Saturday, September 08, 2007

How To Understand Acne

Acne is a highly complex condition that involves many parts of the body. It tends to show up as only eruptions on the face and else where on your skin. It is a signal that you have problems somewhere deep within your body. Acne can be caused by a dirty colon, poor food digestion, a weak liver and other conditions that will cause your blood to carry too much toxic materials.

In order to clear acne, it is not always possible to stick to one treatment and expect it to go away. However, it may be possible to just use one special cream and see your acne literally disappear.

Acne may go away by just doing one thing but do not expect that forever. A facial cream, proper diet, herbal treatment, exercise, and colon cleanse themselves may not be able to get the job done. You will need to perform a certain combination to see desired results.

An important concept to remember is if your facial pores are not open or cleaned, they can build up toxic oil which is very hard to clean. This results in a growth or pimple that begins to increase in size as more toxic oil tries to reach the surface of your skin. If the pore walls burst under the skin, white blood cells move in to digest the collagen around the pores. This results in major scars appearing on your face.

To avoid visible scars, you will need to start an acne cleansing program before or just as soon as you see acne coming. This will ultimately prevent pimples and back heads getting to the point where they are severely infected and burst.

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