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The Social Impact of Acne and Acne Effects - So Get Rid of Acne Now!

A famous quote by --Sulzberger & Zaldems, in the year of 1948 about acne is simple, yet true. "There is no single disease which causes more psychic trauma, more maladjustment between parents and children, more general insecurity and feelings of inferiority and greater sums of psychic suffering than does acne vulgaris." Many people today are suffering from acne's social effects mostly in teens and some adults. Their is no known evidence or credible research for an acne cure or acne treatment to help people get rid of acne. Although if you get on a good acne regimen and find the right acne skin care products then their have been many cases of success.

Doctors, dermatologists and research has shown that cases of the psychological and social effects of adult acne and in teen acne have not been appreciated until most recent. The reasons for the effects are quite obvious. Almost everyone has had a case of acne in one form or another. In all most all cases,acne will go away on its own. While there have been serious cases of acne in most cases, acne is not a serious threat to anyone's health. Furthermore, until most recently in the last 20 years there was almost no known way to treat acne.

Acne if nothing else in most cases will cast a shadow on a persons social life and over all appearance. Recent research has found the following as very common among people with acne

Poor social life

Lower self-esteem

Lower self-confidence


Feelings of depression


Feelings of frustration

Higher rate of unemployment


Feelings of hate

Anxiety disorders

The effects of acne are usually will have a form of a snowball effect on a persons life. The negative social and psychological effects can have a huge impact on a persons life and cause a person not to experience everything that life has to offer. So if you have acne or know some one who does make sure they get a good acne regimen and get the right acne skin care products. Help this person, whomever it may be get back their life and take control back.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Adult Acne - How To Care For Skin Prone To Adult Acne

The scientific term for adult acne is Acne rosacea. It appears in the form of pus-filled, red colored eruptions especially on the nose and the cheeks. The occurrence gives the whole face an unsightly appearance.

Adult acne skin care starts with paying close attention to the changes happening in the patient. The vital point to keep in mind is that adult skin is not as resilient and elastic as that of teenagers. All harsh chemicals and products, alkaline soaps that strip off the natural oil of the skin, should be strictly avoided. The face must be washed with mild cleansers specially formulated for oily skin. Excessive washing can stimulate excess oil secretion to replenish the oil balance of the skin, and result in aggravated conditions. A cleanser that contains salicylic acid soothes the inflammations and unclogs the pores to prevent acne breakouts. However it must be used in moderate quantities to preserve the moisture content.

The adult skin lacks the ability to retain moisture effectively after it is subjected to abrasive and dehydrating actions of benzoyl peroxide. Hence the application of hypoallergenic, non-pore-clogging water-based moisturizers may be needed, especially if the skin feels tight and dry after washing.

A gel or lotion that contains silica produces a mattefying effect by soaking up the excess oil. Clay masks are also very useful. Before going out into the sun, a water-based sun-screen with SPF 15 must be used. All make-up must strictly be oil-free in composition. Any cosmetic that contains alcohol or witch-hazel may excessively dry out the skin and hence must strictly be avoided. The face-powder can give a matte look, by controlling the shine due to excess oil, but it might also clog the pores, triggering bouts of acne.

To prevent adult acne, exfoliating the skin is also essential, especially after a long day at work. A retinoid lotion or serum can be used for this purpose. These are derivatives of Vitamin A. these promote the manufacture of collagen by the skin, helping in reduction of wrinkles and sunspots. The skin feels firm and supple. However, sensitiveness to the rays of the sun is enhanced, so these products should be preferably used at bedtime. A patient who is regularly using retinoid products should do well to stay away from waxing or microdermainbrasion because these products end to hinder the self-healing properties of the skin.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sulfur - Acne Treatment and Beauty Mineral

Sulfur is a mineral often found near hot springs and volcanic craters. The rotten egg smell of sulfur is due to sulfur dioxide gas escaping into the air. A form of sulfur can be found in a variety of high protein foods such as meats, poultry, fish and eggs as well as garlic, onions, brussels sprouts, kale wheat germ, and asparagus.

Roughly 0.25 percent of our body contains sulfur. It is most prevalent in keratin which fortifies your nails, skin and hair. It is necessary in the body’s production of collagen which gives your skin elasticity and a youthful glow. Because is plays such a significant role in our appearance it is considered a “beauty mineral”.

The virtues of sulfur have been touted for thousands of years. The Romans enjoyed the benefits of sulfuric waters and soaked in them to provide pain relief, and anti-aging benefits. Today, sulfur is used as a primary ingredient in many topical skin ointments to treat a variety of conditions including psoriasis, eczema, folliculitis and acne.

