Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What You Should Know About Poor Hygiene and Acne

Millions of people from around the world suffer from acne. Although its not a life threatening condition but nevertheless it can cause depression, low self-esteem and self conscious that keeps you from doing the things you love the most.

If your one the people having problems with acne, you need to sit down and evaluate you options on how to fight it. The important thing is to have patience. Acne medication or treatment affects people differently, so don’t be upset when you don’t see immediate results.

Putting on cosmetics can sometimes have undesirable effects. They can plug your pores then lead to acne. Mineral oil, parabens, lanolin, glyco and other cosmetic chemicals can cause the pores to irritate and get inflamed. Its better that you use water based make up and not an oil based one, you can do this by checking out the label of the cosmetics your using.

When suddenly there’s sudden breakout of acne, together with an increase of blackheads and whiteheads. The first advice would try to remember if you have recent habit change. Such as change in good eating habits, low stress and enough rest. If by any chance those things have been changed or disrupted then you can start your acne treatment from there.

For adult women the use of oral contraceptive or hormonal birth control pills can be effective of controlling acne outbreaks. For even better results, its best to use it together with over the counter acne medications or systemic treatments.

Glycolic acid is one of the types of hydroxyl acids. It’s a strong concentrated acid yet it has very few negative side effects. When used it has the same effect when using a chemical peel. Other than that it also helps of removal of acne scars when used regularly. Other bonuses includes, prevents drying of skin and protection from Ultraviolet rays.

Also, regular exercise can do wonder not only to our health but also to our skin. When we do exercise we increase the blood flow to our skin, making it more healthier. Sweating also helps removes dirt under the pores that may clogged up and cause acne.

Fighting against acne may not always be easy. But you can certainly start with good hygiene, healthy habits and regular exercise. It may not always work then you can try other acne treatment and medications available on the market. But be sure to check with your dermatologists first to prevent horror acne stories.

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