acne is easy when you know the type that you suffer from. That is why you need to get in touch with your doctor in a hurry, especially if the condition continues to get worse despite all that you take and do. There are many ranges of the disease, and many ways in which it manifests itself. You don't want to try to tackle it on your own, because the acne treatment you choose could be the wrong one for you.

There are several techniques you can treat acne with, but you need a professional to prescribe them to you after taking a closer look at your condition and properly diagnosing it. It would be a mistake to embark on something that could backfire and leave you with worse skin conditions thatn before, don't you think?

You might have seen a friend treating acne some way, and assumed the same would work for you. But you couldn't be more wrong. Your skin types are different; you might have to treat the condition in a different way. This why it is important that you get to know of your skin type and what is ideal in treating it, before going ahead.

Knowing the type of acne you suffer from should be the precursor any treatment that you have in mind. You don't want to be aiming at a mosquito with a gun, I tell you. If you plan to heal, you have to do it the way you are directed to by a dermatologist. This will save you from incurring costs on treatments that are not effective and may not be working the way you want.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Skin Care Treatments - Skin Care Treatments and Dealing With Hormonal and Menstrual Cycles

An estimated 80% of all people get acne at some point in there lives. Acne is just not restricted to teenagers. People in there 20's, 30's, 40's and so on are often threatened by acne. Acne affects men and woman equally, just sometimes in different stages of life. Hormonal and Menstrual Cycles are phases in which breakouts and flare ups occur more frequently for woman.

Androgens are hormones released from the adrenal glands, ovaries and testes. Testosterone is an androgen hormone. While it is typically thought of as a male hormone, it is present in both men and women. As the follicles are filled with excess oil, they become blocked more easily. The blockage of the follicle creates an acne breakout.

Men and Woman are prone to acne problems during puberty, but hormonal changes during menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause effect the emergence of acne in woman after puberty. Estrogen and progestin are major hormonal players in woman. Menstruation, pregnancy and menopause all deal with the imbalances of these hormones.

When talking about skin care treatments, one most open their eyes to the many products of natural skin care offered. Don't put yourself in danger with some commercial products that usually come with harsh or damaging chemicals.

There are a number of terrific skin treatments that are obtainable in the marketplace today, and with some beneficial guidelines you'll find it very easy to select the top product for natural care for your acne. Acne is a curable skin condition that can be easily removed by implementing a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits.

Good basic skin care will help keep the skin healthy. Cleanse the face morning and night with a gentle cleanser, such as Dove or Neutrogena. Avoid toners or astringents if they seem irritating. The skin is oftentimes more sensitive during pregnancy, so any skin care products you choose should be mild. Always follow up with a light moisturizing cream, preferably fragrance free.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Acne Solution - Best Solution For Acne Problems That Work

Are you a teenager or adult who is suffering from acne? I know that you are doing your best for finding acne solutions that really work. Here are some tips that you can follow in order to get rid of acne problem:

Avoid picking, pressing or rubbing your pimples, in order to prevent more sebum production and further infection.

Keep your face clean, wash your face 2 to 3 times a day using a mild soup or as recommended by your dermatologist. It is better if you can buy sulfur-based soap or benzoyl-peroxide if your skin is too oily. Avoid brushing or using sponges to your face. In order to avoid acne, avoid over-washing your face.

Acne is caused by food allergy not from food but, if you are suffering from acne try to avoid fried food, spicy food, sugar, dairy products, deep-fried food, meat, nut butters etc. If you feel that your diet menu is becoming very small, add some fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc to alleviate acne problem.

Drink plenty of water daily. Water helps eliminate toxins and other harmful products out from and also prevent acne flare-ups. Try to go for 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. Water is also a natural cleanser.

Avoid make up or use water based make up and avoid oily products totally, when suffering from acne, as products used for make up are made up of harmful chemicals and can clog your pores, cause more blackheads and pimples.

Go for exercise daily, as exercise helps in maintaining good blood circulation and elimination of toxins in the form of sweat. Try to make your life stress free by going to yoga or meditation classes regularly.

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