Monday, January 15, 2007

Diet And Vitamins Role In Acne Maintenance

Acne is caused by an sebaceous gland becoming clogged with natural oils creating a build up of bacteria. This a condition that seems to be worsened in adolescense.

Reddened, inflamed and elevated skin areas are possible sites of an acne sore or zit as they are sometimes called.Blackheads that become inflamed shows that better cleansing of the area is needed. Whiteheads on the acne sore is caused by a B1 vitamin deficiency or poor vitamin absorption. The absorption of vitamins is sometimes helped by supplements of acidophilus

Food allergies, soaps, facial cleansers makeup, and dairy products are some of the causes of acne.

What can we do to get rid of acne and have skin that is smooth. An important thing to do is to be sure and get the vitamins and minerals our body needs to have clear skin, such as the B complex vitamins, vitamin A and beta-carotene. Other suggested supplements are zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. What a person should consider is to take a good vitamin/mineral supplement with additional supplements of the above vitamins.

Diet is also very important to sending away acne. One should eat several servings daily of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Vegetable fats and saturated fats in your diet should be as low as possible. One should also limit consumption of alcohol, caffeinated foods and drinks, and refined sugars. Your diet should also be higher in fiber. Also good for acne is carrot juice with celery and beet juices.

Cleansing of the area is beneficial to care of the skin. Using a mild soap and water wash the face several times a day. Warm water then should be used to rinse the area.You shouldn't use any makeup that has any kind of oils in it; find a good water based makeup instead. One of the recommended soaps you should use has calendula (a herb) as an ingredient that helps to clean the skin without any irritation.

A few herbal treatments for acne is Oregon grape powder, aloe vera gel and burdock tea taken 3 or 4 times a day. These remedies are not to be considered as medical advice, this information has been researched and is considered accurate. It is hoped that at least one of these suggestions or more will help you to be rid of acne symptoms once and for all. As an adolescent it would have been helpful if I had this information given to me.

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