Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Acne Tips - Top Ways To Get Rid Of Acne

Acne can be a rather devastating problem for many that suffer from it. It can lead to poor self esteem which can affect people in their careers as well as their personal lives. There are many different kinds of acne treatment solutions in the market and it can be difficult to select one that might work for you.

The truth is that there really is no single cure for acne as everyone's acne problem is unique. The best strategy to get rid of acne is to simply pick one acne treatment you have not tried before and test it for at least 30 days before you decide whether or not it is working.

The most common kinds of treatments in the market right now involve facial cleansing. These kinds of acne treatment systems usually involve a 3 step process. The first is to cleanse the skin, followed by applying a toner of some sort and then finally applying an acne prevention cream that will help to keep the pores clear and your skin oil free.

These kinds of programs obviously work well for many otherwise they would not exist as long as they have so if you have not tried them yet then go ahead and pick one that you trust and try it. Make sure that the cleanser you use has as many natural ingredients as possible and also has low acidity. This is important to prevent the skin from over drying which can actually make your acne worse and your skin look rough and dull.

Also look for a system that does have a toner of some sort because they are very good at removing further dirt and oil from your skin. Often just cleaning the skin with a cleanser is not good enough so a toner can make a difference. Be sure to check the ingredients contained in the products and again seek as natural a product you can find as they tend to be the most gentle on your skin and have the least side effects.

Other acne treatment systems go one step further and not only focus on cleansing your skin but on also internal cleansing. Many people believe that acne is not only caused by poor skin cleansing but also by a toxic internal environment. In order to reduce the toxins within you these programs will concentrate on performing internal cleansing.

Internal cleansing can be done in many different ways. Perhaps the best approach is to go on a juice fast. This will usually involve taking one to three days and only consuming freshly squeezed juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. Use a juicer of some sort to make the juices yourself.

It is important to not use store bought juices as these are usually quite high in preservatives and other chemicals. Also seriously consider buying the organic fruits and vegetables if possible. It may cost a little more but remember that since organic products usually contain more nutrition you do not need to consume as much so just reduce portion sizes.

You can also get many kits that are sold in health food stores that can help to clean your internal system. These programs can also be very effective so make sure to follow the instructions and also look for the ones that contain natural ingredients as they tend to work the best. Keep an open mind and try some of these approaches to help you get rid of acne permanently.

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