Friday, October 31, 2008

Acne Free Skin in 3 Days - Is it Possible?

If you have had acne and looked for acne treatments online, chances are high that you have come across a website that promises to clear up your acne in just as short as 72 hours! But, the question is, does it really work?

As someone who has had the said problem, I have ventured into many acne cures and treatments which did not only fail me but were also expensive. When I came across the website offering the 3 day acne cure, I decided to try it. So, I ordered and purchased the book. Once again, I was disappointed. The 3 days acne program which promised me an acne-free skin was about a 3-day apple fast. This only means that for 3 days, you have to feed on apples only. Although I knew it would be a tough thing to follow, I gave it a go and began fasting.

The rationale behind the apple fast that it cleanses your body of toxins and especially washes out acne causing toxic materials in the colon. After the period of fast which is 3 days, the toxins are gone and so is your acne. But, as far as my experience is concerned, this is not the case. On the third day, I must say that my skin looked clearer. However, on the week after, the acne was all over my skin again!

With my acne back, I consulted the book again. The instructions have it to repeat the fast once or twice a month. This isn't very appealing to me because when you fast, you are almost drained of energy.

So, my acne was back. But, I still continued my search for a more practical solution and found out that proper diet is the very answer to my quest.

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