Saturday, July 28, 2007

Seeking A Successful Teenage Acne Treatment

As we know, acne is particularly widespread among teenagers. What youngster has not sought a successful teenage acne treatment and hoped like crazy that his acne will vanish overnight once he thinks he has found a solution? A successful remedy, though, is not so easy to find.

What causes acne and why is it particularly predominant among teenagers? The causes are linked to body changes as young people progress from childhood to adolescence. Certain hormonal changes produce an over-abundance of sebaceous oil, which clogs hair follicles.

Bacteria multiply quickly in the clogged hair follicles and this situation can produce skin inflammation. Should the wall of a follicle collapse, then inflammation erupts in the surrounding skin. This process, then, can lead to blackheads, pimples - acne.

Not only teenagers suffer from acne. As the cause of acne is linked to excess sebaceous oil - and many adults suffer from oily skin - then some adults get acne too. Successful acne treatment is needed for both young and old.

Although excess skin oil and build-up of dead cells may indicate dirty skin, dirt is not the cause of acne. It is recommended that oily skin be cleansed gently with mild soap and water twice daily, but this action alone will not eliminate acne.

Improper cleaning of your skin can lead to blackheads as these are formed through ingrained dirt and inadequate cleaning. Avoid washing your face too much, though, as this action can over-activate the oil glands. Use naturally prepared cleansers or a gentle exfoliant to remove dead cells.

There are a number of treatments suitable for oily skin:

• Benzoyl Peroxide - This treatment involves attacking the bacteria causing acne, drying up the clogged pores. The strength of this treatment may cause side effects, though, like rashes or skin color changes.

• Retinoids - An effective treatment for oily skin, but may give side effects of dryness and redness.

• Oil wipes - Work by absorbing excess oil on the top surface of your skin.

• Astringents - By ensuring that harmful chemicals are absent from the formulation, astringents can be very effective in removing excess oils.

What we eat can have a dramatic effect on your skin. Any successful teenage acne treatment must include a diet that will eliminate body wastes efficiently. Our liver's job is to remove hormones and toxins quickly. If this elimination is done too slowly, there can be a build-up of toxins.

Certain foods can minimize acne when taken internally or when applied directly to affected areas. Omega oils, or fatty acids, have anti-inflammatory properties that can greatly relieve acne, for example.

On the other hand, vegetable oil has been found to upset the body's hormonal balance. Digesting vegetable oil can lead to mild or even severe cystic acne. As vegetable oil is an ingredient in several foods, you need to check the make-up of what you are buying.

There are number of foods that can be used as direct skin applications. A paste of nutmeg and milk, for example, is effective in removing pimples. A paste of honey and cinnamon in the proportion of 3:1 is a similar effective remedy.

Following proper hygiene and controlling what we eat are just simple things we can do on a daily basis to improve the look of our skin.

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