Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Choosing the Appropriate Acne Treatments for Oily Skin

Acne treatments for people with oily skin are a bit more complicated than those used on other types of skin. From diet to vitamin supplements to daily habits, oily skin needs constant care since it is the type most prone to acne and other skin problems.

Acne treatments for oily or greasy skin should start with one's diet. Although food has never been proven to cause acne on its own, certain meals do aggravate pimples if you already have them. If you have greasy skin, the best thing to do is to increase your intake of vegetables and fresh fruits and avoid junk and processed foods. Drinking lots of water should also be part of your agenda. Aside from helping keep your skin clear, a diet rich in fresh fruits can help your metabolism better and improve bowel movements that can flush out unwanted elements in your body.

Hygiene is also an important aspect of preventing acne in oily skin types. Washing your skin at least twice a day is a must to get rid of the dirt and the excess oil that clog your pores and cause zits to appear. In choosing a facial wash, it is better to use products that will not increase your skin's oil production. Water-based or oil-free facial washes should be used, or soaps with a balanced pH, followed by astringent to get the deep-cleansing effect.

Contrary to most people's belief, oily or shiny skin still needs constant moisturizing. No matter what type of skin we have, moisturizers are skin-care products that we should never do without, particularly when we hit the age of 25 and above. Moisturizing products designed particularly for greasy skin are available over the counter or you can consult your dermatologist for the best one. When it comes to supplements, vitamin A has been found to be good for shiny skin since it helps control the production of oil. A daily dose of this supplement can help balance the tone of oily skin and help in keeping it clear.

If you're not much into bottles and tubes and would prefer a more natural approach, home-based acne solutions are also available for shiny skin. The usual remedies are facial packs and pastes. These facial packs can be used before going to bed, right after cleaning your face. The most common ingredients for oily skin packs are tomatoes or egg whites. Milk or oatmeal mixed with lemon juice is another favorite among people with greasy skin. These materials are said to be effective in controlling the skin's oil production, while providing the much needed moisture to keep the skin hydrated.

Acne treatments for oily or shiny skin do not entail mere formulas applied to your face; they should also include proper eating habits, a healthy lifestyle and proper hygiene. Maintaining an oily skin is more challenging compared with other skin types. If you want to be acne-free, you'd better be ready to put in the work and follow the steps mentioned above.

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