Saturday, April 25, 2009

Have Your Skin Back Again! Clear Your Acne Overnight! How to Cure Even the Most Severe Acne!

If acne happens to appear suddenly when you least expect it and the next day is crucial to your looks, there's always a cure to depend on.

1. Sleep and rest. Sleep and rest helps the skin relax and breathe easy and reduce the swelling or the redness of the acne. Sleep helps in the process of healing and the quick recovery of a healthy skin.

2. Plenty of water. Water is a purifier and helps rid the body of the toxins in it. The more water you drink the more the body flushes out toxins. Start your day with at least two to three glasses of water and drink up to at least eight to twelve glasses of water daily.

3. Avoid fried and processed foods. Fried foods contain an overdose of fats which upset the balance in your body. Processed foods contain preservatives and chemical additives like color which are bad for your acne.

4. Indulge in fresh fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables and salads are the best foods to indulge in to take care of your acne. They help retain the water content in your skin and face and thus keep it cool and acne free.

5. Drink plenty of ginger juice. Ginger juice is a healthy drink to have daily. You may add some honey to it when drinking it. Ginger juice helps improve the immune system while reducing the redness and inflammation caused by acne.

6. Tea tree oil application. This remedy of application on the face helps soothe the acne thus clearing the skin of acne. The oil should be applied evenly on the face up to a limit of five times in the day depending on the urgency of the removal of acne.

7. Fruit as an application. Rose water mixed with fresh lemon juice is an excellent application. Strawberry leaves too could be placed over the acne. Papaya juice or tomato paste applications are also wonderful healers of acne.

These seven ways to cure acne overnight are marvelous.

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