Thursday, April 03, 2008

Will This Little Device Take the Place of Acne Laser Treatment?

For many people who find that home remedies and over the counter acne treatments are ineffective, another option that comes into the picture is acne laser treatment. A laser beam is used on the surface of the skin to treat the acne problem and it helps to shrink glands that produce sebum as well as control P. acne bacteria as well. However, this is a treatment that is effective for only some of the people who try it. There are some benefits to acne laser treatment, but a new treatment for acne has emerged that just may take the place of laser treatment - the zit zapper.

What is a zit zapper?

So, you may be wondering what the zit zapper is. Well, basically it is a type of heat therapy that is used to treat acne from your own home. It is a device small enough to be held in your hand. Of course, the device comes with a fairly heavy price tag, which makes it one of the most expensive treatments out there today. However, it does have a special heat shock response that helps to heal zits from the inside out.

Why is the zit zapper a Better Choice?

With the emergence of the zit zapper, many people are wondering if it is a better option than acne laser treatment. Well, there definitely are some aspects of the new treatment that make it a better choice than the laser option. First of all, though the zit zapper may be expensive at first, once you have it, you can continue to use it as often as you need to. However, when you go for laser treatments for acne, you will have to continue with your sessions until your acne goes away, which will continue to cost you for each treatment. So, in many ways, it is more economical to go with the zit zapper for your acne treatment needs.

Which Treatment Works the Best?

One of the main questions that people have when it comes to acne laser treatment and the zit zapper is which treatment will work the best. Well, that really depends on the person using it. Both treatments have proven to be quite effective; however, neither of them work for everyone. So, you will probably have to experiment with both of them to find out which treatment really works for you.

So, will the new zit zapper take the place of laser therapy? Well, probably not anytime soon. While it is proving to be a great home treatment for those who do not want to go with acne laser treatment, it has not shown that it will work for everyone. However, if you are looking for home treatment options that will save you from paying for laser treatment over and over again, the zip zapper definitely is an excellent purchase that shows great potential for treating acne.

Terry Price is a regular contributor to, which is an informational website offering support and reassurance for people dealing with zits, and looking for an alternative to acne laser treatment.