Friday, July 06, 2007

Natural Acne Treatments

Many people believe that blackheads are dirt, however they are actually the result of oil and dead cells trapped within the pores and mixed with bacteria. A blackhead will than turn black once you expose it to the air. So how does this relate o pimple? Well red pimple are the result of blackhead inflammation which can spread when touched with dirty hands and further develop a whitehead when infected.

When you have an outbreak of pimple you will notice that you will have an increase in blemishes and blackheads. Now the actual cause of acne is still unknown but some believe that it lies in the genetic of a person, Others however believe that it is a combination of factors like androgens, stress and allergies. On the other hand natural practitioners believe that it is a cause of dietary habits and toxins that are in the body. If in the past your skin was clear due to eating well, having low stress levels and getting and good nights sleep than that would be a good point to start. Try to get your lifestyle to the point where it was before you had acne and see if you start to see a reduction in it, if you don’t see a reduction in it than it will be a good idea to see your doctor and get some medical help.

If your are going to get medical help from your doctor or get help from buying a acne product than it is important to note that spending more money will not necessarily mean that you are going to get solution to your acne problem, a cheaper product can often work better for you than a expensive prescribed product. In the end it comes down to what works for you, some products will work for some people and some won’t, you have to find a product that works for use and keep using it.If you are just starting out on using a product than you want to start with a product that has a proven track record. Product that have been proven to work will have a better chance of working for you, but remember like I said it will not necessarily work for you, you may have to buy a few different products and trial them.

Along with natural acne treatment and acne products there is one more means of treatment – laser acne treatment. Laser treatment for severe acne works by killing off the bacteria responsible for the cause of acne. For mild forms of acne the laser treatment simply target the glands producing serum and oil by heating the acne affected areas and releasing these oils to stop blackheads and whiteheads.

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