Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How To Understand And Overcome Acne

Acne by no means is a pleasurable experience in life. Like anything else it can show up at all the wrong times. Just when you are preparing for a job interview you look in the mirror and there it is staring back at you.

The challenge with acne is not just the physical appearance but more the social stigma that is associated with it - the feeling that you have fallen down the social ladder. While there are many products out there being sold by people who are popular with perfect skin it is wise to apply a little common sense so that you can prevent this problem from re-occurring in the future.

You know the story of cause and effect. Something is taking place with your skin and the effect you see is acne. So understanding the cause will help you to overcome this skin disorder long term.

Your body can over produce a substance called sebum which has an oily like consistency which can block your pores. Hormones can also be at play causing acne to occur. This is more so the case during puberty or for women during pregnancy or menopause.

So basically acne occurs because of blocked pores with a few contributing factors. As a result it is necessary to unblock the pores and keep your skin clean. You want to work this from the inside out for the best results.

Avoid spicy food and do not use vegetable oil. Cut down on sugary sodas and caffeine. Change your towels everyday never use the same towel twice. Do not use greasy lotions and anything that is oil based. Crank up on vitamin A - you can do this by eating lots of carrots, cucumber is also great.

Drink water and if you can steam your face then rinse with cold water. Remember keep it simple take care of the basics - keep those pores clean and everything else will fall into place.

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