Sunday, April 15, 2007

Treating Acne With Birth Control Pills?

Some people want to enjoy their intimacy of their life but one of the ways is to consume birth control pills. However, people believe that taking birth control pills will help to control acne. How far is this true? Women sure will think about this statement as if ‘killing two birds with one stone’ and fear of side effects surely comes into the mind.

Back in history, in 1997, Us Food and Drug Administration or FDA approved low dosage of birth control pills to treat acne patients. SO to those teenagers who are more prone to acne, birth control pills are the answer they are seeking. Dermatologist will recommend different kinds of creams, antibiotics and other medication but even birth control pills. Birth control pills can stabilize fluctuating hormone level in the person’s body which causes acne. Thus, the usage of birth control pills is not only what it seems on the surface.

Acne usually develops at the teen period of our life and this is when our hormone levels begin to fluctuate. At this moment, our glands which are located under our skin near the hair follicle will begin to produce oils. Combination of oil and dead skin cells will form acne that is trapped in our skin pores.

Birth control pills are prescribed for mild to severe acne if other medications fail to do its part. Hormone that contained in birth control pills prevents can from forming on our skin. Most of the birth control pills work the same thus any of those pills will work the same way but the effectiveness of these pills will be quite long. It will take from several weeks to months for the effect to be obvious.

The decision making of taking birth control pills is very subjective to personal and also medical point of view. Thus, before making decision, get the facts right of the pro’s and con’s before proceeding. This may be important as some people might develop allergies to the medication or the sight effect of it. The side effects are vaginal bleeding, fluid retention, melasma and depression. However, the pills side effects not only stop at there, it also has some relations to heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and breast cancer. Smokers should stay away from birth control pills as the risk is higher to contract cancer. Some women who stopped taking birth pills after some time find it even worse than before.

Combinations of estrogen and progestin hormones are very common in most birth control pills. For those pills which contain estrogen and progestin hormones with high contain of androgen, which is a male hormone will make our acne worse.

In conclusion, be wise when making decision to take birth control pills as acne treatment and there are other alternatives to enjoy sex instate of taking birth control pills. For more information please see below.

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