Thursday, November 16, 2006

3 Tips For Body Acne Treatment

Body acne treatment options are available to help you. If you are like one of the millions of people that suffer from one form of body acne or the other, you can benefit from some of the treatments that are available. While no method of treatment is 100% guaranteed, some of them can definitely help most individuals.

Here are some body acne treatment tips that you can do on your own from home:

* Body acne is often the result of irritation from clothing mixed with perspiration. When your body perspires, the sweat gets into your pores. When you do not take a shower to remove it, it can worsen to a very bad level. If there is constant irritation from your clothing, this can make it even worse. To remedy this situation, make sure that after a workout or other intense workload that you properly bathe and wash areas that are likely to be effected (the back and the chest).

* Body acne treatment options that work for the face often work for other areas of the body as well. For example, if you have purchased pads that contain a certain acid or alcohol on them to use on your acne that happens on your face, you can benefit from this for other areas as well. Acne in all areas of the body is basically the same. So, it can all be treated somewhat the same way.

* One of the most effective treatments for acne at home is exfoliating. You can purchase the right type of brush, manual or mechanical, and use it on virtually every area of the body. By removing the dead skin cells of the body, you can help to prevent acne from occurring or help it to go away.

At other times, body acne treatment may not work. You may need to seek out the help of a professional. Hormonal imbalances and even stress can cause acne and may keep you from treating it. When these body acne treatment options do not work, seek out more advanced solutions through your doctor.

Deborah A. Muller is an editor at where you can find more articles about natural acne treatments.