Monday, January 22, 2007

Acne Free in Three Days

To be acne free in three days is a large request! But there are definitely steps you can take to significantly reduce your acne in three days and within a week or so be acne free.

Here is some advice and some tips to assist in acne prevention and treatment and general skin care.

- Get lots of fresh air & sunshine for the vitamin D; this vitamin is essential for healthy skin and not only will your skin appreciate this vitamin but your body & mind will receive the oxygen and provided by a regular, daily outdoor activity. Remember to use sun block protection lotion if you are out in the sun as the sun is the single most skin damaging part of nature. Sunburn is simply dead skin cells which will block the skin pores resulting in more acne.

- Stress can trigger internal chemical responses that result in acne so plan ahead to deal with extra stress that can foresee. Plan some extra rest time leading up to the event and use relaxation or meditation aids such as cd's,, dvd's and cassettes to help you relax. Take time off for exercise or to simply have some quiet moments.

- Drink lots of water daily. Too little water can lead to dehydration which can lead to the dead skin cells not being shed properly, leading to more blocked pores and more acne.

- Acne has nothing to do with uncleanliness generally so there is no need to wash and scrub your face excessively as this will simply result in dry skin, and then the body comes to rectify the situation by creating more oil (sebum). It's a cycle!

- Add lots more fruit, vegetables, seeds & nuts to your daily diet. Salads, dried fruits and nuts, juices and other healthy treats need to be including in your daily food intake planning.

So, to be acne free in three days, you need to specifically follow the following pattern and you will see a marked improvement in three days :

First: gently wash your face each morning and each evening using a skin / facial cleanser. This will clear off the dead skin cells and the excess oil the body builds up over a period of hours. If the cleanser is anti-bacterial all the better because this will kill of any bacteria on your face. Pat your face dry and gently apply some hydrogen peroxide to the inflamed area/s which will help dry them out.

Do not touch you face at any time as your hands carry bacteria that you will spread to your susceptible face. Use a tissue when you have an urge to scratch.

Second: Each evening sleep on a clean pillow case and this will ensure none of the dead skin cells are there to block up the pores of your skin, forcing the cycle to start all over again.

Third: eat lots of fruit, vegetables and drink and a lot of fresh water; the water will assist the body to expel the toxins in the your body.

Fourth: Take some exercise in the fresh air each day.

Following the above guidelines you will see a marked improvement very quickly; continue with the treatment and you will be virtually acne free in three days or a few more at the most!

Dr Nathalie Fiset is a family doctor and a certified hypnotherapist. For more information go to:,, or