Friday, January 18, 2008

How to Clear Your Acne Fast

Having had acne for many years, until I found a way to clear it, I tried lots of different treatments. Some of the treatments I used were the normal thing; antibiotics, accutane and over-the-counters. Some were more unusual; acupuncture, 3 day apple fasting and a few other bizarre things I won't go into...

But after many years of STILL having acne, after trying all these things, when I finally found something that worked I was amazed. What worked for me was making some simple changes to my diet...

The reason diet is so important to clear skin is because certain foods actually cause your acne. They do this by imbalancing your hormones - resulting in breakouts... Once you know which foods to avoid you will see a major improvement in your skin. For example, when I cut out of my diet the food vegetable oil, my acne cleared up quite dramatically.

Vegetable oil causes major hormonal imbalance and the worst kind of acne -cystic. This is best avoided and is easy to do so. Most vegetable oil in your diet is likely to be in your cooking oils (like sunflower oil). Other sources of vegetable oil are pesto and junk food.

Once you stop eating significant amounts of vegetable oil you will have gotten rid of the worst of your acne and will start to balance your hormones so that not only does your acne clear up, but your oil levels with balance out too. For more information about how to clear your acne visit my website now.

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