Friday, January 04, 2008

Acne Cures That Do Not Cost A Cent!

Acne cures might not even be needed if you can stop pimples even before they start. Maintaining a healthy skin is important if you wish to avoid the curse of the zit, or any other skin problem, for that matter. Below is a list of simple practices that you can use - without having to shell out any money - to protect yourself from acne.

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1. Eat right. When we say right, we mean healthy. A healthy diet has more fresh fruits and vegetables and less junk foods. Foods might not cause acne, but they sure do make it worse. Aside from avoiding acne, a healthy, balanced diet can also help you avoid other diseases that go with poor eating habits.

2. Exercise. It promotes better blood circulation, gives your pores more chance to take in oxygen and gives your skin a certain glow.

3. Relax. Take a few minutes everyday to relax. You can do yoga or you can just sit on your desk and do breathing exercises for a few minutes. No matter what others say, stress can contribute to the onset of pimples. If you haven't noticed, the more harassed you are, the more terrible you look. Just take a look at your pores when you're stressed out!

4. Water, water, water. Drink lots of water. It helps you have a normal bowel movement, giving you a better chance of flushing out unwanted elements in your body. Healthy inside, healthy outside, right? Besides, water has always been known to be an important element in keeping skin healthy.

5. Avoid excessive drinking and smoking. Smoking and too much alcohol cause dehydration and lack of water is usually manifested in the skin. After a night of drinking, you might have noticed that your skin looks dull and dry. Now you don't have to wonder why.

6. Keep your skin clean. Clean your face before going to bed. Never go to bed wearing make-up. The ideal practice is to wash the face at least twice a day. If you have oily skin, three times will be better, just don't use harsh soaps and facial wash products heavy in chemicals.

7. Use natural facial cleansers. We said it won't cost a cent, right? Find fruits like papaya, orange, lemon or avocado in your kitchen and make a facial mask or pack. If you don't have these, you can use oatmeal, egg white or vinegar mixed with warm water. If you have more vegetables than fruits in your kitchen, use cucumber, tomatoes or cabbage. More than likely, you'll find at least a couple of these things in your home.

8. Keep your hands off your face. It cannot be more costless than this! Just leave your pimples alone and don't even think about squeezing them. No matter how many times you wash your hands, they should remain off your face.

Acne cures need not be expensive or complicated. If you take care of your skin using these very basic ways, then you might not need to worry about pimples at all. Always remember, prevention is still the best treatment.

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