Acne occurs when the body begins to over produce both oil and cells located within the sebaceous follicles. Overproduction leads to clogging, and clogging encourages bacteria growth which then creates inflammation. Sulfur is a keratolytic agent. This simply means that sulfur encourages the shedding of dead skin cells. In doing so, the sulfur based treatment lessens the acne symptoms. It is also believed that the compounds found within sulfur retard the growth of bacteria by reducing the production of acid they require in order to flourish.

There are a variety of sulfur based acne products such a topical ointments and sulfur soaps which can be used to treat acne. Dead Sea salts are also very high in sulfur and therefore are an excellent option when treating body acne. In addition, a soak in Dead Sea salts can provide the substantial benefit of sulfur as well as 21 other essential minerals, without the potent smell of sulfur. And because sulfur is an effective treatment of numerous skin conditions, as well as being an anti-aging mineral, those who use it come to find its effects to be exponential.

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3 Delicious Ways to Treat Acne With Food

What's the best way to get rid of acne: Fill your body with bacteria destroying antibiotics or attempt to boost your body's anti-inflammatory response? Here's a hint. According to a groundbreaking review of the causes of acne by a group of seven dermatologists, much of the success of modern acne drugs like retinoids and isotretinoin may result from their anti-inflammatory properties- not necessarily bacterial eradication.

Besides drugs, several foods also impart anti-inflammatory and acne abating properties to the skin. For example, a report in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found that the nutrient lutein (which is abundant in tomatoes) significantly reduced the inflammatory response and skin swelling resulting from ultraviolet radiation exposure in mice skin.

Like lutein-rich tomatoes, apples confer anti-inflammatory properties to the skin. Apples contain a naturally occurring group of chemicals called flavanoids. Flavanoids possess anti-oxidant qualities that can guard against radical damage in the body. Moreover, research suggests that apples can minimize gastrointestinal inflammation.

While many foods do carry acne preventing traits, the acne drug salicylic acid actually comes from plants. You can glean salicylic acid from foods like oranges, strawberries, raisins, cucumbers and tomatoes. Herbs like cinnamon, curry powder, paprika, oregano and thyme also boast large amounts of salicylic acid. You can combine these foods in numerous ways to create your own acne preventing dish. Here are three easy to prepare meals to inspire the anti-inflammatory chef in you.

1. Acne Curative Curry Chicken

2 skinless chicken breasts
1 tomato

1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 tablespoon crushed garlic
1 tablespoon of curry powder
1 tablespoon of thyme
1 tablespoon of oregano

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Cleanse the chicken breasts. Next, smooth the chicken breasts with the olive oil. Rub on the crushed garlic. Finally add the remaining herbs to the chicken and massage them into the chicken breasts.

Place the chicken in a baking pan. Slice the tomato in half and place it into the baking pan to add moisture to the chicken as it cooks. Cover the pan and place into the oven for 30 minutes or until the chicken has completely cooked. Let the chicken cool for ten minutes after removing from the oven before serving the dish.

2. Skin Soothing Salad

1 cup arugula leaves
1 diced cucumber
1 diced tomato
1 tablespoon of raisins

Toss salad ingredients together in a bowl

Salad Dressing
1/3 cup of fresh squeezed orange juice
1/2 teaspoon paprika (hot powder) adjust amount to taste
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon of dried rosemary powder

Blend dressing ingredients on high for 30-45 seconds with a hand blender. Drizzle dressing over salad.

3. Anti-Acne Apple Dessert:

2 Sugar-free oatmeal cookies
1 large apple
1 teaspoon of cinnamon

Place the apples on a small plate. Slice the apple into thin pieces. Place the apples slices atop the cookies. Sprinkle cinnamon over the apples.

In short, let food be your acne medicine. Medicine got its start in forests where women and man sought natural cures for the ills of the day. Researchers still comb the Earth to discover drugs for humankind's modern ailments. You too can take part in this medicinal quest by using food to transform your kitchen into an on-demand acne pharmacy.


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Searching For a Miracle Acne Cure

The development of acne, although common, can cause emotional distress and embarrassment, caused by the changing appearance of the skin. People spend millions of dollars a year trying to find a miracle acne cure, but unfortunately, finding a quick fix is never easy.

Ultimately, each individual has their own unique skin, so what works for some, may not work for all. Finding an acne cure depends largely on each individual's distinctive skin type. Acne cases rang in severity from mild to moderate to severe.

And while mild cases can often be treated successfully with over-the-counter medications, moderate or severe acne should be examined by a doctor or dermatologist, who may recommend prescription strength medications. In some unique cases, a combination of over-the-counter and prescription medications may be recommended.

