Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How To Be Acne Free - The Simple But Highly Effective Tips And Tricks To Cure Acne

I know how it feels to have acne because I was heavily troubled by acne too. Acne causes some serious pain and the worse thing is that it makes you look a lot less attractive. One might say, to get rid of acne takes a lot of time and effort. That's partly true. The whole truth to that is that if you know just what methods work on acne, you can then treat your acne and get rid of those zits sitting on your face easily and effortlessly. If you are absolutely clueless on how to get rid of acne, or want to learn some very effective methods to get rid of acne, this article will show you exactly how.

1. Don't Worry About The Acne You Currently Have

This is always the first thing I like to tell whenever people come looking for acne advice. Most people are so tensed up about their acne condition. Maybe you are very frustrated about your acne too. But I want you to relax and think for a moment. Nothing comes overnight without any effort. When it comes to getting rid of acne, it's always better to be realistic and relaxed.

2. Washing your face the proper way.

This is the first step in getting rif of your acne forever. Maintaining the hygiene of your skin will make sure your acne heals faster. Doing so also helps prevent future acne breakouts. The correct way to washing your face starts with choosing the right cleanser. There are generally three types of skin, namely dry, oily or combination. Use only the cleansers that suit your skin type. Also, never wash your face more than three times a day as that will damage your skin texture and cause your acne to heal slower.

3. Topical acne treating methods - Benzoyl peroxide vs Tea tree oil vs Any other solutions

Treating your acne topically, or on the surface, is mainly about killing the bacterias that cause acne. Benzoyl peroxide and tea tree oil do the job with very good results. What about the others such as salicylic acid, sulphur and so on? For your information, they don't work as well as those companies claim them to be. And by the way, most branded and popular acne treating solutions use benzoyl peroxide as their main active ingredient. You can use a cheap Oxy or expensive Proactiv solution, and the results should be very similar. But in terms of treating acne, tea tree oil is really the king. It's more effective and cheaper so make sure you get one from your nearest health store.

4. Carrots

Carrots are great for acne because they contain tons of vitamin A. The lack of vitamin A alone can cause acne and on the other hand, when your body is supplied with enough amount of vitamin A, it's possible to get rid of acne. Red carrots consumed in larger porportion can help you achieve this.

5. Get more fibers - Vegetables and fruits.

Fibers play a very important role in detoxifying your body. Detoxification works on acne because it strengthens the immune system and hormonal system. Getting rid of unwanted toxins from your body also cause your skin to stop working as a detoxifying agent. Acne is one of the many ways your skin use to detoxify your body according to some experts.

6. Zinc is essential for quick acne removal too since it improves your immune system.

7.Curing your acne naturally is better than most conventional treatments.

That is because natural treatment does not cause you an arm and a leg to deliver the results. Most of the time, natural remedies do not cause any serious side effects, unlike most conventional medications. Some of the best ways to get rid of acne naturally include:

  • Detoxification
  • Aloe vera
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Eating more vegetables and fruits
  • Consuming more ginger and garlic

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