Sunday, July 01, 2007

Proactiv Acne Medication - 3 Step Process

Most of you have probably seen television commercial featuring celebrity spokespeople such as Vanessa Williams, Kelly Clarkson, Elle Macpherson and Jessica Simpson touting a product called Proactiv. Proactiv acne medication is an easy three-step system that will help you achieve clearer, healthier skin in a relative short period of time. Proactive is the highest selling topical acne system in all of America. The product was developed 8 years ago by two dermatologists and is available without a prescription.

Step One

The first step of this revolutionary acne skin care system involves a renewing cleanser. This product contains an oil-free formula and tiny grains that gently remove dead skin cells and bacteria that become trapped in the pores of your skin. A common ingredient called benzoyl peroxide is also used to destroy the bacteria and heal any blemishes as quickly as possible. This exfoliant will gently remove the impurities from your skin.

Step Two

The second part of the dermatologist-tested skin care system involves a revitalizing toner. This product does not contain any alcohol which tends to dry out your skin. Instead it contains natural botanical ingredients that help to remove dead skin cells, unclog your pores and remove excess oil. This will not only soothe your sensitive skin, but will also leaving it looking and feeling refreshed.

Step Three

The third and final step of this acne skin care system incorporates a repairing lotion. This lotion does not contain any oil. As in the renewing cleanser, this product contains benzoyl peroxide which will help to clear your blackheads and prevent further acne breakouts. This product is soothing and safe to use all over your face.

Proactiv contains prescription-grade ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide with soothing botanical ingredients such as aloe, chamomile and panthenol. These ingredients are combined into 3 different products that work well together to heal your existing acne and prevent further cases. The system is very simple to follow and consists of applying the renewing cleanser to damp skin and massaging gently, then applying the revitalizing toner with a cotton pad, followed by applying a very small amount of repairing lotion to your skin. You may want to give this system a try – you won’t have a lot to lose, except your acne!

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