Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2008 Best Acne Treatments

2008 brings many new advances to the treatment of acne. These advances are noted in acne treatment devices as well as acne creams. In this brief article, you'll learn about what methods are being used to treat acne today.

Acne Devices

Acne devices, such as Zeno and blue light therapy have been gaining popularity among acne sufferers. These devices provide uninhabitable environments for the acne-causing bacteria, killing these bacteria, which in turn destroys the acne. A pimple without bacteria is merely a clogged pore, which can be treated easily with a decent acne cream. These acne devices work best for mild to moderate acne, but the treatment of severe acne is questionable. Since severe acne is rooted deep into the skin, Zeno has been shown to be ineffective towards these types of pimples. Further research must be done to treat these nasty pimples. However, Zeno catches acne before they are formed, and it also helps treat acne in less than twenty-four hours. Blue light therapy has also helped treat acne by killing off the skin bacteria. The difference between zeno and blue light therapy is, zeno is a spot treatment while blue light therapy is a full-face treatment.

Acne Creams

Acne creams have been steadily improving over time. Since the 1960s, benzoyl peroxide has been the dominant chemical for treating acne. However, this chemical makes the skin appear "bleached," it stains clothes, and it only temporarily treats acne. Proactiv, Acne Free, and many other old acne treatments like to use this product to treat acne. Although benzoyl peroxide still works to treat acne, 2008 brings many new advances. Today, most acne sufferers are leaning towards using natural acne treatments, those that don't contain harsh chemicals that destroy the skin.

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