Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Scourge Of Acne

Acne affects young and old alike. It is a menace to a lot of people in our society. Nonetheless natural treatments do help to keep it under manageable control.

Many skin products from pharmacies to treat acne can be overly harsh. It is often the case that they remove the dirt but to the point of over drying the skin. This can eventually worsen the problem of acne since it results in closing of the skin pores which prevents the skin from breathing. It is good to find a treatment product that is naturally mild. You can buy many of these products from your natural health food store instead of your pharmacist. Natural acne remedies are known to be gentler and kinder to the skin than their pharmacy counterparts. These natural products are free from artificial ingredients such as colourings, fragrances, perfumes, and preservatives which can often irritate the skin to worsen acne conditions. Just splashing water on the face can help reduce acne. Water is a natural cleanser. It is very mild. It keeps the skin dirt free. Plus it removes excess oil. All of these benefits without the need for harsh unnatural products found in many pharmacies.

Also a balanced nutritious diet that includes fruits and vegetables in plentiful proportions can benefit acne troubled skin. Steam the vegetables rather than boiling them. This allows the vitamins to remain in the vegetables. Boiling them often destroys the vitamin content. The vitamins aid the complexion by keeping the skin healthy. Vitamin A and vitamin E are especially helpful in treating acne in particular vitamin A. Vitamin A can be found in abundance in carrots. Avoid oily foods. Junk foods should be avoided at all costs. Junk foods are saturated with oil. Oil feeds acne conditions since it blocks skin pores allowing bacteria and dirt to form which causes more acne. Exercise is helpful in eliminating acne. The sweating of the skin during exercising helps remove toxins buried deep down beneath the skin pores. The toxins are eliminated with the sweat so opening the skin pores to breathe. Also this skin detoxification is all natural that is another benefit for troubled skin.

So to summarise acne is frequently best treated with natural products, adequate diet, and a plentiful exercise program.

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