Monday, November 05, 2007

Top 8 Acne Treatments For Acne Free Skin Quickly And Easily

Millions of people have acne and it can be very embarrassing and depressing sometime. You don't need to buy expensive products for acne treatment because there are natural acne treatments available. Listed below are 8 of the best acne home remedies that have been tested and proven effective by people.

1. Fruits that have lots of acid make great acne-fighting facial masks. Fruits and vegetable are rich in acid that help treat acne problems. Eating fruits and vegetables is a must if you want to be acne free quickly.

2. Crush some garlic and gently daub on acne. A lot of people have said that garlic is one of the best acne home remedies they have ever tried. Garlic is a great natural acne treatment because of its properties and health benefits.

3. Reduce acne swelling by using ice. Ice will reduce inflammation and shrink the size of pores. Cover your acne with ice when it gets swollen.

4. Use pulp of Papaya to cover face. Papaya fruit is a great source of Vitamin A, an antioxidant vitamin that hinders the overproduction of sebum which is a major cause of acne.

5. Stop drinking milk and eating sugar to prevent acne growth. You will prevent acne from appearing if you stop eating sugary foods and drinking pasteurized milk.

6. Eat orange to boost immune system. A strong immune system is essential in fighting acne and other infections.

7. Potato is one of the best acne home remedies. Grate a potato and apply on the affected area for 30 minutes. Potatoes have amazing acne swelling reduction properties.

8. Cucumber can be used in various acne home remedies. Juice made out of cucumber can be taken as a drink or applied directly onto the face.

These tried and tested best acne home remedies show make treating acne easy and inexpensive. These simple treatments can help you naturally achieve healthy and acne-free skin.

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