Friday, June 15, 2007

Free Severe Acne Tips - Free Tips Reveal Severe Acne Remedies And Treatments That Work

A severe acne condition can affect all facets of an individual's life. This article will give free severe acne tips plus reveal severe acne remedies and treatments for people of all ages.

The onset of severe acne can lower a person's self-esteem severely and also be the cause of much embarrassment and humiliation. Severe acne is mainly characterized by severe inflammation, deep pus filled cysts and a lot of damage to the skin, whether it be the face or back. As a result of severe acne, it can best be treated with treatments and remedies which can on occasion be undertaken for even a number of years.

There are three acne scar classifications. These classifications include rolling, boxcar and ice pick. As the name suggest, ice pick acne scars are sharp and very thin. The skin actually takes on the unattractive appearance of looking like it has been sliced with a knife. Ice pick acne scars are very deep scars and extent into the deeper layers of the skin.

The next classification of acne scars is boxcar acne scars. These differ from ice pick scars as they are round pits. This type of acne scar has been shown to get good results from laser resurfacing and dermabrasion procedures.

The final classification of acne scars are rolling acne scars. These type of acne scars are usually as a result of folds in the skin and can usually be treated by breaking up the bands that create the skin fold in the first place. These acne scars are frequently treated by an incision in the skin

There are a number of remedies for severe acne available on the market. These severe acne remedies include prescription medications and other more expensive treatment methods. Below is a rough guide of some of the more well-known remedies and treatments for people with severe acne that are recommended by doctors and dermatologists.

Severe Acne Remedy Number 1 - Draining and Surgical Excision. This acne remedy is believed to be one of the best available, though of course it is a costly alternative. This severe acne remedy came about when dermatologist realized that large cysts weren't responding to more general acne treatments. This form of severe acne treatment is said to be able to eliminate acne cysts altogether. Another term for this treatment is "acne surgery". This surgical acne treatment is conducted by highly trained dermatologist under very sterile conditions. However, as I have already stated, not every individual would be able to afford this treatment option.

Severe Acne Remedy Number 2 - Another well recognised and highly regarded treatment for severe acne is isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is a drug used for severe acne conditions. It comes in pill form and is a synthetic retinoid. The recommended dosage for this acne remedy is once or twice every day for up to a 20 week period. It is thought to be one of the most effective remedies for severe acne conditions as it is believed to be the only remedy for severe acne that actually attacks all four factors of acne which include inflammation of the skin, blocked skin pores, oil production and P. acnes.

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Severe Acne Remedy Number 3 - This acne remedy involves an injection of interlesional corticosteroid. This treatment came about as a result of its effectiveness in limiting acne inflammation which can result in scarring. This severe acne remedy is used and is another highly regarded treatment to promote acne healing. This acne remedy is said to be very effective in its ability to melt acne cysts for a 3-5 day period.

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