Saturday, April 05, 2008

Acne Solutions - Choosing Your Ideal Acne Solution

There are so many acne solutions to consider when want a smoother and fresher-looking skin. You may choose to use home treatment approaches with herbs and other natural products, or prefer the aid of a professional using more advanced and technological methods.

Going to a skin doctor for acne solutions also tend to be more expensive; but remember, there is no single absolute cure for pimples and you have to find the best way that works for you.

Acne is a type of infection so the most simple acne solution is to keep it clean to help prevent further spread and skin damage. Wash your face with baby soap and water, rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Never prick and scratch at your pimples using your hands or any other device to avoid permanent scarring. They should reduce in size and disappear after a few days.

You may also want to use a mild cleanser and facial scrub to exfoliate dirt and old skin cells and unclog skin pores. It is only a myth that eating certain foods can aggravate the condition. The main idea with foods is to keep grease and oil from coming into contact with your face since these can enter skin pores and cause breakouts.

Professional help will come in useful for more severe cases of acne. Experts will first observe the type of acne you have in order to recommend the best acne solutions. You may be prescribed astringents, creams or ointments which help reduce inflammation as well as keep your skin clean and dry.

Other dermatologic procedures may also be done which incorporates laser beams, injections and other surgical techniques for a more direct approach and immediate fresh and new skin cells. Choose the acne solution that well suits your skin type and budget.

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