Monday, May 07, 2007

Searching For a Miracle Acne Cure

The development of acne, although common, can cause emotional distress and embarrassment, caused by the changing appearance of the skin. People spend millions of dollars a year trying to find a miracle acne cure, but unfortunately, finding a quick fix is never easy.

Ultimately, each individual has their own unique skin, so what works for some, may not work for all. Finding an acne cure depends largely on each individual's distinctive skin type. Acne cases rang in severity from mild to moderate to severe.

And while mild cases can often be treated successfully with over-the-counter medications, moderate or severe acne should be examined by a doctor or dermatologist, who may recommend prescription strength medications. In some unique cases, a combination of over-the-counter and prescription medications may be recommended.

But no matter what the situation, medications will need to work in conjunction with a daily skin care routine to achieve the greatest chance for success.

Finding a successful acne cure should begin with the utilization of oil-free skin products, noncomedogenic cosmetics, and oil-free hair products. Because acne is caused by the over-production of oil within the skin, oil-based products only serve to aggravate the skin and cause an acne flare up. Doctors even go so far as to recommend using oil-free hair products because of the oil that can build-up on the hairline.

Ultimately, the key to finding an acne cure is finding those products that mitigate oil production. It is essential to gently wash the skin with a mild, dermatologist recommended cleanser; but be conservative in your technique. Excessive washing can lead to increased irritation and inflammation.

Subsequently, washing of the skin should be limited to twice a day and excessive handling of the skin through touching, picking, squeezing or popping of blemishes should be avoided.

Contrary to popular belief, sun tanning is not an acne cure. While the sun may conceal the redness and irritation of acne prone skin, the disguise is short lived. Overall, the sun will cause more long range effects to the skin, some of which are far more dangerous and scarring than acne. Stay out of the sun and use a mild, oil-free sunscreen at all times.

Fifteen-percent of individuals who suffer with acne have sweating to blame for the worsening of their condition. Certain types of sports equipment or sports helmets may also cause an increase in acne due to perspiration. In this case, an acne cure may be as simple as wearing loose clothing and washing gently after excessive perspiration.

Every day more and more research is being done to understand acne and its causes; and the continued development of medications and effective treatment plans give cause for hope. Researchers understand that they must thoroughly examine the root of the problem in order to develop an effective acne cure.

But for now, acne sufferers can take confidence in knowing that there are several plans to follow and medications available. Consistently following the plan outlined by a dermatologist will control acne, providing an individual acne cure tailor made for your particular skin.

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