Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Home Remedy For Acne - Control Your Acne

There are things you can do as a home remedy to prevent acne from occurring. The easiest way to control acne is not to get it, so before your face becomes something you want to hide, practice home remedy for acne to see if you can’t avoid getting it.

A home remedy for acne everyone can employ is frequent face washing. If you wash your face twice a day, that will be one step in keeping dirt from building up in your pores. If your skin on your face is on the delicate side, you can use a cleanser that is made specifically to wash faces. It is best to stay away from harsh, deodorized soap as a home remedy for acne.

Keep your eye out for products you may be using around your facial area that may contain oils. This can be your gel or mousse, heavy moisturizers and even cleansers that are oily like cold cream.

Even though you have heard about the benefits of a facial, those who suffer from acne may come out looking and feeling worse than when they first went in. Sometimes the aesthetician hasn’t been properly taught to deal with acne prone skin and they may do you more harm than good.

The best makeup you can use on your face is water based makeup. An even better choice is a loose powder instead of using liquid. You can immediately tell the difference between a water based product and a product that contains oil. When left to sit, the water based product will separate and the oil based product will stay as whipped and fresh as the day it was manufactured.

If you notice that eating certain foods that contain acids facilitate a break out, then stay away from those foods. A home remedy for acne is trying to keep your face out of direct sunlight. Another home remedy for acne my grandmother believed in was salt water. It used to dry up my acne nicely and I would put creams on and for a few weeks, I felt just like everybody else.

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