But no matter what the situation, medications will need to work in conjunction with a daily skin care routine to achieve the greatest chance for success.

Finding a successful acne cure should begin with the utilization of oil-free skin products, noncomedogenic cosmetics, and oil-free hair products. Because acne is caused by the over-production of oil within the skin, oil-based products only serve to aggravate the skin and cause an acne flare up. Doctors even go so far as to recommend using oil-free hair products because of the oil that can build-up on the hairline.

Ultimately, the key to finding an acne cure is finding those products that mitigate oil production. It is essential to gently wash the skin with a mild, dermatologist recommended cleanser; but be conservative in your technique. Excessive washing can lead to increased irritation and inflammation.

Subsequently, washing of the skin should be limited to twice a day and excessive handling of the skin through touching, picking, squeezing or popping of blemishes should be avoided.

Contrary to popular belief, sun tanning is not an acne cure. While the sun may conceal the redness and irritation of acne prone skin, the disguise is short lived. Overall, the sun will cause more long range effects to the skin, some of which are far more dangerous and scarring than acne. Stay out of the sun and use a mild, oil-free sunscreen at all times.

Fifteen-percent of individuals who suffer with acne have sweating to blame for the worsening of their condition. Certain types of sports equipment or sports helmets may also cause an increase in acne due to perspiration. In this case, an acne cure may be as simple as wearing loose clothing and washing gently after excessive perspiration.

Every day more and more research is being done to understand acne and its causes; and the continued development of medications and effective treatment plans give cause for hope. Researchers understand that they must thoroughly examine the root of the problem in order to develop an effective acne cure.

But for now, acne sufferers can take confidence in knowing that there are several plans to follow and medications available. Consistently following the plan outlined by a dermatologist will control acne, providing an individual acne cure tailor made for your particular skin.

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How To Improve Your Acne With Herbs For Acne

Some herbs for acne can naturally and effectively improve acne condition. First, we must know what causes acne. Then we need to choose the specific herbs for acne to improve the root cause of this disturbing skin problem.

We often treat acne by applying cream to affected area. Some even take drug medications. Usually, these methods only give temporary relieve. It deals with the outer symptoms but neglected the inner root cause for acne.

Before taking any supplements or herbs, you must first change your lifestyles and diet since it directly affects your acne conditions. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) points out excessive body heat, especially liver heat, as one of the main cause for acne. Following are simple guides for reducing your body heat.

1) Reduce sun exposure

Acne problem is more common among people living in tropical country because the weather is hotter. Exposure to sun raises your body heat.

2) Sleep early

Late sleeping time increases your body heat. Our body operates on our biology clock everyday. In TCM, at each two hours interval, energy changes in our body. These energies affect our body functions. Late sleeping disturbs its balances, causing heat build up. So to improve acne, remember to sleep earlier, preferably before 11 pm.

3) Reduce fried, grilled and spicy food

These are foods high in heat that you must control.

4) Drink more water

Water absorbs body heat and passes it out through urine.

5) Control anger and stress

Therefore, the first types of herbs for acne are herbs that effectively reduce body heat.

For fast results, we recommend Five Leaves Ginseng herbs (Rhinacanthus Nasutus) and White Crane Lingzhi herbs (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum). These herbs are high in medicinal values and can quickly reduce your body heat.

The second cause for acne is hormone imbalance especially among teens.

Out of the many herbs and natural supplements, Royal Jelly is the best supplement to regulate body hormones. Besides, Royal Jelly can nourish your liver with its high content of natural nutrients. A healthier liver makes your skin smoother.

The third cause for acne is accumulation of toxics in the body.

If you have constipation, you need to aware that your intestines will absorb toxics from the feces. The toxics will circulate to various body parts through blood circulation. If these toxics arrive to your face, it certainly causes acne. Therefore, you need to cure your constipation before curing your acne.

One of the herbs for acne to detoxify your blood and liver is Ganoderma Lucidum. This herb has strong detoxification ability with its high content of Organic Germanium and other minerals. By neutralizing and discharging accumulated toxic out of body, Ganoderma Lucidum cleanses your blood and liver. This improves acne naturally and effectively.

That is why taking Ganoderma Lucidum herbs for acne make your skin smoother. However, for serious case, be prepare for its temporary negative reaction. The detoxification effect removes excessive toxics through the skin, causing more acne at the beginning. When detoxification completes, acne automatically reduce. This is a very normal process.

In addition, taking Ganoderma Lucidum herbs for acne can improve blood circulation and increase immune system. This further aids the healing of acne.

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